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Description of Bingo Battle™ - Bingo Games

Debby Daub, our bingo legend, invites you to join her in a journey to experience your online bingo games as you never have before.

Join Debby Daub, and help her conquer new cities, like Kabikaze, Sweet Revenge, Chariot Massacre ...

Debby Daub loves new challenges and she is always up for it! Are you up for the task?

Help her complete the online bingo games missions, collect her online bingo freebies and most importantly win the bingo tournaments!

What are you waiting for? Get playing Bingo Battle now!

• Multiple bingo missions: Bingo Battle missions are fun, challenging and exciting! Face off other players in battles, bonus rounds and tournaments.

• Got Boosts? Need a little extra boost for your bingo game? Load up Debby Daub's power ups gun, for even bigger bingo wins!

• Monthly Bingo Album: Collect fireballs during the bingo game play, and win our Monthly Jackpot!

• Build your city: This is Bingo Battle, a free bingo game with a difference - we do things a bit differently here. Get that shovel ready, we have cities waiting to be built!

• Play epic Bonus and Battle rounds! Bingo Battle is about more than just bingo games - face off other players and bingo blitz them in live battles!

• The hall of fame: Check out Bingo Battle weekly hall of fame! Your awesome Skills and achievements are never forgotten! We showcase our top online bingo winners and give them awesome rewards!

Welcome To Debby's Daub Froggy Wheel!

Catch the froggy balls and start watching your city grow!

Are you ready for the most amazing rewards?

Piggy Balls - Epic Bingo Games, Just For You!

Piggy loves having you around, and has prepared tons of free bingo games for you!

• Back to the Lobby! Spin the bonus wheel every 4 hours: bingo games don't get better than this!

• Play epic bingo side games worldwide, including bingo bonuses and bingo battles. Psssst keep it on the low horse racing coming, you will be able to Bingo Bash your opponents soon!

• Go on fun bingo missions for epic bingo live prizes and bonuses, including extra hearts, coins and power-ups!

• Play Bingo tournaments, with instant wins!

Looking for fun and free bingo games with daily giveaways? You've got it all, in Bingo Battle!

Let’s Socialize: Bingo Online - Make new friends while you Play our Online Bingo Games! We have also built a few facebook groups for our Bingo Battlers to connect!

Bingo games are so much more fun with friends; Exchange daily hearts with your Bingo Battle Friends and Bingo Battle Allies!

• Compete in the online bingo live leaderboard and win a jackpot!

• Invite your friends and watch your bingo bonuses start growing!

• Complete your territories collection for your bingo games, and get our weekly bingo reward!

• Share Debby Daub's bingo plane fuel with your friends!

Get in touch: Tell us about playing the Best Free Bingo Game!

We would love to hear from you, wherever you are in the world!

You can reach us at:


or join our facebook group at:


you can also email support if you have any questions at:


Bingo Battle contains optional in-app purchases. This game is intended for an adult audience for amusement purposes only and does not offer ‘real money’ gambling, or an opportunity to win real money or prizes based on game play. Playing or having success in this bingo game does not imply future success at ‘real money’ gambling.

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More Information Of Bingo Battle™ - Bingo Games

lable: Board - Games Current Version:2.0 Publish Date:2022-06-11 Developer:Bingo Battle

User Reviews


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The PANDA has Fallen 2021-01-07

It\'s almost impossible to get past level 5 and completely impossible to get past level 6 - in addition the power-ups didn\'t activate, multiple times (in one round). Before you play this game the developers have to fix a ton of bugs & make the levels a bit easier if you really want to enjoy thegame. Currently it feels like you\'re getting nowhere.
Garnet Druhot 2020-12-28

This has the potential to be a good game with letting you spend what you can afford. The issue is they can\'t give you the right amount of coins when you win a game, they also don\'t always give you your rewards. The bost don\'t always show after you purchase them either. How do I trust a company with my money when the game is not consistent with it\'s built in prizes. Just finished a game that I bought the bonus and when the numbers were called they never payed out. It is really sad could be a good
Darice Zdrazil 2020-12-28

I\'ll give a better review when you fix the glitches. Just started playing the game and already found some glitches. Dynamite boxes not exploding, error with the frog spin so I lost my turn. don\'t have the bingo announcement cover the screen so that a person can\'t see the other numbers being called. Don\'t ask for rate almost immediately after just beginning to play. No one knows if they are really going to like the game that fast. Give it 10 hours of playing time.
Mary Starrett 2020-12-19

Damn - I like this application but I have already had 3 separate occasions where the game would NOT let me mark my bingo numbers on the card. It is Maddening to pay for special boosters, only to have them unclaimed while the game doesn\'t respond when I click my numbers on the card. I tried to go to developers directly, but all I heard was \"thanks for the input. I will pass it along.\" Right now I am highly frustrated.
Tracy Blackwell 2021-03-17

Updated my review from 2 stars to 4 stars. Love the improvements with the last update. Would have given it 5 stars but since the last update I\'ve wasted a lot of coins on boosts because when the game starts there are no numbers on my card sometimes.
Beth Trutt 2021-01-06

Love the game but they don\'t fix reported issues. I see people have been complaining about the game not allowing people to clear the numbers called off their bingo card. I am having the same issue. I lose lives and money I used to buy bombs, bonuses, ect. It seems like they are trying to force a pay to play game under the guise of it being free. Its a fun game but its messed up the developers don\'t seem to want to fix the issue
Ray Lefebvre 2021-01-25

Junk game, you spend all your money on power ups and the numbers never get called, I mean out of 28 possible numbers to get 4 numbers or less a game every game is ridiculous. The challenges are pretty lame also, almost impossible to pass, I\'ve been stuck on level 6 for a week now. Not to mention how long it takes to build the city, that is also a stupid mini game that is hard to complete. Just don\'t download and you won\'t have worry about uninstalling it in a week.
Tracy Johnson 2021-01-07

First, this a very interesting concept for a bingo game. It\'s enjoyable to play, up to a point. However, I\'m forced to give this game only 2 stars for a number of reasons. 1st, you have to pay to get anywhere; 2nd, your prices are too expensive for what you get. 3rd, you\'ve made the game incredibly difficult almost right from the start. You shouldn\'t have to play a level 10 50 times to pass it. Lastly, there are a number of glitches where you don\'t get what you pay for. I hope you fix it soon.
BIBI ASF 2021-02-08

Game starts off as fun allowing you to win. As soon as I put money into this game I started to loose, since this happend I\'ve been paying close attn to the game. 1. There seems to be only one room there its over ran with more than 200 other players. With it being so many players you really dont stand a chance! Also I feel as if there really souldnt be a limit on how many perks you buy as long as you buy withing the timer count down. Me myself I wont be putting any more money into this game !
Sara Tilbury 2021-03-13

I absolutely loved this game before but gave it 3* due to a glich but they fixed that. Today however, I up grade to 5*. The new updated game is amazing.... Brighter, bolder, better graphic more chases to win money. Just when u think something really can\'t get any better!! They have honestly pulled it out the bag. Best BINGO game out there!!!!! Highly recommended