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Description of Bed Wars

Bedwars is a teamwork PVP game, you will be battling your opponents on islands in the sky, protect your bed and try to destroy your opponents' bed to prevent them from respawning, beat all the opponents to win the game!

Team Work⚔️

16 players divided into 4 teams,spawning on different islands,build bridges with blocks to attack your opponents and contest the resources to upgrade your weapon and items so you can destroy your enemies' beds more easily! Get matched in seconds to compete with players from all over the world, the challenger spots are waiting for you!

Multiple Modes🏰

Solo, Duo, Quad three modes in different maps that are picked randomly, different styles, different tactics, no matter you are solo queueing or queueing with your friends you can get matched in second and enjoy the addicting and intense game pace.

Variety of Items💣

Purchase different types of blocks, weapons, tools, firebomb, traps, and more items with the resources you collected, different ways and tactics to defeat your opponents for you to discover.;Melee, ranged, techniques with different items, the only limitation is your imagination!

Live-time Chat😎

Can't find buddies to play together? Bedwars has built-in chat systems,identify your language automatically and match you into the correct channel so you can communicate with players who speak the same language as you to make more friends online!

Custom Avatar🎲

Customized skins for multiple categories, thousands of avatar skins for you to choose from, there will be always one option fit for you, present yourself with a unique look in the Bedwars!

If you have any feedback or suggestions please contact us via email.


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More Information Of Bed Wars

lable: Action - Games Current Version: Publish Date:2021-11-23 Developer:Blockman GO Studio

User Reviews


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Frozzy 2021-02-04

This is the best game ive played thus far. It has everything I like, and has good graphics. The only issue I have is that recently when i\'ve been trying to play, it doesnt let me in the game and just keeps me the loading screen. If any other people out there are seeing this and have the same problem let\'s make this blow up so the devs can see what is happening.
eepledee 2021-02-14

Its pretty good and I dont really have any complaints other than every once in a while it will say login session over or something and I have to reenter my login info, but I put in my username and password, and I know for a fact I didn\'t miss-type, it says user doesn\'t exist. I have to make a new account every time and I have to start over. Please fix this, if its fixed I give it a 5 star rating, its a pretty solid substitute for minecraft bedwars.
mf lv 2021-03-16

Hi. I\'ve been playing this game for 6 months or so and I feel like this game should be updated abit more.. I like this game..no I love it but..here\'s the thing. Please understand 🙂. So i would want a few items (like flashpearls) to be found in the store (not to buy with keys but to buy them with emeralds). Also id like new maps every now and then. Id Give u a 5 stars if most of my requests have been read and understood. One more thing, put in newer itemsike iron golem eggs and incr. game time
hassaanyasir 7263YW71L 2021-01-30

AMAZING GAME. The only thing that would want in this game are the flash pearls in the item store for 3 emeralds. would make the game better for free to play players like me. other than that I love this game. Keep doing amazing work blockman! 👍👍👍 Edit: I now have a pc with minecraft java edition. I can play the REAL bedwars but this game is still so much fun!! And tbh the minigames in blockman ar better. Thank you BlcokmanGo for giving me a magical and fun gaming experience no other game can!!
Holly Spence 2020-12-25

I love the app! Its really fun. The only problems are that it takes SOOOo long to load. It also completely exits the game whenever you blank the screen or click on a notification, etc. You also can\'t revive w/o a bed unless you pay money. Its really hard to win when all the other teams have players who pay for it. Its unfair. But its a good game.
Ayati Sood 2020-09-23

I had given it 5 stars cause i love this game, i play it again and again but i have a complaint it did not works on hotspot. Why i really want to know. I can\'t play it with hotspot, or maybe it has a problem now please fix this. Otherwise this is a gorgeous game, i have a great experience on it. And i love to kill enemies with swords o==[]::::::::::::::::> But please fix my problem.
Gilbert Mason 2020-10-17

Ok so I got this a few days ago and have already seen hackers and people braking the game. Although it\'s a very fun game and you will have alot of fun playing. It would be better if it had the creatures or ender pearls(preferably both). And make to where it\'s one of those games where its you die in the first 3 Minutes of the game. If you fix some or all of these issues I will raise my rating. Other than that I enjoy this game very much so. It is worth downloading.
Sonakshi Goyal 6E 37 2020-11-05

This game is awesome and very fun to play. I really liked it. My one of the favorite game. It\'s very easy to control and the bestest thing I found is that there are real players, no computers, real people play the game. Really this game deserve five stars. This game is very challenging also and I love challenging games. But one problem I found is that it takes a lot of time to start and ya we have to click manier times for starting the game. But pls download the game, this is really Superb game.
LegoFanStopMotion 2020-11-23

I really love this game. But there is one big problem, the game just disconnects me for no reason like literally I have got WiFi on and it just disconnects me and says that my connection is abnormal. Can you please fix this. It is not just on my phone it is on every phone I had and if you fix it it will be 5 star. I have even seen that other people are have the same problem to so please fix it.
J - J 2021-03-08

I loved this game, I had so much fun with it, but recently I can\'t get past the home page, I will get rid of the pop-up promotions but then I can\'t use any of the menus, and I can\'t join any games because of this.