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Description of Blendr - Chat, Flirt & Meet

Find nearby dates with Blendr, the free, socially flirtatious chat-to-meet app. Blendr uses your Android’s location services to connect you with the fun singles closest to you who share your interests and want to chat it up!

With more than 180 million users around the world, Blendr is the best way to break the ice with more people around you.


So, are you looking to find new people or what? Blendr is free to join and use. No excuses -- get your Blend on already! The 180 million people of Blendr are waiting to chat with you.

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lable: Dating - Apps Current Version:5.241.1 Publish Date:2021-10-17 Developer:Blendr

User Reviews


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Sofija CasinoLike 2020-09-04

Cheer 💘 anyone already tried this application? Why there is such hemorrhoids with filling out the questionnaire? 😪 Dating app is weak, as far as I caught, this is just a incomplete copy of the popular site likevirt point com, only likevirt has a bunch of real profiles , a huge selection of sweethearts and also there is a lot things 🔞. Just for the pleasure start, compare the profiles😻💋! If you have liked keep liking it! 👍💪
Tilonee Ayala 2019-06-27

So far one of the best apps for dating and meeting new people.. ive been on. I like that they get to choose that they like you first and you can then like back or not. I still dont care for the swipe right or left style too much.. but that\'s me. But mostly it\'s the people on that I\'ve meet .. are a pretty real and down to earth. So far no complaints.
Joshua Stavers 2019-02-27

MEt the love of my life on here, chatted for a few weeks then went on a date. Together for 2 years now and couldn\'t be happier
Kimberly Davis 2019-06-22

It will not let me leave another review,cuz I already had one up. No what you do is merge badoo and blendr together to make it look like there are a lot of people.And want you to pay for each site.. I know when I bought 1st time credits,it asked me if I was refill when credits are under 200 I SAID NO!! and Blendr/Badoo took out $40 more dollars without my consent. sent email and no return and impossible to find help on app its self.. This app is Bogus
James Vincent 2019-08-07

\"Blendr uses your Android’s location services to connect you with the fun singles closest to you\" i should have counted how many people it showed me that are 1-3 HOURS away with only ONE person in the same city... it\'s absolutely ridiculous to not have a distance filter on this type of app... developer response is cut and paste nonsense, went back, swiped left on 30 more people the closest of which was 64 miles away, the majority were 98 miles away... my local area (the range i would consider reasonable) has a population of at least 150,000 you can\'t tell me the \"fun singles closest to you\" are over an hour away
Calum T 2020-12-15

Scam. No free features. It is NOT free to use, to even appear ONLINE you must pay, to talk to anyone you must PAY. This is a cash in on people\'s loneliness.Developer responses are LIES and they edit their responses to try and hide the fact this app is a microtransaction farmer. You have to pay to do anything at all on this app, you have to buy the ability to speak to anyone. December 2020 it is still full of fake profiles, app consistently alters your preferences to show more fakes
Paul Taylor_YT 2019-08-22

Tried this app and its just like all the other apps: Waste of time! Wanna see who likes you? Then pay up! What they dont tell you in the app description is that you have to pay just to see who likes your profile. Ok so I got notification that someone liked my profile (that when I find out you need to pay) and then within 12 mins someone else \"liked me\" then I realized this is clearly a stunt to get you to spend! Such a scummy business practice! Dont waste your time on this app!
Austin Chandler 2019-11-08

Blendr is pretty much pay to play at this point. You are so limited in use as a \"free\" user, it is laughable. Not worth it unless you wanna invest at least 20$ constantly to make it worth a damn. At this point, I\'d reccomend meetme, bumble, tinder, etc over this pay to play bs that blendr has become. And Blendr, don\'t even try to claim you\'re free to use; that was about 4 years ago when you were actually worth being considered free.
N H 2020-01-22

WARNING!!! DO NOT USE!!! DESIGNERS WILL RORT YOU! SCAM APP ALERT! Over $100 stolen from my Paypal. 2 dodgy transactions!!! App is full of pop ups to accidently touch to make you instantly subscribe to upgrades. They dont return money. Try a different app!! Evil app!!! And theyve even blocked my email so I cant contact them. I have a complaint in at Paypal. Insanity!! In reply to below response. You did not get back to me OR Paypal. Paypal returned my money!!
Romeo Charlie 2020-04-17

Don\'t waste you time, paying for premium doesn\'t mean anything you still have to pay for everything else. Local matches are extremely low, every match is 2-3 hours away. That is until you drive 2-3 hours out of area from home and then miraculously the matches suddenly showing up close to home.