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Description of Bingo 90 Live: Vegas Slots

Play Vegas Slots and 90 balls Bingo - UK BINGO!

Bingo 90 & slots is a famous online bingo and Vegas slots for mobile and tablets. Play BINGO and FREE SLOT game and meet with players worldwide. Our 90 Ball rooms offer everything any Bingo lover could ask for!

You'll find Huge JACKPOTS, tons of BONUSES, gorgeous GRAPHICS and all day BINGO at blitz speed.

New seasonal events are special. Get that benefit!

Who is a jackpot winner? Today’s winner will be you! Let’s go bingo’s party!! Let’s make your own way to a new bingo journey.


As each number is called, find and match numbers on your card and click it. There are 3 chances to win a prize with every ticket! Be the first to complete 1st line, 2nd line, or the full house to win the pot! We offer FREE to play online bingo with various rooms and friends, wherever, whenever.

* Winning Conditions

1st line pot: When all numbers of the first line on a ticket is called, you win 1st line pot

2nd line pot: When all numbers of the second line on a ticket is called, you win 2nd line pot

HOUSE: When all numbers of the all three line on a ticket is called, you win HOUSE Jackpot


Play multiple bingo games at the same time! Players can choose to play 1~36 bingo cards, no matter in bingo games. You can buy maximum 36 cards for playing.


Bingo 90 Live brings a totally a new game experience to bingo gamers. Those slots are monopoly. Every slot has unique wild. Also, new slots will be updated. Play slot! Spin that reels!


When you begin with a new story of bingo, you can get ‘STARTING REWARD’. There is daily bonus every day. Spin the daily bonus wheel and enjoy giveaways of extra game chips. You can win big prizes! Also, please open our store in game. You can get store bonus every 8 hours. Check your gift box now.


One of the great things with online Bingo is that you won’t need to worry about marking your cards as you go, the computer will do all this for you. We call as auto daub. When a number is called, we are auto-daubed your numbers at tickets for you. And also you can turn off auto-daubed. Then you should check the number on your card manually.


This is awesome multiplayer bingo game. You can play bingo together with live player at the same time. Global chat room is the hot spot to talk! Friendly bingo players are everywhere! Make international friends. But keep polite to talk with strangers

※ Bingo 90 contains optional in-app purchases.

※ The games are intended for an adult audience.

※ The games do not offer "real money gambling" or an opportunity to win real money or prizes.

※ Practice or success at social casino gaming does not imply future success at "real money gambling."

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More Information Of Bingo 90 Live: Vegas Slots

lable: Casino - Games Current Version:17.02 Publish Date:2021-07-22 Developer:Fungrep Co Ltd

User Reviews


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Janine Mabon 2021-02-24

Absolutely love this game in my opinion this is the best bingo app out and it\'s free even better. Only thing that\'s not great is the music repeating same tune over and over mix it up a little plz also every coupleof months I have to uninstalland install again but Fav game by far. Can\'t go a day without playing bingo. Addicted. Would like the free coins timer to maybe be shorter. Only played the slots games a few times there not as good as other slot games I\'ve played stick to the bingo.
Jeremy turton 2020-11-11

After the latest update, the amount of players doubled all of a sudden. To me, that says they have added a bucket load of artificial players to boos the chances of us loosing, not just against each other, but also against the game. This is a monetary scam. Loose more, spend more money on chips. As soon as im out of chips, ill be deleting the game.
V Coates 2019-05-27

Stops you from proceeding to play if you do not allow access (forgot the area, but when deny is clicked it blocks you from playing saying device ID is necessary) no problem, uninstall fixes that. It did go to a lead page upon trying to open it a second time that then locked out the phone. Uninstall fixes it permanently as a bother not willing to continue with.
Sandra Fant 2021-01-28

I have a galaxy s9 I have tried since June to play this game, which is one of my favorites, but I can\'t play! I can\'t get past the bingo 90 screen that has the guest and Facebook login. Never happened before. I have uninstalled and installed several times but still the same!
julie wilson 2021-02-23

Love this game its so addictive. The chat room is fab have met some nice and not so nice people there. I did have a awkward moment in one of the rooms and had to report the matter which was resolved quickly not doing too good at the moment though in winning. Seems to be a lot of newbies.
Darren Brydon 2020-09-09

Could be a decent game if run properly but ran by a circus the clown is the boss and spoilt by repetitive winners, DO NOT BUY COINS it\'s a complete rip off, better winning rate when you dont buy because once you buy they make sure you will loose all your coins so that you will buy more coins BEWARE!!!!!!!! i know as i have been a victim, tried speaking to them but customer service is very poor and they wont even reply, AVOID otherwise it will cost you thousands........
Sherry Watkins 2021-03-01

Sometime I feel like the game is a rip off why I say that because you could get down to one number and it never comes out you called 15 other numbers but they want number you need never show up. I feel if you get to one number quick like that that number should come out so that you can win instead of waiting 10 or 20 numbers and it still don\'t come out and somebody else win. I just don\'t think it\'s right so y\'all need to work on that a little bit more thanks
Janine Mabon 2020-12-11

Best bingo game going. The music\'s annoying though same tune over and over. I gave it five stars but game tends to freeze and I\'ve had to uninstall and install 3/4 times now. Still same music over and over change it plz. 1yr on still the best live bingo app need more.... still having problems of having to uninstall and install game seems to happen most when there\'s a special event on.
Brandy Weiss 2020-02-20

fun Add tyu *update* game is rigged. only a certain few people win. over and over. same people. they cheat you out of money. players talk about you. if you report NOTHING happens. takes REAL money. gives nothing back. CHEATING GAME. tried to give benefit of doubt to this game BUT IM A DUMMY CUZ THEY STILL CHEAT TERRIBLY DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY HERE THIS GAME CHEATS
Misty Glover 2018-01-08

Need more chips sick of buying n losing as same winners keep winning