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Description of Bleach: Brave Souls Anime Game

The real-time battle mode, "Arena," is here! A 3 vs. 3 team battle where you can play with players from around the world! Join Ichigo, Toshiro, and other popular Bleach characters to be the best in the world!

Over 60 million downloads worldwide!

A hack and slash action RPG that has all the elements of the super popular Bleach TV animation, manga, and novel!

Build teams with your favorite characters from the 13 Court Guard Squads, the Espada, Xcution, or the Stern Ritter and join the fray!


Relive the epic Bleach story from the moment Rukia and Ichigo first met, then delve deeper into the world of Soul Reapers with original stories from the anime, the Bleach movies, tie-in novels, and more!


Unleash Ichigo's Getsugatensho, Aizen's Kyoka Suigetsu, Byakuya's Senbonzakura Kageyoshi, and all the other epic Bleach moves, all fully-voiced by the original Japanese voice actors with amazing animations! Then feast your eyes and ears on the many original special moves unique to Brave Souls!


3D graphics and simple controls make for free-flowing and fast-paced hack-and-slash action. Play alone, or gather up to five friends for intense online co-op quests and raids!


Make your favorite Bleach characters more powerful!

Brave Souls features a highly flexible character improvement system that allows you to create exactly the warriors and the team you want. Create never before seen combinations of your favorite Bleach characters and then take your best teams online to combat other players!

In some regions, you have an option to choose a World (server) at the start of the game. However, there is no difference between the different servers except for the languages offered and certain purchasable items.

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Account: https://twitter.com/bleachbrs_en

Hashtag: #BraveSouls





Recommended OS

Android 4.4 or later


© Tite Kubo/Shueisha, TV TOKYO, dentsu, Pierrot

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lable: Action - Games Current Version:13.3.0 Publish Date:2021-10-03 Developer:KLab

User Reviews


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Cooper Hanisco 2020-10-23

The game is amazing. Bleach is one of my favorite Anime/Manga series and this game really bring it out to its full potential. It\'s got great graphics, frequent updates, lots of stories and side stories from the Anime/Manga, hundreds of characters, all with their own unique moves and signature voice lines, and much, much more. Over all, I\'d give it a 10 out of 10, if i could, but in this case I\'ll settle for 5 stars 🌟. Keep up the great content Klab! 👍 P.S. Kenpachi rocks!!!
Jonny 2020-07-30

Don\'t get me wrong, I\'ve had a lot of fun with with game, but at this point it\'s clear that the company running this game \"Klab\" doesn\'t care a single bit about it and is basically running it into the ground just to milk money out of people. And yea, gacha Games are generally made to milk money, but this is on another level, and at least a lot of those other gacha companies actually care about their players somewhat. They don\'t listen to the playerbase, so I can\'t recommend you play this game.
Will Reno 2020-08-28

I used to really enjoy this game. And once upon a time I gave it a solid five. Problem is the rates. They\'re absolutely abysmal now. Klab has been dropping them steadily lower and lower and now it\'s almost impossible to get a 5 star character that isn\'t filler without paying. And that\'s another thing. They\'ve made every single banner a step-up event. Ooh, step 5 is a guaranteed 5 star! Only costs you an arm and a leg. And that 5 star is gonna be filler you already have. Bad time to start playing
Stan LS 2020-07-13

This game is really good!! For those of you who might complain that you wasted money etc. and didn\'t get good characters, you really don\'t have to waste any cent. You just need to play it smart and level up your characters patiently, and summon at the right time. So far, this is one of the games that are really generous, and not giving easy 5 stars characters is just a spice to add to the game. Who wants an easy win all the time, it won\'t be fun, right? ;) haha, again, it\'s a really good game!!
Mat Remy 2020-07-31

Honestly, I loved this game when it first came out. It was a breath of fresh air, it was different. But things changed over time. Klab you became greedier and greedier.. you didn\'t care about making things moderately reasonable for whales or free players. You did everything you could to make players love and hate you, as long as you got your money. Other games would have changed for the better before hitting a momentous occasion like 5 years. For anyone interested in playing this, don\'t.
Frederick Colaire 2021-01-24

I don\'t know how some people are saying this is a pay to win when I have never spent a cent in this game and I have got so much powerful characters. This game is actually very easy once you put that work in. Very enjoyable too although the story could use some real scenes from the anime to make it more enjoyable to do the story. Have been playing for years and I never completed the story
ProphetAberof4k 2021-01-06

I have been playing the game since it released and i have to say its all my childhood when i remember this game. Lots of hours spent playing is . Overall many improvements have been made over the years and its very nice game. If you have time play the game its worth it. Although i have to say the summons are quite tilting since there are usually more than 3 characters in the gatcha and the chance of getting your favourite one is all over the place. Great game i recommend it!
TheLastEren 2021-01-07

This game is good, but there is one major problem. Whenever I download the game, I have to download 140mbs, and when it reaches 80mbs, it stops and says that I have to retry. When I press the retry button, the download goes all the way to the beginning instead of deducting the amount I already downloaded. Please fix this because most other games already have this implemented.
Level10reviews 2019-03-16

Great for f2p players if you have a little patience and dont get obsessed with pulling one particular character. Unless you pull that character, in which case, congrats. Can easily be a money sink if you let it, but Klab updates the game constantly to make it a better experience for f2p players. Would definitely recommend watching some guides on how to earn and spend your orbs though. Overall you cant go wrong with this game if you have a little patience, doubly so if you\'re a Bleach fan.
Arvin Rodrigues 2020-12-16

Amazing game. Must download. It is a gacha game but not pay to win at all. It is a little hard to get orbs but if you really like bleach (the anime) then this is the right game for you. This game shows a lot of incense to even free to play players. And the new updates are amazing. If you have not downloaded this game already then what are you waiting for.