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Description of Bitfinex

Bitfinex provides advanced services for cryptocurrency traders and liquidity providers. Traders enjoy real-time exchange trading and margin trading while liquidity providers can enjoy the world's largest peer to peer crypto financing market. Now you can stay connected, trade, and get notifications directly from your device.

App main features:

- Exchange and Margin Trading

- Charts

- Margin Funding

- Transfer between wallets

- New deposit

- Last movements (deposits/withdrawals)

- Notifications on trades execution

- Price alerts

- Reports: track your historical movements and ledgers

Due to secure local storage support, Android 6.0 and above is required.

- The Chart is only supported in Android 7.0+ devices

- The camera permission is used to scan QRCode to help you fill API secret/keys

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More Information Of Bitfinex

lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:4.3.0 Publish Date:2021-05-10 Developer:Bitfinex

User Reviews


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maksim 2021-02-04

It works, but terribly unstable. Sometimes i can login without PIN-code, sometimes it randomly forces me to re-login. The app is slow, it\'s worth mentioning: really slow. For some strange reason I get 2 notifications for every event. And the worst thing about alerts: when the price is dancing around chosen level I\'m getting tens of notifications UP DOWN UP DOWN . And don\'t forget - it doubles alerts...
Ar L 2021-02-16

App is ok, a little different since it uses its own user APIs to setup the app, unlike other exchange apps. The worst thing I can\'t stand are the full page ads and banner ads. They pop up every single time regardless if you\'ve said you\'re not interested. There\'s a reason other exchanges don\'t do this. If Bitfinex was a guy, he\'s the one that thinks no means yes. Repulsively annoying.
Alexandre Hirata 2021-01-22

The new version is terribly slow!!! All graphs takes eternity to load and transactions is not viable to create using the app... I was obligated to access using web browser to make the orders. The app was very good in some past versions. Please resolve it.... I have a Pixel XL...
Snappy Nap 2021-01-25

Two years ago I was using this app to trade and it was ok. I am back to trading again only to meet a degraded version as an upgrade. Chart will not open, the return arrow button not working; you must close and reopen app to access the tickers page after visiting chart page. Cannot even open a trade! What a disaster...
Nikita Tropin 2021-01-21

Fix the balance check. When cancel my funding orders, I can\'t create new offer until I re-open app because app says that it\'s 0 funds on my balance
hogany eyo 2021-01-23

Login experience is too bad. If many are complaining of this same thing can\'t you just change the pattern. Can\'t one login with his user name/ email verification? This is too bad, worst and terrible. I can\'t recommend this for any body.
Mike G 2020-08-05

The application doesn\'t start, it is possible to start 1 time out of 10 or 20 attempts I think maybe reinstall will help me, but it didn\'t Also I noticed that: App description on Play store - version 3.38.0 When I install app I received version 3.38.4
Paolo Pauker 2020-11-22

Great App! But after the last update the colours Red and Green are missing for me. Everything is grey and it\'s hard to tell if the courses are rising or dropping. Please fix that Problem and I\'ll give the app 5 Stars. Unfortunately, when im trying to change the saturathions in the Therme Tab, the app is crashing. The only fix I could fing was resetting the theme to default but that still doesn\'t fix the crashing when changing saturation.
Christian Gabriel C. 2019-02-16

Finally. Such an improvement from your v2. An app matching almost all of your competitors\'. Waiting for the charts and will change to 5*
Andrii Kliuchka 2020-11-23

What happened with colors? Everything is grey now. Sell, buy buttons, orders, position. Edit- I figured it out. It was saturation! You need to fast change it to max before application restarted. Hire some UX guy or whatever. Add button \'save\' after changing that settings. Add identification below that settings to show how saturation affect everything. And please, if you add saturation recently, don\'t ever put that to 0 by default! Thanks.