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Beauty Makeup Editor: Beauty Camera, Photo Editor APK

Beauty Makeup Editor: Beauty Camera, Photo Editor

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Description of Beauty Makeup Editor: Beauty Camera, Photo Editor

Beauty makeup photo editor is an all in one makeover app to retouch selfies. One tap beauty makeup editor is powered by AI to perfectly face tune selfies. Edit photos like a pro and have flawless selfies with the face app. Superb photo editing tools such as neon spirals and drip effect will take your pics art experience to the next level. Fabulous picture editor & face editor also offers a beauty camera for auto retouch or to snap selfie with funny selfie camera filters. Share your perfect selfies on Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Tik Tok, VK, Tumblr, Flickr, Twitter and Pinterest!

💖 Amazing Beauty Makeup Editor:

Retouch selfies and beautify yourself with the virtual makeover application! First choose a pic to face tune or snap selfie using the beauty cam with a smooth skin. Amazing make up templates are available for special days such as Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s day and Birthdays! Apply gorgeous makeup from auto retouch section of face shaper picture editor or personalize your make up with beauty makeover tools:

-Beautify Eyes: Best beauty face editor to change eye color, enlight and enlarge eyes! Eyebag remover by face app is great to beautify eyes.

-Skin Smoothener: Face tune to explore the foundation effect, soften your skin and have a smooth face!

- Teeth Whitener: Makeover face app removes yellow teeth easily to have a shiny smile with impressive white teeth!

- Legendary Acne Remover: Remove acne and other skin problems like pimples and blackhead to have beautiful selfies!

-Customized Makeup: Retouch selfies with fun beauty makeup camera. Pick a lipstick and find the best contour color for your image. To have more attractive selfies use mascara and have impressive eyes.

💄 -Lip Shaper: Fine tune your lips, apply lipstick and enlarge it to have a perfect selfie.

-Hair Color Changer: Dye your hair into your desired color with the superb beauty makeup application.

🤳 Beauty Camera with Filters and Effects

Fabulous makeup editor provides live sweet selfie camera so you can see the photo filters and effects directly on your face! Beauty makeup camera slims your face and smoothen it instantly! Face app live camera comes with many hilarious photo filters and effects such as cat and dog face filters to snap selfie or a video. Thanks to selfie camera effects, you don’t need to learn Photoshop!

Aesthetic Photo Editor Free

Once you have the beauty makeup photo editing app you don’t need any other editing apps for photos. No crop is needed since the beauty makeup editor automatically resizes your pictures. Explore fun effects and art filters for pictures such as golden hour filter to have stunning pictures. Easily adjust hue and brightness for professional photo editing. You’ll love the sketch effect and neon spirals. With drip effect and neon backgrounds you can turn your selfies into a piece of art. Remove background or change it instantly with the breathtaking photo background changer. You can even blur background and add a neon background for your pic. Finalize picture editing with cute stickers and stylish text.

✨ Photo Collage maker

Thanks to the free beauty editor you’ll have many awesome pictures with neon spirals and trendy drip effect to collage. Remix and montage them in one special post or make hilarious memes with the pic collage maker with great photo grids and picture layouts.

Sweet selfie editor provides all the picture editing tools and beauty makeup camera for beautiful selfies. First apply pretty make up then edit photos with fun filters for pictures and background changer! Explore the cool drip effect, beauty camera, and blur background to impress your friends! Enjoy the astonishing makeup app with beauty photo editor and beauty cam, and share your incredible beauty makeover on Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, TikTok, VK, Tumblr, Flickr, Twitter and Pinterest!

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lable: Beauty - Apps Current Version:1.7.8 Publish Date:2021-11-23 Developer:Lyrebird Studio

User Reviews


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Uday Bhaskar 2020-11-04

This app is good but it doesn\'t but eye lashes , liner ,lipstick ,eyebrows and foundation properly . Also it doesn\'t have good stickers and good backgrounds if we want good backgrounds we have to be online , I am not able to make my pictures properly . Please make the app for offline use also.
Roschell Morgan 2020-08-12

If there was a lower mark like a negative number that\'s what I would give this app. The editing tool to fine tune the photos is the worst. It\'s ridiculous when you attempt to edit the photo it moves the entire photo making it impossible to edit. It is so frustrating that you just exit the app so you don\'t throw your phone. Very irritating.
viviana arnold 2020-05-22

At first, I didn\'t know what to expect, but after playing around, I realized this app is SO COOL! Just click what you want a certain facial feature to look like, and it\'s there! My only complaint is that everything has to load when I click on it. But otherwise, AWESOME app!!
Exotic Seduction 2020-12-02

●Minus 1rst⭐:Not only is this too much money for yearly subscription but this app isnt unique, there\'s so many other apps that have the same stuff in it. Same stickers(not many realistic ones)Same backgrounds and more. ●—2nd⭐:Ads arent long, they are only 5 second but the frequency of the ads are annoying, ads pop up before and after everything and sometimes during editing.●—3rd⭐:Needs more editing tools. This lacks essential editing tools for advanced editors like me but it\'s good for beginners
Jen 2020-08-12

This is by far the worst makeup selfie app I\'ve used. Puts the lipstick coloring all under the lips onto the chin. Theres a finetune button which i kept trying to use, but i would rearrange all the little dots (which, mind you, I\'ve NEVER had to do with any other beauty selfie app) but then when I\'d go back and try to apply the lipstick again, same problem. I got as far as that and gave up when ads starting popping up every two seconds while i was trying to fix it. Am uninstalling the app now
Swagata Choudhury 2020-07-24

1st of all there are so many irritating adds... And this app is not so good because it cannot recognise face, eyes, nose, lips properly...if the picture is little bit tilted, it cannot work at all. Overall bad...
Martine Trampoline 2021-01-07

Absolutely useless if it can\'t recognize your facial attributes. You can\'t even select where eyes and mouth is, like you can in Cymera. Just give us a concealer tool where you can paint over blemishes yourself. Much easier. Also way too many ads. Can hardly get back to the main menu. Damn.
Jacinta Okoh 2020-05-23

Very nice buh if you don\'t keep your face forward properly you won\'t be able to apply makeup properly on the side of your face which turned the other way. For example, the eyelashes,eyebrowl,lips...
Sue Wojciechowski 2020-02-29

I have had a lot of editor and filter apps as a mama who is on the go with a messy bun usually and not much time for makeup. This is easy and beautiful
Rebecca Lane 2020-07-04

Cant do n e thing doesn\'t give u an option to allow facial recognition when u get on pick a picture u cant do nothing it just says facial recognition failed in the setting there is no way to contact the developer it has no information on how to set up facial recognition n no option in the setting to allow the facial recognition they clearly did not put time or effort in this app I\'m deleting it best advice dont waste ur time downloading it ur just going to uninstall it two minutes later