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Biorhythms and Critical Days

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Description of Biorhythms and Critical Days

Calculate your biorhythms and critical days! Check out your birth date compatibility with anyone!

Biorhythms app calculates your personal biorhythms, critical days and birth date compatibility. It allows you to create up to 10 user profiles with personalized color theme and daily reminder. The comprehensive and easy to use interface allows quick and efficient biorhythms check on daily basis.


⭐ Elegant, easy to use interface;

⭐ Calculates biorhythms from 2 weeks in the past to the next two months;

⭐ Shows each biorhythm's cycle daily value for the specified period;

⭐ Shows each biorhythm's cycle daily trend (raising / declining) for the specified period;

⭐ Shows daily highlights - short description and advises for each day;

⭐ Shows birth date compatibility;

⭐ Calculates critical days;

⭐ Provides short yet useful advice for each critical day;

⭐ 18 different color themes to choose from;

⭐ Personalized color theme for every user profile;

⭐ Personalized daily reminder for every user profile;

⭐ Up to 10 different user profiles.

Biorhythms theory

The Biorhythms Theory states that human lives move in predictable, undulations involving three separate cycles:

✓ Physical - 23 days

✓ Emotional - 28 days

✓ Intellectual - 33 days

These cycles start at your day of birth and affect your daily life.

Critical days

Critical days have been described as full of danger and difficulty. They are days of flux and high instability. These are not days to fear, but to perhaps be on guard. Critical days are not days when an accident will occur, but are a time when you will be more accident prone. Just knowing that this is the case can prevent the accident or error.

❗ Privacy Notes

✓ Your personal data (e.g. name and date of birth) is stored locally within your instance of Biorhythms app only;

✓ In case you uninstall the app, your personal data is deleted completely from your device;

✓ We are NOT storing your personal data in our premises.

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User Reviews


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Pam Tru 2019-04-22

Read advice on another user & was able to get calendar date entered correctly. Much faster. Thanks. But other user is correct. Not much information to gather a clear biorhythm. No predictive biorhythm. Or thorough critical dates. Please add this information & I\'d gladly pay for a more detailed app.
Ben Grego 2019-05-01

at first i hated that i couldn\'t enter my birth year...i emailed you and you told me what to do to bring it up... now I\'m really enjoying your app very much.. I\'ve used biorhythms since the 1970s!! thanks for such a wonderful app!!
Jade Mystic 2020-05-04

I love the concept however for me there was too much of an emphasise on the negative aspects of the day. I would definetely benefit from a more balanced view point. That\'s the only reason it has a 3star rating
io media 2020-08-03

The biorythms theory itself is still somewhat sketchy -- why would those numbers be chosen: physical 23, emotional 28, and intellectual 33? I tried attaching electromagnetic influences of planets stars: Earth 23.5 hours rotation, Moon 27.5 days, and 33 days combination of lunar nights and solar days influence catchup to understand why those number cycles. I compare with other similar apps until I understand self, others, experiences and events associated, especially low critical days. And highs?
Axer Gasela 2020-09-06

I give this app 5 stars because it very accurate it helps one to know when exactly to make important decisions and also to avoid accidents during critical days
Desiree Kinghorn 2019-03-30

required me having to use an arrow to move thru each month per each year to enter my birthday info. additionally I feel app is generic and we bit boring. sorry to give a negative review, doing so with intentions that it will help out the design person/team. Desiree K.
Bennie Cochran 2019-09-30

Sucks. Cannot access app.
Daniel Ogburn 2020-02-04

I understand the concept and think of its similarities with the idea of ebb and flow. I\'m still trying to see how biorhythms affect me and my family according to the graphs. I think this will take a while longer so I will keep using the app. Thanks for making a simple, easy to use app without all the intrusive, full-page ads others must include.
Judith Bartlett 2019-11-07

Easy to set up multiple profiles, handy daily notifications. Also easy to read the rhythms and check other dates. Thank you :))
annemarie clark 2020-01-03

I love it show more than just physical and emotional on the chart...I wanna know my lucky days too! Cool app .