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Description of BenchApp - Sports Team Manager

BenchApp makes running your sports team a breeze. Allow players to check in or out from the app, via e-mail, from push notifications, or through text messages. Keep track of stats, games played, drinks and even player payments. Take the headache out of managing your players.

How does it work?


Simply enter your roster and schedule, and BenchApp takes care of the rest. An e-mail, text message, and/or push notification is automatically sent before each event, allowing your players to check in or out.

It's as easy as that. We take the work out of managing your team.

Features that make your life better


• Attendance Notifications via e-mail, text message, and push

• Accept payments from your players and spares via credit card

• E-mail and text message broadcasting

• Create lines and batting orders

• Calendar cync and export

• Player & Spare Stats

• Track and manage Finances

• Track who's bringing drinks/refreshments

• Team Chatter for communication

• Private Messaging

• Team Bulletins

The Sports We Support


Hockey, Roller Hockey, Ball Hockey, Baseball, Softball, Basketball, Ultimate, Soccer, Lacrosse, Football, Volleyball, Pickleball and any other sport that has a roster.


If you love BenchApp, please leave us a review. We always appreciate all feature requests and bug reports: help@benchapp.com.

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lable: Sports - Apps Current Version:2.18.6 Publish Date:2022-05-25 Developer:BenchApp

User Reviews


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A Google user 2018-02-28

It constantly crashes and I get notifications throughout the day saying it\'s crashed in the background. I have a Samsung s8+ fully up to date. I have submitted feedback but it never gets repaired. Regular home and cellular network.
A Google user 2017-12-17

Fantastic app, great for organising stuff. The recent update fixed my crashes and notifications on Oreo! I\'m so happy! Well done!
A Google user 2018-04-12

It would be a great app if it didnt crash 3,000 times a day on my s8. Please fix this. Also, im not receiving push notifications for chat even though everything is turned on! Thanks!!
Bill 2018-03-11

It sends a crash report every time someone sends a chat. This happens on wifi or cell service, open wifi or Corp. I can not get chat notifications - just the errors. I am running on a S8+ on Android 7.0. Otherwise I like the app a lot.
Igor Ramone 2015-12-30

Makes running a team so much easier It\'s super easy to use and much more organized then a spreadsheet and mass emails. Keeping track of who owes money, who\'s paid (even that joker that pays in weird amounts), what\'s been paid for and who\'s on beer duty is simply awesome. The line builder has become a favorite as it makes it really easy to see which subs to invite. Overall even the free version is way more useful then I could have hoped for.
Gilles Hoopie 2016-09-08

Crashing and no notifications I downloaded this app originally and it worked great. I had to reformat my phone a couple weeks ago and had to download it again. Since the new install it will not give me notifications even with all the boxes checked. I try to download the schedule to my phone and it always crashes and won\'t download. Help?
Sean Shea 2019-05-01

Very useful for keeping up to date on team. Had an issue with chat. Problem was resolved quickly and Bench followed up to make sure of it. This is a great app for any team sport to stay organized and know who is attending.
Josh Gruberman 2016-05-08

Good Solid App I\'ve messaged the developer about little quirks I\'ve noticed and my thoughts about things that would help and he has either fixed items or even implemented my suggestions. The dev wants to help with this app, and it certainly does... makes managing my and multiple teams at once ridiculously easy.
Michel Desjardins 2016-10-09

Good App Nice App... One issue...would it be possible to allow players in a team to have more than 1 email address? This would allow team coaches of young kids team to communicate to both parents with each their email address.
Mike Tisserand 2019-11-18

Whenever I open the app now I\'m prompted with a message saying that Benchapp wants permissions that I specifically declined when I installed it, such as access to my photos, contacts and location. It says it needs it to function properly, which is nonsense. I use the app only to check into games. It doesn\'t need to know my location, contacts or have access to my photos. Garbage.