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Description of Black Orbit Simulator RPG

🔥 Start the amazing space fight vs dangerous enemy.

🔥 Show all players who is the best in black orbit.

🔥 Game available: in English and Russian languages!

Equip your ship with more then 10 different lasers.

Choose design with your best skill and ability.

Unusual game genre combination of RPG and simulator strategy.

🔥 In game you can found more then 100+ quests with good rewards.

🔥 Special new system with Cubickon allows you to never give up.

🔥 Collect dangerous galaxy gates Alpha, Beta, Gamma or Delta and complete it for good prizes.

🔥Space monsters have captured part of space, you urgently need to help us!

Space fights is waiting for new players.

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More Information Of Black Orbit Simulator RPG

lable: Simulation - Games Current Version: Publish Date:2021-03-10 Developer:iroNickGames

User Reviews


What's new with you? Please tell everyone.

Blake Doucette 2020-11-29

Good till the new up date. Everytime I go back in to the game it keeps sending me back to the update on the play store. And yes I did the update. Hopefully it gets fixed soon would like to get back to the game ( hey thanks it\'s all fixed)
Arman Rajaratnam 2020-06-29

Honestly, great way to put Dark Orbit on the map of mobile gaming. I\'m honestly wondering why Bigpoint doesn\'t hire you officially. I\'m a veteran player from GA3 back with the old MAD crew. It\'s really fun to re-visit all the cool stuff I used to do. Thanks a lot for the game man
Tim 2020-09-11

Hello community of Google play! I rarely ever do this but I like to point out that this game, is the best darkorbit game out there on the phone! Frequent updates, interesting content, hours and hours and hours of playtime and best of all, NO PAY 2 WIN! Now Mr developer, I have a suggestion, after 100000 seconds of playing I came to the conclusion that in the end game green keys are pretty useless, so I thought maybe you should create a crafting system, 25-50 green keys > 1 red key. - Tim.
80-zetret Frost 2021-01-10

Not as good as darkorbit but for a mobile version,you did a great job.keep going I\'m waiting for an update with more funny stuffs. And hope we will be able to move .
Abijith Kantha Raju 2020-12-27

I purchased the combat pass. Right now I am in hard combat. But how to get the rewards of easy combat.
Ihor Bachynskyi 2020-11-20

Game is good but its not done, extra slot +8 why if there only 5 extra moduls. What for are cublon part, and what is that and where to take it some green weird thing to increase chances of combine? Thank you
Adrian Torkelsen 2020-10-03

5 stars cause of the back to back updates and amazing work, and that you listen too us players! Thank you for a great game! You surprise me time after time! Excited too see the further development!
Cory Sawvell 2020-11-10

Awesome game but my accounts ads are glitched I don\'t even get ads anymore had to miss doubling LF-5 pls help account is XRaided
Hamlet Alessio Soto Cabanillas 2020-09-30

Brother you can increase the rewards to make it easier to upload your account. Very good game
Konstantin Markov 2020-12-26

The update screen issues are still there and was wondering how long is it gonna be before you decide to put in some newer ships for kreds also been having problems with the level up rewards system.