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Description of Blitz Brigade - Online FPS

Enter an outlandish alternate history where the world’s military leaders are actually sensible people, and the warring forces of the Axis and Allies realise that a world war would literally be the worst thing ever. So, they decide that it would be a lot less messy (and a ton more fun) if we just picked the greatest, most trigger-happy shooters and troopers from both sides to fight it out in amazing team arenas full of guns, bombs, tanks, and other crazy tools that make things go boom.

Up to 12 players can battle at the same time online for completely frantic combat games and maximum fun.

Catch limited-time events for new challenges, seasonal contests and loads of fun new content, including specially themed weapons and costumes.

Create or join a Squad to crush global opponents in MMO team games and work together towards gaining glory and rewards.

Voice Chat lets you plan your FPS strategy and call out to allies in the heat of battle.

7 Classes: Jump into combat as the versatile Soldier, the heavy-hitting Gunner, the supportive Medic, the precise Sniper, the cunning Stealth, the fearsome Demolisher or the tactical Engineer.

Customise and master each class's specialised skills to do your best in team games and counter your opponent's plan.

Unlock each class's Ultra Abilities, which can completely shift the tide of battle. Imagine being a Sniper that can see through walls, or a Stealth that can't be seen at all.

Different battle game modes:

> Deathmatch: Race to rack up the most kills for your team in a straightforward firefight.

> Domination: Strike key positions and take control of the battlefield while defending your positions. The ultimate test of teamwork.

> Capture the Flag: Infiltrate the enemy stronghold, swipe the flag and (here’s the tricky part) get it BACK to your base before getting blown to pieces.

> Free-for-All: Take down the first moving thing you see... and the second... and pretty much everything after that! In this mad shooter mode, it's every person for themselves.

Roll out in a variety of armed and explosive land and air assault vehicles.

Pilot the Crusher—a mech made to step all over the competition.

Gear up with over 100 wild weapons to customise your chaos.

Prime your skills in challenging single-player missions that will train you for the multiplayer PvP games.

For fans of free online action games, class-based multiplayer shooters, first-person shooters, army/war games, or anyone who enjoys a good MMO fight.

Enter the battlefield, get ready for the war, and enjoy hours of FPS fun.


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lable: Action - Games Current Version:3.6.2a Publish Date:2021-08-19 Developer:Gameloft SE

User Reviews


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Goerges Hunt 2019-01-25

I love this game, ive been playing it since day one. but ever since that new role came out(the one that has the land mines and stuff) the game seems to have slowed down, so please revert the game to its former glory in what we may call a \'DownDate\' (instead of UpDate) to what it was in the year 2013
Eh Law 2019-04-04

I used to love this game, but since there was a new update with some changes I was a bit disappointed. Some of these things include: -having to buy your own vehicle to use in a game -only one person can be in a vehicle which are meant to be for two people such as car I got alot of things to write here on my list but i won\'t have enough time... So, please bring back the last update where you don\'t reaally have to buya vehicle instead they put it in a game for free to be used...
Luyando Learner 2020-08-20

Good game but the control layout customizations(CLC) is garbage. I use four fingers to play my games and this game is forcing me to use two thumbs and the area where the aiming and shooting are bundled with features to add on to are sometimes pressed by mistake when you don\'t need them. I wish they could take examples of CLC form games like Pubg mobile or Call of duty mobile or critical Ops or even apple knight.
Yung Toe69 2019-02-12

y\'all ruined this game its so pay to win and undermanaged now. There are hackers in almost every lobby with god mode on i headshot them 5 times as sniper and it doesnt kill them. I know you wont, but can you please fix this game at the very least add a report button to report hackers.
Beaucoup 2020-11-14

The game was fun. Everything was just great. But then, one day, casually going to play blitz brigade, I was randomly banned I looked at why. and it said i had suspicious activity, and i was harassing other players. HELLOoO, I was just using voice chat to communicate with my teammates, I didn\'t harass others, the most I said was that they should be my friend if they had voice chat so we could communicate with each other while playing. B R U H. so, it\'s very.....sensitive.
Izaac moti 2020-05-02

I had enough of this game, it doesn\'t seem to be as great as it was around 2014, this game does not reach the standards of an offline shooter, I still haven\'t got my diamonds from the squad tournament from like... 2 months ago!!! I am sick of looking at it, the update doesn\'t work well for me as the controls has shrunk, and I am just over it. the main thing of this report is: 1. I deleted it 2. I will never look at this game ever again 3. #stayathome
GodsHeaven Gaming 2019-11-05

I like this game because, I already play this game started on 2017 is such a good game but I really forgot my account before, so when I came back last month playin\' I really suffer again about earnings gold and gems to buy and upgrade some guns and etc. But I recommend to give us an event that has free gold and gems , it such an honor to give us that kind of event.
hi 2020-09-14

At first it was a really enjoyable game, until now. When you open a crate during a game, you may get away with opening one but when you open a second one it will freeze you and you need to restart. Same goes to the special power of the ninja, you may use it for 3 times but that\'s rare, when you try your 3rd time it also freezes you
Mark Spee 2018-10-03

This game is nothing but a very bad cash grab. Also there is no protection from cheaters. I played this game on multiple accounts and collectively gave it around 3 hours. And not once did i see a game without some guy insta killing EVERYONE on the other team, no matter what weapons. If you read this here, DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME. My opinion on the game: don\'t waste a second of your life with this game. God, i really wish mobile games would have some quality. But no. Flashy colors, weird names and a price tag of way too much.
Osaid Hamidi 2019-11-18

I have played this game before and it was really good and fun but with the recent update s, everything is literally pay2win. I downloaded the game to play it again after a while but I ended up deleting it after 4 matches. Rich players can kill you within a blink of an eye while it takes you almost forever to kill them. They can just buy loads of medkits and heal automaticly even when they are being shot. The more you spend the better you get, nothing is based on skill anymore. They ruined it.