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Bilateral Stimulation Therapy



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Description of Bilateral Stimulation Therapy

Bilateral Stimulation Therapy (BLST) is a neuropsychological treatment adapted from a treatment called EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). EMDR is a gold standard treatment according to the World Health Organisation for the psychological treatment of trauma. Bilateral Stimulation is a key therapeutic tool used in EMDR.

Bilateral Stimulation simply means stimulation of both sides of the brain using eye movements, sound or tactile stimulation. Typically, it may involve moving your eyes from left to right whilst following a target or paying attention to sound in your left ear then to your right. Bilateral stimulation is referred to as a ‘bottom – up’ approach as it works on the emotion engine of the brain, the limbic system. This approach reduces emotional distress which allows the cortical areas of the brain (thinking, reasoning, planning) to become more active and effective. The effect of this approach is often experienced more quickly and easily.

Because this therapy uses one element of EMDR, it is called BLST so as to not confuse or give the user a wrong impression about the complete standard EMDR therapy. BLST uses one part of EMDR, and therefore 2can be practiced at home, work or any quiet environment where you can spend five minutes or so undisturbed much like meditation. For more information about BLST and EMDR please visit www.mromeopsych.com/blst

This minimal app uses bilateral click which, when activated, sounds alternately in each ear. The speed, tone and length of the practice can be set by the user. The App has two options: 1. BLST mode (bilateral stimulation with sound) and 2. FLASH (an adaption of Dr Phillip Manfield’s FLASH technique. Please visit https://www.flashtechnique.com for more information).

This app is a clinical tool for psychologists, psychiatrists, EMDR therapists and their patients. While information is provided at www.mromeopsych.com/blst, you should consult your EMDR therapist before using it. Please note: Persons suffering with complex PTSD Dissociative Identity Disorder, Borderline Personality, Schizophrenia or unstable neurological conditions (eg; epilepsy) should not use this product without consultation with your therapist.

As we are frequently updating this app to improve it’s functionality and increase its features, we ask that any comments or suggestions that you have, please contact us at admin@mromeopsych.com. Thank you.

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Hayley Johnson 2020-12-03

Finally a bilateral stimulation app that actually functions as such! Love the different options for click sounds. Awesome app, works great.
Alexandra Sevostyanova 2020-08-08

Thank you so much! This is the best for my purposes (I can turn off the screen!). Discreet and effective. Kudos.