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Description of Bingo Live: Play With Hosts


Join us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a live-hosted bingo party that pays real money rewards. Win real money prizes, gift cards, and sweepstakes playing the best, free-to-play, live-streaming bingo game. There are tons of ways to get lucky and win - absolutely FREE. We host hourly, daily and weekly giveaways, where sweepstakes winners can take home valuable gift cards and other prizes!


- Free-to-play live shows - broadcasting 24 hours per day!

- Play hundreds of levels for big bingo wins, huge wins and epic wins.

- Get started with a huge bonus of coins and free credits.

- 25+ hosts will entertain you around the clock.

- Play up to four lucky cards for FREE in non-stop, LIVE action.

- The bingo party never stops, so stick around and win prizes all day and night!


- Win big with hourly, daily, and weekly sweepstakes!

- Collect up to $2,000 in gift cards, weekly!

- Giveaways are always changing, so check back often!


- Boost your lucky bingo winnings with Power-Ups.

- Collect lucky boosters like Triple Daubs, Instant Wins. We’ve got you covered!

- Earn free coins & power-ups playing our amazing slots mini-games.

- Shower the community with gifts to get attention and real-world recognition!


- Never feel lonely playing games again, our community is live 24/7.

- Chat with charming hosts in the real-time live chat room.

- Hosts will shout you out live and respond to YOUR messages

- Chat with the other players and make new friends.

We’re waiting to hear from you now!

What are you waiting for? Our amazing live bingo hosts are waiting for you now with a huge welcome bonus and real cash rewards!

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lable: Casino - Games Current Version:1.17.0 Publish Date:2022-06-15 Developer:Live Play Mobile Inc

User Reviews


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If you like BINGO (and who doesn\'t?) this is the game for you!! I have one issue with this game: when you LEVEL UP or get your Day 7 check in bonus you get an hour (or 2) of daub hints. The trouble is I may not play right then and there, and when I do play my daub hints are gone. If the developers can make it so your daub hint time is used during actual game play the game would be so much better. It is already fun and enjoyable and the live hosts are great!!!!
Bridget Daye 2020-07-08

The game was going good at the beginning. Then all downhill from then on. I really wanted to love this Bingo App because I love Bingo. It kept freezing up on me. When I won Bingo it kept saying An Error so I didn\'t get credit for it. The hosts were sounding like they were under water. It would have been great if you could actually when real prizes like cash.
Nicole Ellzey 2020-10-31

The game was fun at first, but after the last update it just freezes. I can hear the host but they just stand there with their mouths stuck open and not moving. The cards are very difficult to shift and 4 and 5 numbers will be called before i even get the chance to see 1 of them . The same people keep winning all the top bingos and all the top 25 are usually gone before i can even get 1 number on a card. Its just not fun anymore. Uninstalling!
Ornela Hoxha 2021-02-07

Until level 10 everything was fine, besides that this game DOESN\'T GIVE YOU THE TIME TO COLLECT YOUR LAST 10 SECONDS BINGOS. Then it just got stuck. No credits to keep playing, the ads to get credits don\'t give you the rewards even if they start. If you hit instant bingo in the last 2 seconds, it will not be considered bingo. Don\'t waste your time in case you don\'t want to get ripped off your money
Theresa Badilla 2020-11-28

The game is great, except that it tells you where your numbers are at as they call them, what fun is that half the fun is not missing any. UPDATE the makers of the game told me the numbers are only lit up until level 4. That makes a world of difference, I change my review from 4 stars to 5 stars. The game is definitely worth ir.
Rob Klein 2020-09-25

After a week, I started to see the same people winning over and over... and, as a professional statistician, it became clear this game is filled with either hackers (I doubt this), or bots. I think the devs are preying on people who have little understanding of mathematics. That said, it is still an incredibly enjoyable game... it is live, and the hosts are amazing (Hobart is awesome). It\'s a brilliant concept, but if you have a basic knowledge of probability, its blatantly rigged against you.
Lindsay Miner 2021-02-14

I love this game. It\'s highly addictive. They need to give more free credits though. One game every 6 hours isn\'t enough especially at higher levels where it takes more xp to level up and get credits that way. Please make the 6 hour credits increase with levels like the daily bonus already kind of does. Also, coins should be exchangable for credits and the in game gifts need to include gifts for all the puppy co-hosts such as a bone, stick, frisbee, ball, treat, etc.
Melly 2020-10-30

Update: I really enjoy playing it helps to pass time and also helps me when I feel my anxiety acting up it takes my mind off that. It is also fun and nice when there is live host as it\'s nice to always see a smiling face, especially if your having an off day and you go to play and it\'s like your having fun and laughing, the host bring so much joy to everyone one. What I would like to see is more options for the gifts like an LOL or a Hi with an hand maybe other gifts would be cool.
Wicked Risler 2021-01-27

This is mark R had to say the new update it is the best so whoever made this app for Bingo I want to thank you you guys rock and your host Andrea Blake Brian rock to WTG
Lynn 2021-01-30

The live play means there is a host that chats live. By chat, its non-stop nonsense while they call the numbers mid sentence. Its difficult to focus with the nonstop chatter, fireworks and bells and whistles. I feel the noise and graphics are purposeful distractions to slow winning and in-game prizes....with the ultimate goal of getting you to buy. The hosts can see your game name and im sure they talk up their whales to keep them on the hook. I find it all so annoying.