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Description of Bilgelik Online Word Game

Know, have fun and win!

If you believe in the power of knowledge and creativity, this game is for you! The game of Bilgelik, where you have fun and win, is waiting for you with all its excitement.

There are 3 parts in the Bilgelik Word Game, which has different features and contents;

1- Play Section: You can meet with real users and play games with each other live. The fast and careful wins the game with the 120-second competition. You can use "Hint" and "2x Points" wildcards to get ahead in the game, you can apply different strategies to get ahead of your opponent with features such as "Burn" and "Freezing". If you want to play a rematch with your opponent, you can press the play again button to send a game request and challenge him again. If this request is accepted, the rematch game will begin.

2- Single Player Section: No internet connection is required to play this section. The sections have been set up with a structure starting from easy to difficult. You can skip these parts of the Bilgelik word game, which includes the most sections in its category, in 1, 2 or 3-star ways as you wish. And you shouldn't forget that you have to reach your target star count to complete the level! You have the right to collect more gold in this section and use it as much as you want in other sections. You will travel between Turkey's eminent provinces. In addition, some small and enjoyable information about our provinces will be waiting for you in the game.

3- Play with Friends Section: In this section, which supports playing with up to 2,3 or 4 players at the same time, you can set up game groups as you wish. In order to play a game in this section, it will be sufficient for a person to set up a room and then share the 4-digit room code with the people who want to play the game and invite them to the room.

We will continue to improve the game. If there are requests, suggestions and errors, you can send them to clickgamestudio@outlook.com mail address or @clickgamestudio instagram account. We promise to return instantly :)

Have fun everybody :)

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lable: Word - Games Current Version:5.3 Publish Date:2021-03-04 Developer:Click Game Studio

User Reviews


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Furkan Kazaz 2020-07-09

It\'s fun to play!
Alperen Yağız 2020-07-09

Awesome !!
Gökşen Güngör 2021-02-09

Arkadaşınla Oyna mantığı çok başarısız, ancak bu kadar zor yapılabilirdi. Düzeltilmesi şart.
Furkan Yazıcı 2021-01-28

Bekle bekle rakip bulamiyor, o kadar reklam bunun icin mi yapildi
Hamza Karasu 2021-02-13

Leyla 2020-10-18

Oda kuramıyoruz lütfen düzeltin bir an önce
Mahdieh Bakhshian 2021-03-01

çok iyi
Beril E 2020-12-27

Oda kurmada baglanti sorunlari yasaniyor
Furkan Pehlivan 2021-02-16

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