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Blob Connect - Match Game



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Description of Blob Connect - Match Game

Blob Connect: an addictive FREE matching puzzle game.

Simply connect 3 or more dots of the same color on the board and clear them. Try to make longer chains of dots/blobs to get more points.

Play this challenging match game with 135 amazing puzzles of three different types, and many types of boosters.

In some levels you need to play until you reach a certain score. Enjoy other levels with special gray spots which need to be cleared. Catch the diamond in later game levels. Also crosses which block the way of dots/blobs need to be crushed! Hours of entertainment guaranteed with this wonderful free puzzle game! Play, use your brain, and clear the matching dot colors to beat your friends!

Blob Connect Features:

- Play three different level types: achieve a certain score, clear all gray squares or catch the diamond

- Google Games achievements, high scores and challenge your google games friends on the level map

- Use offline on any Android phone or tablet

- Share screenshot directly to Facebook or other social app

- Making long chains of dots gives you a free blaster. Blasters are awesome, and clear whole rows of dots at a time! So try to connect chains of the same color and make as long lines as possible to get the most points and more free blasters.

Link the most blobs and win this game!

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More Information Of Blob Connect - Match Game

lable: Puzzle - Games Current Version:1.9.5 Publish Date:2021-07-22 Developer:AppTornado Games

User Reviews


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Rhonda Benton 2019-10-25

A lot of fun...! I love this game. It\'s one of my favorites! I truly like it much, much more than \"2 dot\'s and Dots & Company! It\'s relaxing, fun, exciting and challenging at the same time. I would choose this game over those 2 games anytime. You would enjoy Blobs very much. I look forward to playing this game every day. I\'m glad I found it. The creators of this game did a great job. Can\'t give this enough stars. 2 thumbs-up!
Steven Dellorto 2020-02-02

just started attained level 5 when the review popped up. So far I like it. Keeps me coming back. Still playing, great challenge for an older person. Keeps the mind alert. One of my go to games
M Goldberg 2019-09-19

Could not figure out how to turn off the sound!
Maksym Isaiev 2017-05-05

Amazing gameplay idea, but a lot of advertising...after every level application asks for internet connection to show advertise, e\'en if connection is missing(e.i wifi/cell data is off). In those cases app show an error. This behavior is annoying. Could you please add a check for such events?
Courtney Jackson 2018-11-06

You must connect at least three dots.
Cheryl Smith 2017-06-02

Love the game! Understanding ads are expected, they do get annoying! Also a bit odd in game play. Connecting 4 or 5 gives extra bonus star. In same board it does it and some doesn\'t. ( 4 connected= bonus, in same game, 4 = 0)
Jeannie Johnson 2017-11-18

I AM NOW UNINSTALLING IT, TOTALLY SICK OF THE ADS AFTER EVERY TURN! Well I love the game, but am getting ready to uninstall it! Why? Because before your first turn and after every turn you have to watch a 15 to 30 sec ad! Mostly 30 second ones!
Lee Francisco 2019-07-20

i love this game. its relaxing and can be challenging at the same time.
Kerry Somerset 2017-08-09

I love this game. It\'s easy to play and quite addictive. But it has a glitch. You\'re meant to get a \'special\' directional blaster when you join four blobs together. Sometimes you do but not always. And however many you join, you only get a maximum of two in any string. So you don\'t get rewarded for joining lots ( and sometimes you really can get long, long strings). I find those issues aggravating in what is a really simple game.
Carlaine Freysinger 2020-04-08

Very fun game! Would be great if instead of obtaining two flashing stars after collecting so many dots, the second would be a bonus 🌟. It\'s a fun game to play because you have to preplan and think. Don\'t need alot of \" bling\" to have an entertaining time. Thank you! Especially during theses days if covid-19!! Stay safe!