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Description of Beyond Affirmations Meditation

By Barbara Clark.

Note: This app offers two free audio sessions. One is a full relaxation and well-being meditation, the other one is an introduction explaining how to get the best benefits from it. Those two sessions are our gift to you -- no ads, no annoying reminders, no limited uses: just plain free! If you want to explore this healing method further, the app gives you access to a wide range of powerful meditations covering many topics, that you can unlock and download for a small fee (see full list below).

"Beyond Affirmations" guided meditations offer you a simple, safe, yet powerfully effective solution to physical, emotional and spiritual challenges.

Specially designed to support your healing, bring you relief from pain and help your personal growth, these meditations lead you through releasing the specific emotions that are creating your pain and discomfort.

Your body is a field of consciousness.Your beliefs create the state of your health and your life. You make positive changes by becoming consciously aware of your beliefs and self-talk.

By helping you to appreciate your body with love and gratitude and tap into your own powerful, natural healing abilities, Beyond Affirmations guided meditations help you change your beliefs and improve any area of your health and life.

Learn to speak lovingly and kindly to your body. Replace negative self-talk and criticism with positive, healing and empowering messages - the messages your body wants to hear!

List of available healing meditations:

Introduction (free!)

Relaxation and Well-being (free!)

Self-Love (Part 1 & 2)

Soothe Your Skin

Heal Your Relationship with Money

Heal Your Relationship with Food

Healing For Your Heart

Healing for your Lower, Mid and Upper Back

Release Stress & Anxiety

Emotional Support During Pregnancy & Your Changing Pregnant Body

Healing For Your Stomach

Healing For Your Knees

Headache & Migraine Relief

Healing For Your Ankles

Healing For Your Neck

Healing For Your Hips

Healing From Grief & Trauma

About the author:

Barbara Clark is an Emotional Freedom Technique and Reiki Practitioner. She has extensive experience in other healing modalities such as The ZPoint Process, Divine Healing Love, T.A.T., Emotrance and A.C.E.

Her own health challenge in 2009 taught her the importance of learning to love and appreciate her body, get herself out of the way and allow her body to heal.She is passionate about teaching us that our bodies are not our enemies! They are always, always doing the very best they can to support us.

Barbara lives and works in beautiful, rural Southern Scotland and is always delighted to hear from you.Visit her site now and sign up for her new email club to get details of her generous welcome gift and monthly free offers http://www.healing-affirmations.com/email-club-sign-up/ or join her on Facebook www.facebook.com/BeyondAffirmations.

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User Reviews


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Lindsey Gale 2016-09-22

A good guided meditation You only get one session free, but it\'s 15 min and very well done. The background music is simple and not distracting. Her voice soothing and I like her directions for receiving maximum benefit. I\'ll be using the free one daily and may invest in some of the for purchase sessions as well. It appears to be $7 per session if you want to expand your library.
Mac Macdonald 2016-02-10

Best Meditation App Out There! Excellent for self-rejuvenation and healing....a must for those fighting serious illness.
lawlmatty 2016-08-03

Amazing and Simple Being someone that has struggled with low self esteem my whole life, this app is changing my life, for now I\'ve only purchased the self love set but in time intend to unlock all the sessions. If you can say Yes to yourself and keep an open mind, and believe that stuff like this is legit (because it is undeniably legit) this app is for you. I\'m so glad we live in an age of technology where stuff like this can be shared world wide. If you want to improve your quality of life, start investing in yourself.
Jamie Hudson 2016-01-06

I absolutely love these meditations! I feel so relaxed and at peace when I listen to them. Great topics that really address the issues I am dealing with and very afforable. I would pay much more for them...they help me that much!
Ban Ana Head Fryxell 2016-08-08

Game changer I\'ve done a fair amount of apps for anxiety and by far this one has helped me the most
Doodette 11 2016-08-09

Nice basic meditation I don\'t like when it says free and then all but one are not. I do like the free one. I would be interested in trying the pay ones but it doesn\'t say anywhere how much it is and I\'m not going to press the purchase button until I know.
Andrea Johnstone 2016-05-05

Excellent Meditation App This great little app is easy to navigate and helps both my special needs daughter and I relax and learn how to calm the mind and body, especially at bedtime. I really love Barbara\'s calming voice as well.
Cate Stryker 2015-12-15

This app helps me deal with the stress of having a spirited nearly 3 yr old. It also helps me sleep. For me, each session that I have bought has been worth if. I love it!
Christa Landon 2015-06-20

Overpriced You\'d made more selling 200 modules for $1@ than you would selling 10 at $8@. Also, your rankings would be higher without annoyed lost customers rating you down. Really, look at what other so developers are charging. To add insult to injury, your system wouldn\'t acknowledge payment, so i could put the item on my new phone. I have a receipt. I just don\'t yet know how to get what i already paid for.
Britt Breu 2019-03-26

I really love this affirmation app. Each session is targeted toward a specific area of the body and aids in releasing the emotional issues behind physical symptoms. The music is relaxing and the speaker\'s voice is very soothing. I also like that the sessions are available for individual purchase! Thank you so much!