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Description of Block Craft 3D:Building Game

Ready? Block? Go!

Craft and grow your own village or build freely in an unlimited open world!


• Fun building game: Lots of different constructions. Build a house, a castle, a mine or even a spaceship and the Eiffel Tower!

• Simulate the best life it's a fun simulator game!

• Lots of pixels: enjoy the special pixel graphics.

• Choose your character!

• Animals adopt and play with animals! It's fun!


Amazing buildings in 3D

Play now one of the best construction games!

Lots of Pets and free exploration

Play with pets! Adopt a dog, a cat or even an elephant! Unlike other block games, there are no monsters in Block Craft 3D: you can focus on constructing the best buildings or exploring the world.

Multiplayer game: visit your friends

Start the exploration! You can visit the city built by your friends (or foes) and help them finish their construction. Multiplayer is so much fun!

Create and sell

In Block Craft, no need for mods, launchers, or PE. You can create custom blocks, craft special furniture, or complete a blueprint of a building! And even better: sell those and receive lots of gems!

Not so creative?

In Block Craft 3D, no need for maps, just visit the village of your friends to get new ideas and follow the blueprints and guides to easily build fantastic constructions.

Try this simulator now and have fun building your city!

Block Craft 3D: Free Building is brought to you by Fun Games for Free, creator of the 100+ Million downloads games Flight Pilot Simulator, Sniper 3D, and Sniper Shooter.

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More Information Of Block Craft 3D:Building Game

lable: Arcade - Games Current Version:2.13.67 Publish Date:2022-01-21 Developer:Fun Games For Free

User Reviews


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Jana Georg 2021-01-15

I really like this app, but the only thing is that the purple stuff comes and and I can\'t even watch ads for tickets and gems. Also, I think that the presents give not so much gems. It should be at least 150. Plus, you have to buy the gems with real money!😡 The animals and furniture cost very expensive, so please fix that. I will give 5 stars if you do.🙂 And the villagers turned black. So please fix that. And there is another problem. I watch adds for free tickets but there are no tickets!😡😡
Beez 2021-02-06

My rating could\'ve been higher than 1 star if it wasn\'t for this one complain. Whenever I try to open the app, it always says, \"Unfortunately, Block Craft 3D has stopped.\" I try to open it again but it still doesn\'t work. Really wish that I wouldn\'t encounter it again, but if I still encounter it several more times, I\'m ready to uninstall it.
Nyla Martinez 2020-11-01

Block craft is an amazing game! I only see a few problems. When I watch a add for more blocks it does not give me my prize.Please try to fix this! Also I would like to add a friends list so you could vistit your friends village. Besides that it is a really exfun game! Also can you buy things with your coins? That would be very helpful! I dont have any gems. One more thing. It gets pretty upseting when you run out of blocks. Its best if you don\'t level up. You really should get this game!
Ayesha Saqib 2021-02-02

It is a lot of fun. I can share my village to all the other users. The only problem is that I need 50 gems for only 1 peice of any other things. But overall I 😍 love it. If you want to visit my village write tanisura and the one with a palace with the stairs is mine. Can you tell me how to add our village in the trending villages line please tell me about it.
Mark Y. 2021-01-21

The game is great, fun, and addicting. But the thing that always annoy me are the ads that do not give the rewards. This is the main problem I encounter from the very first time I play this. If this is considered a bug, then it should have been already fixed since you updated the game and even mentioned you did \'bug fixes\'. So why is this still happening? Disappointing.
Maria Perez 2020-11-17

I love this game. A few years ago like i played it and then it just stopped. Like one block froze the hole game. I uninstalled it and it took me back. I think it might be because my phone was a old android. I had 1 idea and im sure that the developer won\'t look at this but can you make it so you don\'t run out of blocks. It\'s because when i try to watch a ad for more blocks it won\'t give me any. Then i can\'t watch anymore ad\'s about other less oki doki games. This was just a suggestion.
joshuuwah 2020-12-23

Definitely a fun game but I don\'t recommend it. There are so many ads that is SO annoying. Usually when I wanna get more blocks I press watch an ad for it and after the ad there are MORE ads that come up. It\'s so annoying so that\'s why I have to refresh the game and get in again. There also are SO many glitches, bugs and lags that annoy me. Also I feel like that it would be better if you would skip the WHOLE tutorial. And I feel like it\'s better if you could level up by building ur own house.
None of your business 2020-12-28

Pretty cool game, and I enjoy creating lots of new content, except exactly that gets punished in this game. Were I to \"build\" all the ready made stuff, I\'d get showered with all kinds of \"presents\". This way I get exactly zilch, and I\'ll be forever stuck at level 6. So I can\'t for example save anything I build either. It\'s certainly a bit frustrating. Other than that, it fully deserves the four stars.
Gaurav Gupta 2020-11-04

Really good! I am addicted to this game!! it\'s really nice and it is a little like mine craft.. (a lil i said) but, I don\'t like the fact that you have to use blocks to build high buildings cause the unlimited flying thingy costs money :C and the blocks also finish... anyways this is pretty great and I love it!! 😁😍 definitely try it out . Lol
Lauren Ingle 2020-12-13

This game started out fun. I\'ve made it to level 19. The choices of buildings are slim to none now. The process for earning gems is confusing. I\'m not sure what helps. Watching adds is fine for earning more blocks/gems untill the adds are exhausted. The building uses 13,500+ blocks. I used up the first 150 blocks. I watched multiple adds to get another 75 blocks at a time. I\'ve been working on one building for weeks! I DO like being able to look at other peoples work for ideas.