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Description of BirdNET

How can computers learn to recognize birds from sounds? The BirdNET research project uses artificial intelligence and neural networks to train computers to identify more than 3,000 of the most common species worldwide. You can record a file using the microphone of your Android device and see if BirdNET correctly identifies the probable bird species present in your recording. Get to know the birds around you and help us to collect observations by submitting your recordings.

BirdNET is a joint project of the K. Lisa Yang Center for Conservation Bioacoustics at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, and Chemnitz University of Technology.

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lable: Education - Apps Current Version:1.86 Publish Date:2022-05-13 Developer:Stefan Kahl

User Reviews


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Edward Noack 2020-06-06

I really like this app. It is very accurate identifying birds I hear on my walks. It is easy to use and you can see a graph of the birds call. I would rate it with 5 stars if the brain could be downloaded as well. After you select the part of the recording you want analyzed, the app sends it to Germany for analysis on the Birdnet computer. In a minute or 30 seconds I get a response--if I have a decent network connection. Unfortunately, many of my birding events do not have network service.
Karl S. 2020-07-16

The app does not accept external audio files as input; you must use the app\'s recorder and your phone\'s microphone. You\'re limited to the last 30 seconds of audio. If the bird is close by and there\'s no background noise, then it works pretty well, but that\'s rarely the case. Some very common birds are not in its database so it can\'t identify them - fish crows, for example. Help is inadequate.
Dan Lahl 2020-06-27

Tried this app and I dont make time to do reviews, but have to say \"WOW\" what an amazing app and congratulations to getting it spot on. Even its \"guesses\" were right on. If people have any trouble with this app, they should remember that it can only record what it can detect, and the volume of the subject bird, and/or the quality of the recording device (ie phone microphone) will affect results. I am new to birding, but I will be using this whenever I can . Very helpful! Thank you!
James Scout 2020-05-17

This app has been surprisingly accurate so far. I would make two suggestions for this product going forward. First, there needs to be a playback feature so the user can be sure he/she recorded what they were trying to. Second,I think it would be helpful to label and save sound bites for later analysis. Often, in the field, there is no signal available to send recordings for results. I will continue to use this app when practical and look forward to future editions as testing progresses.
Christopher Robin 2020-07-09

Seems to work well, first IDs spot on, but sometimes is busy, and won\'t submit recording. It also won\'t accept input from external or earlier recordings, which means many opportunities are missed. When there\'s a lot of different bird song it can be difficult to select the required area of the spectrogram. Annoying that it starts recording when the app is opened, it doesn\'t wait for the MIC to be pressed as in the tutorial.
Melissa Yeboah-Amoako 2019-06-20

This app has been extremely disappointing for me thus far. I have been trying to identify a certain bird for a year, and every time I record it, it says a different bird that isn\'t even in the ballpark. For instance, just today, it said it was \'almost certain\' to be a Blue Jay, American Robin, and Baltimore Oriole. It isn\'t even slightly close to any of these birds, and these birds sound nothing like each other as well. I was recording yesterday, and the results seemed to be completely random.
Mike Pitzrick 2019-05-06

I am very impressed with BirdNET! So far it has been right most of the time. BirdNET works best when I\'m not too close to noise (cars, running water, wind blowing through trees). Making short selections around the birdsong of interest helps a lot, as does turning up the gain setting enough to get a clear spectrogram (but not so much that the spectrogram starts smearing vertically, which is indicative of clipping).
Keekle P 2019-06-19

I downloaded this app because I\'ve been awakened every morning at 4:30 am by what sounds like a pterydactyl. I haven\'t been able to get a sound clip of it yet, but the app has made me very curious about the other birds around. I\'m giving the app 5 stars because of this. Stay curious, keep researching and learning! I look forward to seeing the app develop. :-)
Les Derbyshire 2020-06-01

Easy to use. I like the graphic real time display while recording which enables you to easily pick out and select the birdsong you want to analyse. Also the save and replay of observations and the ability to share your recordings. The only downside is it can be \'confused\' by background noise or multiple birdsong at the same time. Recommended.
Shelly Stein 2020-06-19

I\'m so impressed by this app! Detection quality is surprisingly high. User interface is mostly intuitive. Really good at filtering out most background noise (damn you, wind!). I\'d like to be able to download the sound clips that I record within the app and to upload sound clips from my phone into the app. Highly recommend!