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Belot multiplayer game - bridge belote

Bridge-belote, belote or belot is a popular card game. Belot is played by four people ( 2 teams of 2 players) with a deck of 32 cards. They are the Kings(K), Queens(Q), Jacks(J), Aces(A), Tens(10), Nines(9), Eights(8) and Sevens(7). All four colours are used - Spade, Diamond, Hearts and Clubs .

About bids and contracts in belot : The lowest bid is 'Spade'♣ ,'Diamond'♦ is higher than 'Spade', 'Hearts'♥ is higher than 'Diamond', 'Clubs'♠ is the highest of all colours. After that comes 'Not Trump'. The highest possible bid is 'All Trump'

The first team to reach 151 points is the winner.

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lable: Card - Games Current Version:11.0.107 Publish Date:2022-06-11 Developer:Fortegames

User Reviews


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Ivan Milev 2021-02-09

Направиха го основно платено. Uninstall
Diana Marinova 2020-09-27

Minor bug fixes with the latest release? How about you bumped the price to play by X10 and eliminated the free option? You are making this too expensive for your users to play. Loved your game and played the paid option all the time, but it\'s way too expensive per game now. Good luck! I will check back in a few months to see if you have come to your senses and reverted back this ridiculousness. And by the way, the new User Interface is TERRIBLE! Why fix something that wasn\'t broken?
Low Elo 2019-06-16

Абе бате некъв премиум ми влиза в играта и почват да ми валят осмици, седмици, путки майни немам нищо. 2 игри подред, а тоя с премиума ми еба путката майчина. Некви валета, аса, а аз съм с 5 нули и най-високото ми е дама. Еби му майката.. Аз тва го трия. Премиуми, мремиуми корупция му е майката... Съсипахте я тая държава
Bistra Kamburov 2020-09-27

Minimum bet is not 1k?!? Why is that? So that we have to buy chips to play? Yes, but no. Uninstalling now after years of having it and playing. Switching to a different belote version.
A R 2020-09-26

Completely ruined the game with last update, now it requires 1K chips to play which is way too high and you need to pay money to play on their rigged software. Do not recommend this to anyone!
Tsvetan Atanasov 2019-07-11

The server gives better hands to premium players who have paid extra. Don\'t bother installing this game!
Nikola Hrusov 2020-11-14

Used to be available for free play and I have played on this platform for the last 10 years. Will switch to another app
Stefi Tomova 2019-12-16

Как по дяволите да играя като не се виждат резултатите. При това днес имаше актуализация. Хайде по-сериозно моля.
A Google user 2016-09-16

А какво и имаше на старата версия?
A Google user 2016-10-04

Не работи добре Оставям на страна бутоните и новия интерфейс - който според мен не изглежда добре и е доста дървен и муден. Големия проблем обаче е и гейм плея, който е много бавен, изхвърля те много често. Раздаванията са много бавни и не доставят удоволствие. Честно казано нито се вижда с кой играеш като хората, нито резултата, нито ръцете след края на раздаването ... абе да ви кажа чак ми е мъка до някъде, че сте я променили в такава насока. Помнете - Less is more.