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Description of BevMo!

The BevMo! app will make your shopping much easier! Browse and shop online, find your nearest store, get special notifications on discounts and fun events, create or login to your account and view your personalized available offers and purchase history.

CLUBBEV! CARD: Login or create an account to access your ClubBev! Card, then simply scan the barcode at the register to get the discounted ClubBev! pricing on your purchase.

OFFERS: 1st time app downloaders get $10 off your 1st purchase of $50 or more! (coupon available in the Offers section once you add your ClubBev! card to the app). Plus, view all of your personalized available offers.

BROWSE AND SHOP: Shop best-selling items by category, or search for your product by name.

MY ACCOUNT: Create an Account of login with a previously created bevmo.com account

FAVORITES: View the products you tagged and easily add them to your cart for purchase.

ORDER HISTORY: Loved a previous purchase but can’t remember what the name of it was? You can easily re-order previously placed orders.

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More Information Of BevMo!

lable: Food & Drink - Apps Current Version:20220127 Publish Date:2022-01-28 Developer:Bevmo!

User Reviews


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Adrian Arellano 2020-03-30

Like all the other comments said, it\'s basically impossible to create an account because of the action loop created once you try to check the terms and conditions box. I really hope they fox this soon, because I\'d like to have this app handy in the future.
Seth Ober 2020-04-15

I will definitely never use this garbage app again. Save time? Nope! Does anyone test this stuff? An app should be able to work without having to accept all features. If I deny permission to use my camera, then why does it crash? I just want to order. And on that note, the checkout process is a big loop. Why can\'t I pay via Google Pay? Why do you have to fill out a credit card form...? That is so dated! Why when all was friggin ordered did my pick up time get rejected? You need to pause things
Rick 2020-04-01

You can\'t create an account. Goes in an endless loop trying to take you to terms and conditions. Prompted to go to website using chrome, takes you to website then nothing. Prompted to use the app, takes you back to login screen. Guess they don\'t QA their app.
Michelle P. 2020-03-24

Every time I attempted to click on the \"I have read the Terms and Conditions\" box, I was sent to the online Terms and Conditions. A constant loop of incredibly poor design. App is deleted; we\'ll order through the website.
Chang Lin 2020-01-08

App is pointless. Store rep\'s suggestion to use app to get notices of new delivery was a complete lie. The feature doesn\'t exist. It won\'t let you add products not in stock. Kinda defeats the purpose of notifications. Trying to use other features such as barcode scanning was an attempt in failure. The barcode scanner will freeze or lock up your screen forcing reboot to clear. Avoid this business and definitely avoid this app.
Marichole Castro 2020-03-21

Useless app. My husband and I tried to create sn online account but once we accepted the terms, it automatically went to the Webstore and we weren\'t able to click on the last step to create an account. Way to go BevMo to lose even more money and customer loyalty.
Dean Banks 2020-04-04

Absolutely awful, amateurish app. Search functionality is terrible. Can\'t pay for an order without using some shady service called Payeezy - they don\'t appear to accept credit cards. They won\'t let you physically go into the store anymore, so we\'re all stuck with this piece of garbage app. There is no help option. Find a different retailer - this is a waste of time.
Jason Burge 2020-05-08

AS OF APRIL 15: This app used to work so I don\'t know what happened. I had my account linked and have previously placed orders. Now, it says unable to connect to network for everything. I can\'t even do a basic product search. UPDATED MAY 7: Thank you BevMo for updating your app. It now works perfectly. However, I posted my original review on 15 April, Your updated app was published 2 May. That means I had the most current app installed for that date. I don\'t appreciate you making it look like it was my fault for having an outdated app when you didn\'t even update it for 18 days after my review. Don\'t worry, I still love your store. It was just an app issue.
A Google user 2018-12-05

Love it and I am going to use the coupons
Papa Skwaht 2020-04-28

Juvenile and flawed linear application. Need to visit your cart to make changes? Good luck getting back out to the store page to add anything else. This app foregos the time-tested feature of x-ing out of anything in favor of loading new windows in a saved progression sequence. Want to pay with a credit card? Better hope you don\'t have a long address or you\'ll get kicked back to your cart with a nondescript explanation that your card was declined. CC form won\'t inform on entry exceeding capacity