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Bible Songs for Kids (Offline)



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Description of Bible Songs for Kids (Offline)

Bible for Kids: Songs with Lyrics Offline

Free Christian Songs for Children with Audio and Lyrics Available Offline Only for You.

This App includes beautiful Christian Songs for kids and toddlers for praising Jesus.

You can use this app anywhere, even in Church, without requirement of Internet Connection.



FREE of Cost.

Hassle free Streaming.

Swipe vertically to Scroll through the Lyrics.

Pause and Play the Audio.

Thank you for downloading this app. We hope that you like it.


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lable: Education - Apps Current Version:11.1 Publish Date:2022-06-21 Developer:Crown Banana Studio

User Reviews


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A Google user 2017-04-27

Wonderful songs! Probably ranging from kindergarten and first grade. Listened and sang most all of them as a child. Although back then several of the songs were sung by the Bill Gaither children. They were probably about the same age as I WAS back then. I am now 49 yrs old and when I listen to these songs it brings a smile to my face asI used to sing along with them. And they DEFINITELY had a big impact on me. I can still remember almost all the words to most of the spngs. And each song I hear always makes me smile. I am a long time christian today and those songs certainly made me happy and helped me want to learn more about the stories in the bible and about Jesus. I used to love Sunday school class. And it\'s never too early to teach your children such fun songs. I hope there are others that agree.😊 So much for the SHORT review.lol😊
A Google user 2016-10-21

LOVE IT My daughter is special needs and at 20 with a mind level of a 6 yr old she is VERY PICKY at music and she LOVES LOVES these songs and i am glad she does i would rather her listen to the bible songs and be closer to the LORD then listen to music they have out there on radio Disney. With all the evil that is out there it is nice you can still raise a child the way the lord said to raise your children so thank you for GIVING this app for free. 👼👼👼👼👼👼💕💕💕💕💕💕👍👍👍👍👍👍
Steve Bridenthal 2015-07-06

Terrible advertising This could be a perfect app. But getting advertising for meeting singles on a Christian children\'s app is going too far with needing advertising. I am not interested in letting my 4 year old in meeting singles or games of war. But I am interested in my child having clean and decent things to occupy him.
Niih Julienne 2017-07-20

Though it sounds as if it was recorded during a singing session and not in a studio, it\'s a good one for my 3 year old to sing along...it has many songs and the lyrics will help me to sing with her too. Thanks. It\'s a great effort.
Kalala Hunt 2019-07-17

Awesome, I love it. Suitable for my 8 year old daughter (nearly 9) and my 2 year old son (nearly 3), is very good for learning Christian songs for church. Recommended to everybody who are Christians, that has little ones. Its a WONDERFUL app, that i love and so do my kids. Thank you for designing these sorts of apps for little Christian kids that love singing. Please continue to make more apps like these sorts of apps, suitable for little kids. Really appreciate it, and so do my kids. WONDERFUL.
A Google user 2019-01-05

it\'s a wow, what a wonderful experience, i am sure that the Sunday School class will fall in love with it just as i did, it has many Christian Songs which are easy to memorize rather than the devil inspired songs they come across, if you want to train your child in a manner that is Christ like so that they may not depart from it when they are grown then this app is for you:-):-):-)👪
akida lutchman 2015-09-20

Annoying Ads Omg those ads are very annoying. And some of the songs are not clear enough for you to hear. Needs more kids songs with better Riddim. But my 5yr old likes it still.
Ashley 2015-11-15

Poorly Executed The idea of this app is great. However, the quality of the songs and the constant at pop ups make it not very good.
Criza Rivera 2015-05-12

Awesome! It\'s helpful...Its easy for me now teaching Christian songs in our school daily devotion!Thanks a lot.Godbless!
dorinda wara 2015-07-16

AWESOME APP My little one loves to sing along.. She\'s just learning to put sentences together and it helps her learn her Sunday school songs better & faster....NO INTERNET required is an added bonus! ALL PRAISE TO GOD!