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Description of BingX Buy BTC Crypto

BingX is a global crypto social trading exchange dedicated to providing users with simple, easy-to-use and professional trading products and services of digital assets and their derivatives.

BingX’s unique automatic Copy Trading function is the first of its kind. With just one click, this tool makes it convenient for traders to gain profit by simply copying the trades of professional traders.

BingX allows users to trade cryptocurrencies such as BTC,ETH, AXS, Safemoon, USDT and Dogecoin, BingX also facilitates the trading of global indices and other contract trading products. BingX aims to provide a fair and secure platform, enabling an ultimate trading experience for users to buy, sell and trade Crypto securely.

【Key Features】

① Copy Trading

With the automatic and beginer friendly copy trading feature, users can gain profit by simply copying the trades of professional traders.

② Comprehensive Index Price Calculation

The BingX Index Price Calculation collects spot market data from Binance, Huobi and OKEx, which effectively avoids the malicious manipulation of the price.

③ Demo Trading

Provide a demo trading system to help new contract traders get started easily as well as help trading pros refine their experience.

④ Lower Fees

Easy-to-use with lower transaction costs.

⑤ Various Trading Options

Limit order, market order, take profit and stop loss, as well as Cross Margin mode and Isolated Margin mode.

⑥ Real-Time Market Tickers

Price information of trading pairs can be viewed on mobile desktops without entering BingX APP.

⑦Support Multiple Assets Like:

Bitcoin (BTC) , Shiba INU (SHIB), Dogecoin (DOGE), Ether (ETH), Litecoin (LTH), Solana (SOL), Ripple (XRP), Cardano (ADA), Polkadot (DOT), Chainlink (LINK), Polygon (MATIC)

⑧Crypto News and Analysis, Auto Trade Robot, Market Insights, Price Trackers & More.

【Basic Features】

Spot Trading: Fast transactions of BTC, ETH, XRP and many other popular assets available;

Social Trading : Feed function that operates like a crypto forum to share and read insights of BingX traders.

Fiat Gateway: Connect with high-quality service providers, help you buy digital currencies safely and efficiently;

Contract Trading: Providing a variety of trading symbols such as BTC, ETH, Link, and DOT;

Perpetual Swap: Trade by limit order to effectively control the cost of trading;

Invitation Commission: Invite friends to register and trade in BingX to enjoy significant commissions;

Trading Bot : Auto trading bot for cryptocurrency trading.

Customer Support: Our 24/7 customer service representatives are always ready and willing to answer any questions or resolve any issues you might encounter.

Website: https://www.bingX.com

If you have any questions about BingX, feel free to contact us at support@bingx.com.

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:3.1.4 Publish Date:2022-05-12 Developer:BingX

User Reviews


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janssen gaudiano 2020-06-13

Its a good user friendly app you can stop lose and take profit, It can copy also trader. But there are times that you can\'t trade the other contract. Hope you can also provide direct withdrawal of btc at the php value. God Bless and more years to come.
Michael Cepedoza 2020-05-12

I like this app very much, I learned how to trade and also it makes me encourage bitcoin again. Two things I wish about is to lower minimum amount of withdrawal and to add English language on the notification cause so many people in the world really don\'t know Chinese language
Cherry Mae Felicia 2021-02-05

the app is amazing, it easy to use. the withdrawal was soo fast. i loved it. my suggestion is to add trading view where u can add more drawing tools for technical anAlysis of the graph. thanks and keep it up the good services u had.
gio\'s TV 2020-11-06

It\'s useless.. I lost a lot in copy trading.. when it comes to Vst it\'s always wins.. but when I tried a Usdt real money... The best traders are always lost.. it\'s totally scam.
tengkuazman77 2020-12-19

One the best if not the best crypto derivatives platform on the market. It lacks only in choices of coin perpetual trading. Hopefully they can add this option and bingbon will be purrr fecttt. P.s: i have been reading all the negative comments, some of it are like asking why are they not making money etc...am not sure if they know to differentiate a scam app or their fault, but for me its near perfect ( i am not paid to give this comment, however if bingbon wants to ill be more than happy :))
Wsd Hdhh 2020-02-29

I like that it makes encrypted Bitcoin more accessible, but I do wish I didn’t have to click on every currency to figure out how much I’ve purchased/how much i’ve gained or lost. I also wonder why it’s not an option for me to earn more by watching videos? Otherwise great app!
HITMAN 051 2020-05-17

Good app, but I suggest to make some window where I can check and monitor the total of every profit and lost.
Joy Sanchez 2020-11-21

I experienced losses but all in all, it\'s a great app. Copy trading also contains risks that we need to be fully aware of. Kudos to bingbon, the customer service replies in haste. Lovelots, from Philippines
Em-el Leonor 2020-10-22

I lose alot from copying can you filter the traders that we can copy and make sure they will not run or will be performing well?
Eva Harmoni 2020-12-09

Lost money!! Be careful with this app, especially with copy trading. Their traders are like robots.