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Description of Bible Talks Notes FREE

Bible Talks Notes is a notes taking application with hierarchical presentation (and mind map view).

It can be used to take notes during a Bible talk, or for the speaker to give his conference (import .docx or .txt files).

You can freely move ideas up or down, change the indent.

Bible Talks Notes is closely linked to Floating Bible. To fully use Bible Talks Notes, you should install Floating Bible (available for free on Play Store).

When you type, Bible Talks Notes will analyze your text and automatically extract Bible references in a dedicated space at the bottom of the page. (In most languages the Bible is the New World Translation - NWT)

This functionality works for all the languages included in FloatingBible (more than 65 for now).

You can organize your notes in folders.

Bible Talks Notes is also building a database of all Bible reference and shows cross-references between talks based on the database.

You can add Tags to parts of your notes to create a database of ideas to re-use in other contexts.

Features :

- Create notes with title and speaker

- Organize notes in folders

- In-typing search for Bible texts

- Hierarchical presentation

- Mind map view

- Emphasis with colors

- Text formatting (bold, italic, underline, strikethrough

- Open FloatingBible on long-press on a Bible reference

- Cross reference of Bible talks based on Bible references

- Tags on paragraphs and search by tags

- Import .txt or .docx file with tabs indentation preserved

- Presentation Mode (Edition disabled)

- Themes (Normal, Minimal, Night)

- Timer for speaker

- Password protected Folders for confidential notes

- Cloud sync

- Notes and folders sharing

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More Information Of Bible Talks Notes FREE

lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:1.7.11 Publish Date:2021-08-22 Developer:AreaStudio

User Reviews


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Jo Ban 2018-11-24

My goodness. Quit using outlines years ago. Got a bit lost on last talk, now I\'m assigned to have outline. Think this will work. Been telling them, I\'m too old, but this might add a few more year s. Thanksverymuch brothers
Tana Payne 2020-04-02

Great for keeping just bible study notes for teaching and preaching I use it for both you could use it to just have important scpricture and notes or lessons at hand for use on the spot for those times God lays something on your heart for a person and you don\'t have your Bible with you you have it with you just what you need at the time needed if you ask God to lead you in whatever you need to put in it

Useful App Add Igbo language please how can I add epub into this app
Naomi 2016-04-16

No share to this app 😕 I would be great if I can use share to app. I can\'t send a webpage or a selection text from browser. Also there was no ability to share a between note apps. I really will be fantastic to do that.
chistopher ojoache abah 2020-08-06

I don\'t know why the Jihova witness member will not allow themselves to be a blessing to those who believe in other bible translations apart from NWT. None of their bible app will ever carry any other translation than New World Translation and their are ignorantly so strict about it, not knowing that you can only know a side of God. What you think you know may be nothing compared to what is available. Before NWT came righteous people exit and without it we still have righteous. NWT is not God.
Pahala Confid 2019-08-13

This apps saves lots of time in preparing your talks. I\'m very happy to recommend this.
Roland Almeda 2018-09-29

Thanks for this essential app, pls update this with more languages especially Bible revision
Roner Doroy 2016-03-11

Hope for ready made program in assemblies & conventions More theme
Kate Herring 2018-07-20

\'m having trouble saving talks. What is the paid version, is it better? Love the fact you have the floating Bible.
Chris Patrick 2019-08-09

The rating is irrelevant here as I\'m still trying to understand how this app works. Can you link a Bible verse to a specific area of the text? does it only work with floating Bible app or can you use a different Bible app as well. thanks for developing this app.