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Description of Bible Reading Checklist

A simple app to help keep track of where you are in your daily Bible reading. The app shows how many chapters you've read of each book of the Bible as well as where you are in the entire Bible.

You have the option to check or uncheck all chapters in a book or the entire Bible.

The app is as simple as that.

Backup/Restore feature is now live

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lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:1.3.3 Publish Date:2021-03-08 Developer:JTWebb

User Reviews


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Gina-Marie Guyette 2018-12-12

This sweet, ad-free, no-cost, simple app is exactly what I wanted. It tracks each chapter and cumulative progress. Simply tap honestly. Use any Bible you want (No Bible is attached to this app like the others) See bars in each book stretch to the finish. Deselect an entire book when re-reading or the whole thing. I cannot recommend it enough!
Joey Smith 2019-03-25

I love this app. THANK YOU!!!!. I\'m using it everyday. I have used other apps before. only to lose all of it when my phone died.... Please, if you are able to. Being able to backup this is extremely important to all of us. or being able to send progress to cloud or email would be excellent. Thanks Brother Smith
Don d 2020-05-10

I like the simplicity, but it really needs night mode. A big plus would be linking to Bible apps that allow links, like my sword, MyBible, Tecarta, Quick Bible, etc.
B 2019-05-15

simple use, I am in charge of the order in which I happen to read the Bible, with church, family or alone - still I keep track to read the entire Bible, suits me! Bonus: It\'s ad-free!
Charlie Taylor 2019-08-08

Really enjoyed using the app for tracking my Bible reading. I generally read it through about twice a year or so. Would be an improvement if it could (A) be linked with any reading App so it\'ll automatically record completed reading (B) record, chart and report my reading time because I want to keep up with the time I spend in the Word daily. (C) Show Bible reading start and finish date. Thanks
Alexander Enriquez 2019-04-04

I don\'t see any backup option
Margaret Iziren 2020-11-17

I like this bible app, simply because I can choose my own text which relate to the reference I am trying to connect with in the pages of the bible. Excellent app.
Colin Parry 2020-11-11

In general a great dependable app, my only issue with it is that it doesn\'t contain the option to include books included in the Catholic canon (Baruch, Wisdom, Macabees, etc)
Wise Quotes 2019-10-28

Can you add pin option. Ability to pin the books (at least three) I am currently reading so they will go at the top of the list. Thanks!
Kevin Holman 2019-01-03

A quick, simple way to track Bible reading as you go through the Bible! Just check off the chapters you\'ve read each day, then see your progress at a glance. Nice!