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Bitcoin Wallet & Ethereum Ripple ZIL DOT



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Description of Bitcoin Wallet & Ethereum Ripple ZIL DOT

Atomic Wallet is universal non-custodial app for over 300 cryptocurrencies. Secure, manage and exchange your assets right in your hand!

Exceptional security

Your private keys are encrypted on your device and never leave it. Only you have access to your funds. Atomic is build on top of common open source libraries.

Buy Bitcoin

You can buy various cryptocurrencies with your bank card right from the app.

Buy Bitcoin

Buy Ethereum

Buy Ripple XRP

Stake & Earn

Stake more than 10 of your assets like Tezos (XTZ), Cosmos (ATOM), Tron (TRX), Komodo (KMD),, Band Protocol (BAND), Atomic Wallet Token (AWC), NEO, Algorand (ALGO) and counting, enjoying the decentralized zero-fee staking and receiving your rewards directly from validators.

Instant exchange

You can exchange a range of coins and tokens to any other just in one click. No external services needed. Provided by ChangeNOW.

Cachback Program

Atomic is the first decentralized wallet that launched the Membership program based on its native token AWC. All holders of AWC tokens can receive up to 1% rewards monthly for using a built-in exchange and buy crypto services.

Decentralization and Anonymity

Atomic is fully decentralized application. We don't store any of your data, don't require any verification for basic services. We never have access to your funds.

24/7 Live support

Our engineers are always happy to assist you by email support@atomicwallet.io or live telegram chat @AtomicWallet

Smooth and handy interface

We are focusing on exceptional user experience. App is fully optimised for your device.

Supported cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin Wallet BTC

Ethereum Wallet ETH

Ripple Wallet XRP

Cardano Wallet ADA

DASH Wallet

Tron Wallet TRX

Litecoin Wallet LTC

EOS Wallet

DogeCoin Wallet DOGE

Stellar Wallet XLM

DigiByte Wallet DGB

BitcoinCash Wallet BCH

Vechain Wallet VET

BitcoinSV Wallet BSV

Ontology ONG

NANO Wallet

ALGO Wallet

NEO Wallet

Nem Wallet XEM

QTUM Wallet

Binance Coin wallet + tokens

ERC20 Wallet all Tokens

BitcoinGold Wallet BTG

Waves Wallet

Lisk Wallet

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:0.84.1 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:Atomic Wallet

User Reviews


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Cee Lambo 2021-03-13

Atomic Wallet is glitchy and I believe it\'s safe to say a scam. I\'ve tried to access my currencies within this platform and somehow they will not let me move my property outside of their wallet. I\'ve emailed and DMed for updates on why my funds is stuck and no response other than restore your wallet and turn on/off VPN which doesn\'t work. How do you knowingly run a platform that lock users property. SCAM. So, I\'ve reported them to the FTC, econsumer.gov, and have networks to reach out to Europol
Mike Cerra 2021-03-06

This is the glitchiest app I may have ever used. Trying to withdraw funds and I can. I can\'t unstake anything because it takes forever. Then funds disappear and you have to re-download the app just to see them again. Only to find out you will never really be able to get them back. If not for the customer service it would be a complete flop. Save yourself and use another wallet
Daniel Pannell 2021-02-25

Initially, the platform was decent, at best. However, I have been waiting for 4 days for an simple exchange of BTC to DOT!! I tried emailing customer support twice, via the \"contact supoort\" under exchange details. I finally received a brief response, but they unfortunately appear to be incapable of understanding. I expect a refund of my original asset, BTC, ASAP.
Ozzy Le Metayer 2021-03-13

Fine for storing but for the love of God don\'t use the exchange function. You\'re better off sending your assets to a proper exchange, swap, then send them back. Guaranteed lower fees and you can actually set your own buy/sell limit. Go look at r/atomicwallet to see all the poor souls who used the exchange function and regretted it. (Warning: posting there will lead to scammers impersonating AW staff trying to steal your crypto).
A Google user 2020-10-14

Overall, i like the wallet. It\'s easy to use, I like the outlook of it, i love that it has its own exchange platform, you can list your own local currency and customer service usually response fast to your questions, at least via email. My only issue is that you can\'t buy or exchange certain cryptos, even if they are showing on the list. You can store them after you bug hem from other exchange platforms, but not from Atomic.
Miguel Tittle 2021-01-16

Very clunky. This wallet has so much potential. Sadly it fails to deliver a high end experience that most other wallets get right. The UI is, at first glance, simple and inviting. However, after several days it leaves you wanting more to please the eye. The software is extremely buggy forcing you to constantly refresh to see your actual balances and staked data. The lock up time is not fun either. It\'s like watching your money sit in jail. Will most likely end up never really using this wallet.
Art 2021-02-27

DO NOT FORGET: Write down your 12 word backup phrase put in locked safe(no screen shots or clipboard). Best of luck!
Bojan Krajinovic 2021-02-24

I would never download this wallet if I knew that they\'re charging enormous fees for transfers. Also it is so annoying coz they have this stupid protocols and rules where you have to spend certain amount of money just to trade between wallets. Also not supporting trc20 protocol. I would give it minus one star coz it\'s totally opposite of what crypto is supposed to be. Since you think it\'s ok to charge 100$ fee for 60$ transfer, i wud choose slow and insecure transfer, but I don\'t have a choice.
David Pace 2021-03-11

It would be nice to know how much fees are before using it. I got hammered on 3 small transactions that cost me $22 each. I remember seeing zero fees when I first got the wallet, and somewhere else afterwards in an article about a partnership with BAND. If it was a promotional time period it should have been posted somewhere. The Crypto industry is still very new and people have no idea who to trust. This could easily be mistaken as a scam, or at the very least \"very shady\".
Brent Marshall 2020-12-15

This is one of the best and most versatile wallets on the market. Crossplatform swaps are cheap and quick (for the most part) and deposits and withdrawals are almost instant. Has lots of in-app features and the bonus for staking is incredible. They have bonuses for deposits and have random extras which are simple yet worth it. Great wallet for any coin (almost any)!!!