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Bingo Frenzy: Lucky Holiday Bingo Games for free APK

Bingo Frenzy: Lucky Holiday Bingo Games for free



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Description of Bingo Frenzy: Lucky Holiday Bingo Games for free

Bingo Frenzy: You are finally here! Find the ⭐MOST FUN and RELAXING⭐ BINGO game on Google Play 2021! Win Multi-Bingo! Get mega bonus! Download it now!

Play ✨Bingo Frenzy –Free Live BINGO Cooking Games✨ at home online for Android phones and tablets! Begin your bingo journey now! Try classic bingo game online or offline in 10+ Special Bingo Rooms! Solve puzzles, get various freebies and 🍩 win epic collectables! 🍩 It is your Bingo story! Never miss it!

Bingo Frenzy –Free Live BINGO Cooking: Win mega rewards and freebies. Whether you play bingo alone or enjoy it with friends, you will definitely love the Bingo Frenzy. You do not need to go to bingo hall. You can enjoy Bingo Frenzy at home. Play Bingo Frenzy with friends or real-time multiplayers. It is your lucky Bingo day. You’d better play the free bingo games now!

Free Live BINGO Frenzy – Bingo Cooking Features

►All our BINGO games are FREE! It’s your bingo story!

► Free daub tickets, bonus spins and extra power-ups every day on Bingo Cooking!

► Leaderboard for participants to get amazing awards every week!

► Bingo 4 cards to win a huge prize! Enjoy the Bingo holiday special offer!

► Play the classic Bingo Cooking games when having a Bingo party with friends at home.

Enjoy the Classic Bingo Games! Free to Play BINGO Frenzy

► Start your blitz competition. Thrilling tournaments is the best!

► Daub the number to win more Bingo rewards.

► Receive FREE TICKETS when playing bingo at home.

► Play mini-games, fortune wheel during waiting! You will be bored in the game.

► Other exciting mini-games to play when you are tired of bingo! Enjoy your own arcade game and fortune wheel.

It’s your Bingo story and never stop your Bingo journey

► An amazing free game for adult. You can try free games

► Get instant bingo to win the bingo live game

► COLLECT epic items to make delicious local dishes offline or online!

► Each cuisine can help you win a huge CUISINE COOKING PRIZE!

Fun and Balance Power-Ups Give You More Luck!

► Use epic power-ups to double EVERYTHING you get in the round!

► Use GAME-CHANGING POWER-UPS such as Instant Bingo and Double daub!

► No CD Time! Use GAME-CHANGING POWER-UPS if you are lucky to daub enough numbers!

► Real high-quality graphics and terrific sound effect.

One of the best bingo game on Android! Enjoy bingo games free to play!!! If you enjoy playing live bingo with friends at home then our bingo multiplayer feature is the best one Our live bingo games are always getting better with new torments, exciting competetion and epic collectibles. Grab your dauber and call on the board – Get freebies & PLAY BINGO FRENZY TODAY!


Play✨Bingo Frenzy – Multiplayer Free Live BINGO Games is intended for an adult audience for entertainment purposes only. Success at social casino gambling does not reward real money prizes, nor does it guarantee success at real money gambling.

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More Information Of Bingo Frenzy: Lucky Holiday Bingo Games for free

lable: Casino - Games Current Version:3.6.9 Publish Date:2021-08-26 Developer:Gluon Interactive Ltd.

User Reviews


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Iris H 2021-02-14

Alright, I am going to say that even though this game gets pretty addicting, I am getting very fed up with them having us pay for things and then their game is so glitchy that it either takes away our purchases or doesn\'t even give us what we paid for!!! I tried contacting them and they did not even get back to me. So basically just cheating our money. I am so over this game because of this and will take it up to uppers if they don\'t refund me for the money stolen/cheated from me.
Carol Sawyer 2020-12-29

Fun game... But super difficult to get tickets without having to buy them... I cannot afford to buy tickets I\'m having a hard enough time trying to keep my lights watered insurance paid...I did find it when you go into a game it ends up taking more tickets than what you ever win so no matter what you do you\'re constantly losing tickets with no way to regain them...
Angela Mitchell 2021-02-19

Again, I really like the game, but the rewards are ungenerous. Worse than Bingo Blitz. I could really get into this game, but I agree with other comments, that struggling to get power up is stupid, and buying them is out of the question as they are very expensive. Whats the point in leveling up several times a day with no reward attached other than a few chips. I\'ve been playing for one week, have over 2500 in chips with virtually no powerups. Will be pursuing other bingo games.
My Lady Rose 2021-02-21

This is one of the best bingo games I\'ve played. Way better than Bingo Blitz. Voices are easy to listen to and perfect pace so you do not miss anything. This game is relaxing and enjoyable. While free, it does advertise for you to buy but it isn\'t absolutely necessary. It simply requires you to be smart with how you bet your tickets. I\'ve begun spending $10 - $20/ month on this game (the 9.99 two week gold pass). This is worth every penny.
Ian Wheeler 2020-06-21

What a shame. This really was one of the better bingo games out there. I played many times a day. But now, I cant get in the game because it wants to access my friends list, and because I choose no, it wont load. How dare you demand that I do so. No, means no, means no. Many other (and now better) bingo games dont demand this. I think you can say goodbye to many players now because of this...me included.
Agnes Antonas 2020-12-06

What is going on.....as soon as you upgrade again I can\'t log into my account. I uninstalled and reinstalled nothing. So many glitches and then poof again the same thing. This game is good but too many problems when you are always changing the graphics but not dealing with all the problems.....????? So I\'m down to 1 star because no one has answered me or tried to fix this. Been trying to log on for over 6 hours.
jen Brierley 2020-05-29

I thought I had finally found a bingo game that was decent thinking I could play it all the time whenever I choose but no to keep playing your forced to pay money or you dont play, I understand you have to make money but what is the point, I even watch all ads to get more tickets but it isn\'t enough its spoilt the game so thinking of uninstalling will not spend money on these games ever.
Nikki 2020-10-18

I LOVE THIS BINGO! By far my favorite. I don\'t have any problems with running out of bingo tickets... Like EVER! Only thing I\'ve spent actual money on (occasionally) is buying the season gold pass and that\'s absolutely it. The gold pass is optional. You don\'t have to buy it, (nor do you need it), but it\'s definitely worth it. I highly recommend this bingo. I find myself playing this for hours! Ignore the negative comments on here. Just play it. Try it out. It\'s definitely the best one yet! 😃🌟
Barbara Phillips 2020-10-01

This game is SUPER EXCITING and oh so ADDICTING. But I\'ve lost so much from having in game purchases not show up. On one occasion finally support responded for me to contact them only for me to contact them and nothing ever happened. Please make it easier for us to play because this is one of the GREATEST.
Kazzah Dragon 2021-01-03

Love the variety. You keep it fun and interesting. I\'m just having trouble at the moment getting more tickets. Maybe the wheels could be a bit more generous. They always seem to stop on the lowest amount. 😊Hi I have sent message to support but am going to send it to you to. My game has gone back to the beginning and its not under my name and is a guest. I was at level 216 and I am playing at the low level because I really lime the game. I have lost all my powerups. Can you please help me.😢