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Description of BestForPuz Cryptic Crossword

18 free casual cryptic puzzles with all features enabled, and no ads - with 300 available for purchase. These crosswords are suitable for casual cryptic players.


- cheats and answer checking

- great for phone and tablets

- pinch zooming grid

- landscape mode with clue list

- Resume button

- useful preferences to enhance gameplay

- no adverts

If you're finding Cryptic a little too challenging, why not try Best Quick Crossword app.

Or maybe you're looking for American style puzzles, with no hanging letters? If so, then try our Crossword (US) app.

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More Information Of BestForPuz Cryptic Crossword

lable: Word - Games Current Version:1.23 Publish Date:2022-06-16 Developer:Teazel Ltd

User Reviews


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David Winter 2020-06-25

Good cryptic crossword app. As an experienced puzzler, the puzzles are on the easier side (Telegraph rather than Times). So they\'d be a good introduction for a novice puzzler and a relaxing pastime for the expert. The interface is intuitive and versatile. I could customise various settings to suit my preferences. It would be nice if you were able to use you default soft keyboard rather than the in-app one.
Pieter Sanders 2019-06-12

Having completed the 18 free crosswords, I am now deleting this app. I suggest the developers reconsider their revenue stream and change to an advertising-based model.
Jayne W 2019-03-31

i like the layout and crosswords are ok but only 18 free (3 out of 50 on each of the 6 packs) I have completed them so am uninstalling now
Betty Coltraine 2019-10-19

A good app with a good amount of crosswords for the price. My only criticism would be the number of clues that are anagrams or sections of phrases. I prefer to be kept guessing with real cryptic clues that have to be deciphered. It\'s a fun app and a good way to kill a bit of time though.
John Barnabas Hughes 2020-08-13

The best of its kind on the Android app store as far as I know, but I still get family to send me cut outs of the Times cryptic when they can. These are fun to kill a few minutes, but 85% or more of the clues are anagrams or reading the answer across other words. As such these are fair and solvable, but far from challenging. Certainn words are overused as answers across the packs / show up a lot.
Maxine Tubbe 2019-09-15

Overall a decent cryptic crossword app. Good usability. Lots of puzzles. We tried several and this had the best puzzles. We even paid to open more puzzles when we finished the free ones.bits that good!
Rick Algar 2020-10-18

Loving this app after doing two crosswords. Easy to navigate. Clues are medium difficulty so they make you think but are not annoyingly obscure. Tools allow you to check the validity of your answers. Overall, a great, easy to use app. Update: bought the full app. Well worth the money. Many hours spent giving the brain a good workout.
Stuart Fraser 2020-03-18

On the whole, very good, as long as you like cryptic crosswords. Others have said that some of clues feel a bit repetitive, but I don\'t find this to be any worse than those found in the various broadsheets. Similarly, you will find the odd \"poor\" clue (such as \"A marine creature is a lone ranger? (3,4)\" where the \"ranger\" is totally redundant) but again, no worse than those found in the broadsheets.
dave scott 2020-06-25

Very well thought out app. The puzzles are not ridiculously far out like some I\'ve seen. Easy to check progress and you have the ability to reveal a letter for a hint or the whole word if need be. Very reasonable price for the number of puzzles. I\'m really enjoying them.. Thanks!
Pablo Insua 2019-07-03

A nice simple app. I\'ve just started doing the paid for puzzles. The cryptic crosswords are quite simple so far, but nicely challenging for a beginner like me, but I expect not much of a challenge for more experienced cryptic crossword puzzlers.