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Bills Reminder - Track Payments & Manage Expenses APK

Bills Reminder - Track Payments & Manage Expenses



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Description of Bills Reminder - Track Payments & Manage Expenses

Get timely reminders of your bills in few simple steps. Track your payments. Manage your Expenses. 110K+ worldwide users already tried this Bills Reminders, Payment Tracker, Expense Manager App.

Export your data in Phone directory anytime. Import this data in your new phone after moving this file to new phone.

This “Full Features”, “Advertisement Free” app does everything gracefully for you. Not a Demo/Trial version yet very light App. Please see step by step guide given below to understand the App.

Your Bills data remains in your phone and not stored in a database on the Internet. This ensures that you don’t get pesky recommendations or advertisement unlike other Apps in the market.

Step by step guide to use this App

1. Create all of your recurring bills or onetime payment. Provide bill amount, bill category and due date. Check App screenshots for reference.

2. App will start sending friendly reminder 5 days (configurable) in advance at the set time of the day, configured by you. Reminders will be coming everyday till all the pending bills are marked as paid.

3. One can edit Name, Amount or Notes for that single bill or for all bills of one type.

4. Mark bills as paid whenever they are being paid. Paid date of the bills can be changed after marking it as paid. In case any bill is marked as paid by mistake then this can be reverted in Paid Bills view by marking that as unpaid in the bill details screen.

5. You can create your own bills categories. You can delete or edit the categories, provided by us by default.

6. Expense Graphs displays upcoming month wise expenses for next months by category. Expense Graphs also shows expenses already incurred in last 1, 3 or 12 months by category.

This App is developed by AppMasons.

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lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:2.6 Publish Date:2022-06-17 Developer:App Masons

User Reviews


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Krystelle Runcan 2016-11-16

Takes out all the thinking!! What a great app. I use this for our business so i can keep up with upcoming due invoices, and having this app has taken out all the work. I open the app, it shows me how many days until my bills are due and from my description i put in when the bills came in i know how much and for what invoice when i pay them online. No more reminder emails for us. 👌😎
Issac Moreno 2019-06-10

so far it\'s the best bill tracking app that I\'ve found! had gone through at least 8 apps and I found this one to be the easiest to use! only thing I\'d like the app to do as well is the ability to add my net income. that way I can come what\'s coming in to what\'s going out. I love this app 😍😍😍💳💰
Krunal Chauhan 2016-11-30

Gr8 app Good app which provides you all the information you need to plan your budget. Only draw back of this app is its home screen should have different view with all one icon in one page and also need password protection option. Rest is awesome
JVM SLL 2017-01-03

Very Useful! Great app! Would be more delighted when allowed to customize bill-type. (i.e., instead of using \"Other Bills\" I could just have had renamed it - ex. Pre-Need Plans, Licenses, etc.). But overall it\'s neat! I think this app will stay with me for long! Thank you and more power to the developer! 👍
W. Lind 2018-11-20

Simplest app of this kind in Google play. No ads, no fluff. Not sure why or how a few people review complain and gripe about something that\'s free of charge.
José Dias 2019-02-12

Everything I\'ve been looking in a Bill Management System. Gratefulness is how I can express how excited I felt when went deep into the app. Better yet, It has the option for other languages, in which I can install it to my wife as well. Highly Recommend.
Erick 2019-06-18

your number error. i type nominal 34.827.750 and its still shown 34.827.752!! i try diff 8 digit number with 750 as the last 3 digit and still shown 752. the same with last 3 digit like xx.xxx.650 which shown xx.xxx.648 please FIXXXXX
Hari Krishna Gulla 2017-11-16

Nice to see backup/restore through Google Drive in this release, was waiting for this feature for a long time. Now I need not bother about loss of data. I would now say its a complete great application :) Keep rocking !!!
Hayden leggett 2016-12-06

Simple and perfect This is exactly what I was looking for, better then all the other financial apps I\'ve tried.. Some widgets would be nice though 😊
Shivendra Nagraj 2020-01-14

Great App. No ads and works very well. The thing I would like to see in this app is an option to show only upcoming month\'s recurring bill instead of long list of same recurring bill. Edit: Thanks for adding offline backup.