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Description of Beat Fire - Edm Gun Music Game

🎃Trick or beat?🎃 Halloween is coming! Give me some EDM beat to PLAY! Music & Gunfire, are waiting in the dark for you.👻Woohoo~~

A special game in different genres of piano games with wonderful gameplay! Beat Fire creates a music feast suitable for YOU.

Totally innovative with feel-good gun sounds. Play it at home to release stress!

You can find worldwide Epic masterpieces, such as Faded by Alan Walker, Monody by TheFatRat... and more popular songs! Enjoy the beautiful melody, relax your soul with this EDM music game!

Try this great time killer now. Let BeatFire make your day!

How to play:

- Tiles fall with EDM music.

- Use your finger to control. Hold & drag to aim and smash tiles.

-Try not to miss any tiles to keep the game going.

-Enjoy addictive challenges and EDM beats designed for each song.

Game Features:

- Amounts of songs to satisfy different tastes! Enjoy the DJ and Hop music, relax in epic music!

- Background color change brings you a new experience every plays!

- One-tap control, easy to play.

- 10+ cool Skins and Weapons to choose from.️

Beat Fire - EDM Music with Gun Sounds is easy to play! Simple one-touch gameplay will keep you entertained for hours! Play this EDM music game now!

If any music producers or labels have a problem with the music and images used in the game, or any players have any advice to help us improve, please feel free to contact us at adaricmusic@gmail.com

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More Information Of Beat Fire - Edm Gun Music Game

lable: Music - Games Current Version:1.1.76 Publish Date:2021-10-31 Developer:Adaric Music

User Reviews


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Hayley Strickland 2020-07-09

This game is absolutly amazing! I like music games like this but it is hard for mee to find ones that arent super easy but this one is perfect, it actually gives me a challenge but it is still passable. There are quite frequent ads in the game but they dont really bother me because they are very short or sometimes dont even have a video. I also love the fact that you can change the controls to what fits you. And i overall just think this game is great
Sophia Lambchop 2020-09-08

Hello. I\'m not really a fan of the new random super fast tiles. Sure they make it a little harder, but it\'s disorienting and unnecessary. It feels like it just throws you off your vibe. If you want to make the game more challenging, do more levels like Alone. I found that one quite difficult to beat because there were a lot more tiles falling, not just a random faster one. Thank you for taking this into consideration ^--^
John Langevin 2020-11-24

The new update is really interesting... :) The amount of coins you get after a song is really bugging me. Only 88 coins after ANY song?! Really? And if you want anymore, you have to watch... Guess what? AN AD! Seriously, it was never like this before and now it\'s really annoying. Please change this back, so you can get more based on how far you get. Even your other game I play is better. Last time I reinstall after unstalling. Please do something. Please.
Tixo Delta 2020-06-24

The game is so good! Usually I don\'t write reviews but this one is worth writing one. The ads in the game really aren\'t that intrusive which I like, it\'s very rare to see a game that doesn\'t smudge the ads all over their game. It\'s so enjoying to me that the ads don\'t bother me at all. I also love the way you guys make the maps for each song; one even made me smile! I\'d do something to support the devs, but best I can do is to watch ads just for your ad revenue. Thank you for making this game!
Barbie Creistel 2020-07-10

This is very addictive. The beats were turned into gun fire sound and the variety of music is what i loved the most. That is why I would want to add an online music search bar where you search for musics online and/or use music from storage and import it to the game, then we would play one of our most favorite songs that arent in the game.
Absolutely Abby 2021-02-14

This app is awesome! Theres a gun shooting noise, and it says \"Click/Tap To Shoot\" when you pause it so you dont loose a life. Everybody should get this game when they are feeling down or just need some music. This game is so exciting too! It\'s so cool! But the explosion and the coins makes me laugh. I want to say this game is like a tactical shooting game and the blocks are your enemies, but it\'s not. Otherwise, this game is awesome! You should get it! It is worth your time! Enjoy the game! :3!
ꪀꪮ3ꪀ3シ 2020-06-10

Amazing! Literally no problems with this game at all :). It was soo fun and the songs are 🔥! Edit:Ok so I\'m back because i forget to mention the meteor issue. The meteors are fun and challenging to play however, they sometimes appear on the tile you\'re supposed to shoot and it gets really frustrating! Other then that i have no problems but i do have a suggestion. I was thinking if you could add a feature where we could play our own songs by typing it in a box. This could be a new mode. Thx! ❤︎
•Denki Kaminari• 2020-12-12

I literally just downloaded this game ten minutes ago, and I\'m in love with it! It has a large variety of songs, and I love how the songs are played. I love the fact that you can get coins when finishing a song, but you have to collect them yourself. I like the in-game backgrounds that change when you get to certain parts of the song. The graphics are fantastic, the music is awesome, and controls are better than any I\'ve ever used. Overall a great game!! (ノ≧▽≦)ノ
G0D R34P3R 2020-09-05

The game is addictive but still needs some improvements especially in the songs that were available. New songs from various artists were not available. I could only find one song each from alan walker and marshmello. A search feature needs to be added to the game in order to ease up the trouble of searching for our favorite songs. Other than that its excellent and challenging. I would suggest everyone to give it a try.
Josh Flanagan 2020-09-25

This game is super fun, and pretty addicting. (This doesn\'t apply to the game but I\'ve looked at the other reviews and the dev team seems really nice) The gunshot sounds are kind of loud, but they are not that annoying. One glitch I find is not being able to click the continue button for the first ~2 seconds after failure or winning, but other than that, good game, good graphics, the audio is very crisp, a huge selection of songs with varying degrees of difficulty. Very good game over all. 10/10