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With Blackjack you now have the famous gambling game always with you - for free and offline. Play Blackjack like a pro without having to bet real money. Adapt the rules to your favorite casino, train your skills and become a blackjack pro yourself!

• Play Blackjack without the use of real money

• Fully usable offline

• Blackjack rules fully customizable, play like in your favorite casino

• Integrated card counters (Hi-Lo, Red Seven, Knock Out, Omega II) so you can verify your counted values

• Free and offline

• Optimized for Smartphone and Tablet

Are you missing certain rules or card counting methods? Email us at blackjack@fassor.com and we'll take a look!

NOTE: This Blackjack includes advertisements to allow offering this game for free. The app itself can be used offline / without an internet connection!

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lable: Casino - Games Current Version:1.7.9 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:Fassor

User Reviews


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• Nebula • 2019-11-17

Good smooth interface and a quick pace! I like that the game keeps track of what your cards equal for you, and shows what it could be if you want your ace to be a 1 or 11. Quick and easy, fun enough to keep me occupied, and I don\'t mind the occasional ads at all since the game is nice and free! Appreciate it!♡
Original Name 4281 2019-06-18

yeah, its good. its just exactly what I was looking for, its offline and you don\'t have to spend your money on it. its nothing more and nothing less. it alows you to change the house rules and seems to be a good place to practice card counting if that\'s your thing.
Nate Brenneman 2021-03-11

DOUBLE Noisy Ads=Rating Downgrade 5=>2. Now it plays double ads where it used to be one at a time. I fully support ad-sponsored apps and games. But this crosses a line. What, Im not allowed to listen to music when I play your game? Thats messed up. Irresponsible, or at least inconsiderate to your users, who contribute to your ad revenue. I like every other aspect of your game. But this makes me want to find another thats comparable.
shadowhawk143 2020-09-11

though not the best cards app I\'ve used, I\'m very happy with the simplistic play of the game, its pretty easy to win, and nothing is really lost unlike in a casino, and while nothing is really gained, it makes for great practice if you want to improve for future casino visits, or if you have a night of blackjack with your friends on a normal basis. its worth the download for sure.
Ravi Theja ITTA 2020-04-30

This is really awesome app.. not over loaded. But I have 2 suggestions. 1. You need to incorporate True count with the card count. 2. Show the image of discord tray in the side when playing the game. This makes the game more realistic in learning. (I mean that the image of the discord tray should change based on number of cards actually discorded to the tray) I would love to buy this app if these 2 suggestions are added to the game..
killkewsa 2021-01-08

Awesome app. Adjustable rules and choise of deck penetration. Perfect for counting cards. Like the simple graphics, sometimes less is more. One suggestion is to but the lower-bet-button below the bet count, to make it easier to play with one hand only. The only thing missing is the insurance bet. Thanks for a great app!
Batcat 2020-11-12

I really like this app. I was waiting and expecting to have to pay for more chips when I got cleaned out but I was happily surprised when I was able to reset and start again. Very cool 😎. It has ads but they aren\'t a pain in the butt like many others. Thank you to the developer for the great app and all the fun.👍
Anthony Juarez 2019-01-12

Awesome game. Having a lot of fun and learning a lot about the game. (Like when you should take your chips and go home...) Found it challenging and fair. i always lose my chips eventually -- nature of the game -- but I enjoy looking for that \"this would be the point I cash out\" moment, or givibg myself a balance goal and seeing if I can achieve it before going broke.
A D 2020-03-24

After playing hours of this, it\'s pretty obvious that it has an algorithm built-in that anticipates your basic strategy moves, and lays out specific cards for the dealer, in certain situations, to ensure you will lose the hand. Since there is no true money on the line, I assume it\'s so that someone with experience counting doesn\'t just go in and crush the game. I\'m an experienced card player, and this app just doesn\'t flow like a true, realistic game. However, it is pretty good for practice.
Scott Zuke 2020-11-15

I have and play many good Blackjack apps, some with good, fancier graphics and audio/sound tracks m, BUT: This game is probably the best for fairness, freely resetting your bank roll and, tips on how to play if your new to blackjack. So for all of this, I would rate this app best, overall, of any blackjack app out there. (And, although free, they do not annoy you with constant ad\'s for other games.) Good, plain, straight-up playing to hone your game. This company has \"integrity\" in my book.