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Description of bitFlyer Crypto Exchange

bitFlyer is where the world buys crypto. Easily buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and more within minutes.

Since 2014, bitFlyer has been trusted by millions across the globe as a secure avenue to easily buy and sell crypto. Today, we are the only exchange licensed to operate in the United States, Japan, and Europe.


Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and more in just a few steps. Creating an account takes minutes and is totally free! Start with as little as $1.


Transfer USD to bitFlyer directly from your bank account for free and use your funds to buy bitcoin and more immediately.


Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum Classic (ETC)


bitFlyer makes it easy for you to know how your crypto portfolio is doing. Keep track of your profit and loss, view your trade history, and seamlessly visualize your portfolio.


See real-time price data for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, get notified about market movements, and access the latest crypto news in the market, all without leaving the app.


bitFlyer makes sending and receiving cryptocurrencies effortless. Simply scan a QR code or register an external address and get the most out of your crypto.


bitFlyer is the only platform in the world licensed to operate in the US (47 states and territories, including New York), Japan (under the Japanese Financial Services Agency), and the European Union (with the CSSF License).

We ensure the safety of your funds with state-of-the-art security features including cold wallets, Multisig, 2FA, Installation of web application firewall (WAF), encryption of customer information, asset segregation and more.


・The fees incurred when using our services, other expenses, calculation methods, etc. are as defined in our Fees and Taxes.

・Cryptocurrencies are not a legal tender with values guaranteed by any country or third party.

・Cryptocurrencies are digitally recorded, and transfers are performed on their networks. If any major problems occur in the process of a transfer, the cryptocurrency may disappear and its value may be lost.

・If the private keys or passwords used in electronic authentication are lost, you may completely lose access to the corresponding cryptocurrency and its value may be lost.

・Fluctuations in the prices of cryptocurrencies may cause losses may be incurred.

・If, due to changes in the external environment or other factors, bitFlyer is unable to continue doing business, customer assets will be processed in accordance with all applicable laws and ordinances, but there is a possibility that customers’ deposited fiat and/or cryptocurrency may be impossible to return.

・Since there are risks associated with the structure of cryptocurrencies, please read and fully understand our Written Explanation and make trades based on your own judgement and at your responsibility.

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More Information Of bitFlyer Crypto Exchange

lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:6.2.0 Publish Date:2022-05-27 Developer:bitFlyer

User Reviews


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Vedran Markovic 2019-12-31

Good app, dreadful service. Due to them locking my account (for reverification) before a hard fork and after I had already deposited coins into my wallet, my trade report didn\'t update on time so the hard fork grant I should\'ve received is apparently \"not eligible\", even though Blockchain and tx history shows it had deposited several days before, just not on \"their\" system. The support didn\'t try investigating at all. Basically justified stealing my money. Highly incompetent, avoid if you can.
Alan Demsky 2021-01-28

Just an awful app with really awful customer service. I\'ve followed all the instructions and uploaded my identification multiple times, and it won\'t register. I also inputted all data and they remove it and ask me to type in again. The customer service aren\'t helpful in solving this problem and try to avoid it. Go to other apps out there. MUCH more reliable and quick service.
L M 2020-05-13

Its very basic. For ACH deposits to take so long the app should show the estimated amount of days until a deposit settles. The app lacks price notifications. Its difficult to figure out how much crypto you can buy as you can only enter the amount you want to buy in crypto not in USD. It would make it easier to be able to put in a dollar amount or percentage of your funds and let the system figure out the equivalent in crypto. Id also like to see a dark theme. Lastly, it lacks trading features.
Brendyn Willette 2021-02-07

Don\'t try setting anything up in the app nothing works. Log on via computer and it will let you submit selfies and enroll for ach bank transfer. Went back and forth with an automated email response for 2 days before trying on the computer instead and stuff started working. Take this advice after 2 weeks of use the functionality of the app is decent low fees and limit buys are good-a portfolio graph to show gains and losses would make this a 5 star app. App itself is basic looking and easy going.
Harry Snell 2020-12-28

When it loads, the app is fine. Easy to use, simple and informative. 2FA works well to boot. However, the app frequently fails to load, getting stuck on the splash screen. The workaround for this is to open it from the app store.
Ray Eee 2021-02-19

App wouldn\'t let me scan my ID. Needs bugs fixed. No time for faulty apps when dealing with finances. Info erased and deleted. I\'ll still to CB.
Jahongir Muratov 2021-01-14

One of the worst apps in terms of logics. My first account got banned without any notification or explanation before it got verified using Quick Verification. For the 2nd account I chose to go with in-person verification. A person came, I showed my ID, he said all was fine and left. Then I received an email from bitFlyer telling me that in-person verification wasn\'t valid for some reason. They told me to try Quick Verification again which isn\'t working anymore in my device. You guys had one job
hh c 2020-11-19

Cant fix account info it keeps transfer me to google chrome from app. And poor navigation skills, in try to fix errors and poor app management for a legal crypto account holders. Some links not working
PRAVESH KUMAR 2020-12-02

Document verification is not working even after multiple attempts.
ryan yaran 2020-02-07

did not reach the sufficient capability to handle foriegner subscriber, they are absolutely junk!!! you froze my account without getting my refund you ate my money