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Description of Binaural Chakra Therapy

The 7 Chakras are the energy centers in our body in which energy flows through. Throughout life, these chakras can become blocked, which can have adverse physical, emotional, and mental effects.

This application is designed to put you into a state of relaxation and balance out your chakras to allow Qi (inner life energy) to flow more uninterrupted.

The application comes with 16 selections, with individual chakras targeted in each selection:

The 1st Chakra - The Root Chakra

The 2nd Chakra - The Sacral Chakra

The 3rd Chakra - The Solar Plexus Chakra

The 4th Chakra - The Heart Chakra

The 5th Chakra - The Throat Chakra

The 6th Chakra - The Third Eye Chakra

The 7th Chakra - The Crown Chakra

Solfeggio Frequency (DNA Repair & Integrity)

Solfeggio Frequency (Mental & Astral Projection)

396 Hz Solfeggio w/ The Sound Of Earth

Each selection is provided in high quality audio for optimal effect.

This application also provides information on each chakra and how it is related to mind, body, and spirit.

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lable: Health & Fitness - Apps Current Version:3.1 Publish Date:2022-06-21 Developer:Scappy Apps

User Reviews


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Frau Dunkelheit 2016-08-20

The app is great but... I just dislike one thing, the sound ends too abrupt. Make it finish it in fade out and I\'ll give you the 5 stars.
alistair tad 2016-07-12

Shuma theory of light I\'ve only used this chakra app for 3 days and can honestly say..... This really works.. thank you....namaste
Jeremy Wilson 2016-02-05

Love the app, just wish it was continuous I love everything about this app besides the looping. When it loops it finishes playing before starting the next loop. So there is a very obvious pause between it starting again. With most frequencies it\'s not bad, but with the astral projection, it loops about every 60 seconds and is hard to stay in my groove when I keep hearing this pause and play.
Laura Lee 2017-06-30

I *immediately* felt my heart chakra start humming! I definitely get what CB Shadow is saying! When using the Third Eye Chakra Binaural I could see my flower paintings start to move very, very subtley. The one for healing felt so great I started giggling! Brilliant!
Jenn Deer 2016-12-22

Amazing I instantly felt my energy \"dancing\" & my Chakras opening up as I played the various Binaural beats. I meditate & clear my energy daily. This will definitely be my 1st choice \"go to\" tool when I feel blocks forming in my Chakras. Thank you for creating such a helpful audio tool!! Namaste ☆♡☆
Renee Perron 2016-08-21

Do not loop Not taking app serious (I just downloaded to meditate)... I looped the third eye selection ....after about 20 minutes.... I APed then panicked....lol. let\'s just say this app works.
Harper Wingard 2016-06-09

Awesome and Easy So simple. I love the audio quality of all the beats and the variation. A very useful tool when used properly.
Gary Hvizdak 2016-05-31

Very Nice WISH LIST ... 1) some indication of which track is playing; 2) use my default font (I chose it for a reason).
Sarienn Horror Narrator 2016-08-19

Not for me The music is both too low and it\'s not appropriate for chakra opening. Reminds me of jazzy 70s disco and just no. Needs to be new age relaxing kind of music.
Saroj Panda 2020-09-16

Thank you for fixing the background playing option. Now I can have the sounds playing in the background with my phone screen off. Would appreciate if some kind of player option is available in the notification bar to stop it easily instead of unlocking, opening the app and then stop. Hope you can implement it in future updates. And I can\'t access the version 2. It says not available in your country. I\'m in Sweden. Also, it would be nice with an indicator for which sound is currently playing.