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The Bennett mechanical comprehension test is a psychological aptitude test in engineering that is designed to measure one’s mechanical intelligence, ability to interpret technical drawings, understand diagrams of technical devices and their work, and solve engineering tasks.

This test is destined to detect technical abilities of adolescents (12 and over) and adults. It includes 70 tasks that require technical problem solving. In each task test subjects should choose the correct answer out of 3.

The test time is about 30 minutes.

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lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:2.7 Publish Date:2022-06-08 Developer:Aliaksandr Uvarau

User Reviews


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M. Nice 2019-06-02

Lots of spelling errors and incorrect sentence structure. I would assume English isn\'t the devs first language (which is fine) but the errors are inexcusable considering the app was paid for. Also found one or two questions in which the \"correct\" answers can\'t possibly be right. My biggest issue with this app is that there\'s no explanation or example of the correct answer and that you have to wait till the very end to find out what you\'ve answered wrong. Also no way to save your progress.
Tim Pennell 2016-02-19

Does not show incorrect answers properly. Answers that I know I chose correctly, show up as incorrect at the end. How are you supposed to know what answers are correct or not? Not worth the dollar.
Thom Beebo 2019-01-23

The test is fun & causes one to use some brain power. BUT, as others have said, DON\'T waste a dollar to obtain the answers/score. I scored 90% but ~3 answers are unquestionably incorrect & my ~4 of my selected CORRECT selections (according to the ANSWERS) were scored as incorrect. Example = I selected the 1st answer and it is SCORED INCORRECTLY! BUT the CORRECT answer is shown as, you guessed it, the 1st answer! The Dev has had plenty of time to correct this app. Not doing such is inexcusable!
Ramon Pellizzaro 2015-10-13

Test has done poorly worded questions and misleading figures. Several \"correct\" answers are wrong.
Joshua Pete 2016-04-05

Wrong answers?????????? Something is not right with the app. Answers that I have chosen which are correct are being scored as incorrect. Then telling me the correct answer is the answer that I have already chosen. Not sure what the problem is here. Please fix.
dewayne wilson 2020-01-06

Its actually flawed in a way.. at the end, when it gives your score, you can see the questions you got wrong and they show you the right answer.. when I reviewed those questions, I saw 6 where I am CERTAIN that I gave what they said is the correct answer, as my answer. But somehow it got marked wrong.. 🤨🤨
Scott Bunker 2017-11-09

Multiple incorrect answers. Multiple correct answers it claimed we\'re wrong even though I chose the answer it said was right. Frustrating. How can you make a test like this and not check the facts.?
Ginger Bell 2019-04-21

it sucks, although you answer correctly, it tells you that you didnt.
David Moore 2019-03-25

it is great of preparing you for job requires your mind to work.
David R 2020-06-02

The questions are ok but, it does not give reasoning for incorrect answers or explain the law or rule applied to get the correct answer