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Description of Bingo Journey - Lucky Casino

Bingo Journey is a free classic bingo game with lots of free Cash and Power-ups to claim every day! Take a tour in Bingo Journey with your friends and family to join a free bingo world and enjoy an odyssey to places of interest around the world.

# You will get 500 Cashes & 50 Power-ups to start the bingo journey.

# Daily bonus of 180+ Cash for you to collect every day. The higher level you reach; the more daily bonus you can get.

# In the club, you can complete quests in groups and send gifts to each other.

# Free Power-ups and treasure boxes for you to collect every day!

# Play against thousands of real players in real time.

# Join Elite to challenge Elite Exclusive Quest.

# Boost your cards for better rewards.

# The more puzzles you complete, the more Cash you can claim as daily bonus.

# Up to 7 various Power-ups to help you get more rewards.

# The featured games are elaborately prepared with quality products and rewarding payout.

# Graphics are best quality among casino games and there are lots of featured bingo rooms for you to choose from.

Bingo Journey frequently updates and adds seasonal and featured bingo games. Our game is a good way to relax and de-stress you from the pressure of daily life. You can play with your family, friends and thousands of players around the world; You can play alone or group together in the club to complete quests! It is also a good way of socializing to play our game!

The game is designed for people 21 years of age or older and is for entertainment purposes only. The games do not offer "real money gambling" or an opportunity to win real money or prizes.

Our official website: https://bingo-journey.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BingoJourney

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bingo_journey/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3dh2DEocAWJcXf87U49FRw?view_as=subscriber

Twitter: https://twitter.com/bingojourney20

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lable: Casino - Games Current Version:2.2.15 Publish Date:2022-06-11 Developer:QY Games

User Reviews


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Mark Endrodi 2019-04-09

I have been playing this out of hatred for long enough. I\'ve played a handful of bingo games, and this one has seriously terrible odds. Before I bound my FB account to the game, it went fine, I won a few cards. Since my account-binding happened, I can\'t progress any further. I\'m stuck on the very same city. It\'s long, boring and hopeless. Uninstalling.
Amanda Bywaters 2019-07-25

just started playing this game, so far its been pretty good. I like that I can actually get bingos unlike the other games you barely get a bingo let alone 1st place. this game, so far, is good. and you also build a little town too or whatever it is, again just started playing this morning.
Lori Griffith 2020-06-18

Bingo Journey is by far the best bingo game there is, but your one downfall, a big one might I add, is that to continue to play Bingo Journey when one no longer has any \"dollars\" to play cards, one must make a purchase to continue to play. Now, this puts you in the same catagory as all the other bingo games. I can play your bingo all day and night, but do not have the funds to make such purchase. Too bad, you could have been the overall top rated bingo there is out there.
XxShadowxX U w U 2019-09-02

I love this soooo much! Here are a few reasons why I love this game and you should downloud it! 1.Its REALLY fun! 2.Its a great time killer! 3.This is a true bingo game because I have tryed a lot of other bingo games and they were not very good and it didnt last very long because I didnt have the things I needed for it. But this I can get the things I need from it all the time even if I only have very little of it! If the creater sees this thank you sooo much for making this game so fun!
Christy Greco 2019-01-31

Great game, very similar to bingo blitz. would give it 5 stars if I could purchase more power ups without spending real cash. won\'t happen. you only get them if you level up (which is only a few) or if you\'re lucky enough to get a couple after a round in a chest (not often) so once I run out I will most likely uninstall. the power ups make the game more interesting and they know this and lure you by only making them available with real cash. if you fix this you will keep a lot more players
Brad Martin 2019-07-23

Another game with great potential but is a Pay to Win or even Pay to Play.. you get all these new Events that come and you spend your in-game \"cash\" all on a couple of games.. then you have to wait for 10+ hours to get enough credits to play again.. dont waste your time or get excited.. not worth it.. Uninstalled
Angie Reason 2019-10-24

The amount of times I have got a bingo and I just get the timer going round and round and then its game over and I\'m not given a bingo. It\'s a joke. I\'ve complained so many times, the first time I had a refund given to me but all the other times I\'ve complained I haven\'t even heard back. I also think you should be given the option to buy ingredients as I\'m never given the higher star ones!!
Patricia Renner 2019-08-21

I absolutely LOVE \"Bingo Scapes\" there is so many different rooms and challenges; I think the newest upgrade is great (The Bingo Farm). Visuals are pleasing to the eyes and the game runs so smoothly! *The only problem I have is that the numbers are called too fast; especially when playing on a \"Smart Phone\". When you have to keep going back and forth between 2 sets of cards and the button to do that is on the right of the screen, when the majority of the population are right handed it\'s difficult
Theresa Stuckey 2019-07-11

Very cute and entertaining game! It cheers me up! I think it is well designed, and the developers don\'t desperately make plays for your money! The reward system is fair, in my opinion! nicely done. :)
Robin Demes 2019-07-10

how is it right to call a bingo number and game over at the SAME exact time?? It\'s not fair to anyone playing this game,plus it\'s not like your giving real money to players,I will not give a good rating ever till this is fixed,what\'s the big hurry anyway to say game over,other players think same thing and just leave the game all together,soon more will follow then nobody wants to play this unfair game!!!!!!