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Description of Big Farmer: Farm Offline Games

Big Farmer: Farm Offline Games

This game is an extraordinary farm game where you can play it all day long offline. You can escape to your dream farmland world! Polish your farming skills and become a farmer in farming offline games. Go away from the city and take of the animals.

Build your lush town farm! With Big Farmer: Farm Offline Games you can cultivate and harvest the crops like corn, cotton or wheat. These farming games were created for you!

Farmer life: Decorate your own farmland scape in family farm games. Raise poultry animals and livestock while you’re aboard this farm adventure. Sell your produce via delivery truck, fulfill orders and expand your land in these farming games offline. Become the leader of the farmer business world in the farming simulator. To become a big farmer, you have to work hard day & night.

Farming game offline! Build your hay farm and add more decorations to make it your dream harvesting farmland of farm. Your big little farm is dream farmland for villagers. You are the farm king. Harvesting a farm and keeping all your animals is not easy work to do in a farm tycoon. If you are fond of a countryside farm, then Big Farmer: Farm Offline Games is a choice you have for harvesting your farmland of farm builder. Manage your farm field and feed animals in farm games offline. This a great game in which you will have a big farm and you can keep on increasing your farmland and your animals.

Super Farmer! The real farm offline simulator is here filled with village and town farms.

Cultivate, harvest, and become the real king of village farmers keeping your animals. You just not going to cultivate crops, your job as a top farmer is to feed animals hay and decorate your farm as well in the village game farm simulator of offline games.

It’s time to manage the big farm in the latest farming simulator offline games filled with a lot of crops and animals. You will have the adventure with these games.

Be a crop king and show your farmer skills by playing village farming games. Manage animals' barn and feed them hay so that they will produce more milk, meat, or eggs.

Big little farmer: Manage your city farm by feeding your favorite animal in the offline farming games. Grow your mega farm! Beat match-3 levels, restore and decorate different areas in your big farm garden. Decorate your farm!

Features of the game:

• Buildings & decorations you will use to create your dream farms.

• Adorable animals, plant fresh crops, and manage dairy farms.

• High definition graphics with detailed character animations.

• Offline farming game - Cook delicious food farm simulator

• Harvest more and you will unlock more.


Please note that Big Farmer: Farm Offline Games is an offline mode game. Game state and data will lose in case of game data deletion, mobile reset, and a change of device.

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More Information Of Big Farmer: Farm Offline Games

lable: Casual - Games Current Version:1.8.7 Publish Date:2022-06-23 Developer:SOTEC APPS

User Reviews


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Raven Azarath 2020-07-15

I like it it\'s nice and being offline give you the freedom to play whenever However I don\'t know what is the problem with it but getting free gems for watching a video just doesn\'t work it keeps saying that there\'s no video Furthermore sometimes they offer you something for watching a video and when I press the option watch now nothing happen Just like the is no video All that despite having a good connection That\'s frustrating ☹️😣 Please do something
Mary Jane 2020-03-19

I would give this game 5stars because I love that I can play off line and making gems from ads is great!! But I\'m selling my product only to the board and visitors, and I\'m not getting all the coin payout. So it\'s really hard making coin because I can\'t sell to other players, and selling to the game doesn\'t pay very well& even then the coin isn\'t showing up in my score. I hope it gets fixed. Because it\'s a great offline game..
Noemi Binueza 2019-07-06

I like this game because you can play with it even offline. It\'s so addictive. Getting coins and gems is so easy. Glad that I found this one to entertain me when I\'m idle.
Hannah G. 2020-08-17

Best farming game! Love the graphics and concept of the game. The best part is that you can play offline! Really takes the boredom away when I\'m on the road. I\'ve played this on my old phone and reached lvl 37 and still have fun doing it all over again! Thank you developers ^^ Suggestion: Hopefully there\'s an option to cancel the 2nd or 3rd item in the production queue. Sometimes I just press the wrong item and it would be nice to replace it with the right one.
Dina Saur 2020-08-12

Surprisingly easy to get the hang of, money isn\'t too hard to obtain and there are no ads unless you want rewards specifically! The fact that it\'s offline is also really great. Would recommend - better than most farming games out there.
Lezette Mare 2020-04-18

Never in my life have I struggled so much with a game. I try send the train off and my phone freezes up completely. If I tap too fast my phone freezes. It keeps kicking me out of the game. I was enjoying it so much and have come quite far. Very disappointed. If it would stop freezing I would love to continue but this is far too frustrating!!
Elle 2020-11-30

I like this game but the boost is very useless and it takes hours to cook or to manufactor that it is very impossible to reach the amount of money to buy the upgades. This is supposedly for enjoyment but it consumes your time and you need to spend many hours each day to raise your money. If you have a job, this isn\'t and shouldn\'t entirely be your focus. Make the prices cheaper.
Monika Agyemang 2020-12-31

I love this game because it allows you to get used to what you have, before giving you more. I don\'t like games where they throw everything at you from the start, and I can\'t keep up with them. I also love that you can play ads anytime you like to get gems. It means you don\'t have to spend real money on it. Although the starter pack is very cheap and well worth it. And everything looks very beautiful, and the animals are cute.
Jenny Van Dyk 2020-11-23

It could be a lovely game, but firstly the trees die after 1 or 2 harvests, that wouldn\'t be such a problem if they just disappeared, but no, they take up an enormous amount of space which is scarce. And with materials being so scarce and expensive it\'s really starting to make me think I should uninstall the game and look for something more rewarding. I am now uninstalling because these dead trees take all my space and cannot remove without spending money, all the things take forever to make
Sarel De Vos 2020-03-08

The game is nice, but I now played up to a point where I have hundreds of dead fruit trees everywhere and I literally have everything that I could buy. Tried updating the game in the hope there will be new staff to build or buy and maybe help with dead trees, but it took a lot of data and nothing really was added. So now I am just frustrated and not a happy camper. The game needs to grow with the player, if a tree die let it dissipear, it would make it less depressing