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Description of Bigger Buttocks, Leg Workouts

A better looking booty with just a 7 minute workout a day! If you are searching for 30 days challenge workouts you are at the right place. Short and effective butt workouts that will give you a sexier butt and glutes in no time.

Nexoft Mobile's free Buttocks Workout App makes working out your butt fun and simple. Bigger butts are not hard to do. Work out at home or at the gym. No equipment necessary. A personal trainer in your pockets!

WHY Buttocks Workout App by Nexoft Mobile?

- Short and effective butt workout & exercises that will make you sweat.

- Burn fat, lose weight and get a nicer looking butt!

- Personal trainer with voice and video instructions to coach you along the way. Better form, better results, bigger booty!

- Work out with no equipment. Work out with your body weight.

- Weight tracking for better motivation.

- Workout reminders so you never forget to work that booty!

- Daily workout tracker and customized workout plans. Super easy to get started and get that sexy butt.

- Lose weight by doing these intense workouts and burn fat of your thighs and legs. Weight loss goal was never easy before this app.

- Challenging work outs suitable for beginners and intermediates alike.

- Targets: glutes, buttocks, legs, thigh gaps, abs, core, back, cardio, bikini body and more!

- Specially crafted workouts for female fitness and health needs.

- Daily fitness workout for women.

- 30 days thigh and legs workout for men.

-Best quad, but, gluteus maximus exercises are here for you!

You can use your bodyweight only to enhance or make bigger your lower body muscles. Then you are going to have toned butt and legs! Workouts to lose leg fat are here, have those thinner legs you want!

You can find leg day workout, inner thigh exercises, push pull legs, outer thigh workouts, leg workouts for men and for women at home. Have the toned legs by doing these great leg exercises.

Take control of your health and fitness and sweat with us every day only using your bodyweight and have that bubble but in 30 days with these best butt lifting exercises!

Our women home workouts are hand crafted to be quick and effective. Choose from hips workout and legs workout. Each has a different focus and different effect.

Quick, effective and FREE! What are you waiting for? Download Buttocks Workout App and get a sexier looking butt today!

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User Reviews


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Liqza 2020-07-19

Very good app, especially for teens, I am 13 I finally found such a amazing app to help me continue to be in shape !! This app is a 5 star !! I also love how they give you stretches to help you exercise better, not a lot of apps to do that, it\'s completely customizable and it picks out a routine just for you, there are also videos that show you how to do anything they are telling you! It\'s amazing , I definitely do recommend this app to anyone who is trying to stay fit !
claribel oregas 2020-07-12

I love this app so much! I\'ve never found an app specifically for working out as good as this! It indicates how much kcalories I am burning, It suggests me some pre-workout stretching, in each exercise, there is a specific indication on which part of the body it is targeting and it has free music aswell! I will recommend this app to a lot of people! I am so glad this app exists, thank you very much!!!
Calista Nnenna Ugwu 2020-09-02

Amazing app, ranging from the demo down to the live video demo. It\'s a great way to start your day just like exercising with human instructor. Bravo guys. .... Since today I have really not been enjoying my workouts. Start a workout and nothing is showing, no instructions too. I have updated and it\'s same thing. What\'s going on guys???
Heather Byrd 2020-09-24

I love this app. most of the work out apps I\'ve experienced before didn\'t really so much. I like how this one is actually working my muscles and helping my body. it plays music while you work too which is fun. I definitely recommend this app
just casper 2021-01-07

One of the greatest apps, Within a month and they have I got a six pack when you do the full body workout on this one, and it works great on every part of your body I recommend it to everyone, I even find myself coming back to this app after I had my baby because everything starts to sagg🤦🤣i lovvvve my daughter but i also love this ,u see quick results on them legs and butt,i r Read down when I\'m done but because LOL but it works.
Mihaela Ioniță 2020-06-01

After downloading and trying almost every app that the Google Play can offer, I finally found something that really has an option for beginners like me. Like the exercises are genuinely doable, easy and effective. Good job! But as a constructive criticism, I suggest you add more detailed explanation for exercises and the possibility to access them during the workout. Nonetheless, I recommend this app!
Kelly Polek 2020-08-12

It\'s a great app for anyone who wants to start getting into shape. I\'m a newbie when it comes to fitness and this app has been nothing but helpful. The workouts are easy enough for me to do but Im still sweating by the end and feel my muscles being worked. Oh and there are plenty of workouts on there, not just ones for a bigger butt 😁. All around a worthwhile app.
Alejandra Rosas 2020-06-27

First time! First exercise I actually chose that I have been active although I haven\'t and I changed the rest time to 60 s. It was perfect t gave me time to adjust to my surroundings and I think I will be able to exercise daily with this app that provides its own upbeat music. It was pretty easy!!
Marsha Hilton 2020-07-22

The visual description of each exercise as you go along plus the extra time to prepare you to set up for the next portion of the workout was a game changer for me. Also showing what area the exercise was targeting was great to see and ensured me I was doing it right. I felt the burn 🔥 having not worked out in a minute I didn\'t feel overwhelmed. Definitely an app I would recommend that you try if you\'re looking for something that works with no equipment at home.
Eevee\'s Mom 2021-01-06

I LOVE this app. Trying to make my glutes look NICE😉😉 On day 1 skipped the 4 \" levels \" of workouts/training & went for the 5th. I honestly do feel the burn each time I do a workout. Sometimes it tells you to use weights. I just use my very heavy Bath & Body Works 3 Wick Candle Haul Bag(s) when it asks to use weights I don\'t have😂😂😂😂😂 Alongside this app I do lots of squats & other exercises for butt, calves, & thighs. Hopefully this app stays for more than 5 years.