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Description of Block Puzzle Jewel

The goal is to drop blocks in order to create and destroy full lines on the screen both vertically and horizontally. Don't forget to keep the blocks from filling the screen in this addictive puzzle game.

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More Information Of Block Puzzle Jewel

lable: Puzzle - Games Current Version:54.0 Publish Date:2021-11-03 Developer:hua weiwei

User Reviews


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samara phillips 2020-06-15

I love this game alot. It\'s addicting and it\'s kind of like Tetris, which I don\'t know about anyone else but I love shape guessing games like these. There are not too many adds, there are a few every game but normally games last at least a few mins and the adds can only last a few seconds as you can click out of them all. Over all I love it an definitely recommend (and it\'s very easy to play, but yet very hard...if that makes sense 😂)
Elena Pomares 2020-06-07

I give this beau 😍 game a great 4 stars, because it\'s quite a simple game, but it can become so nerve-wracking, when the blocks you want don\'t appear on screen. Which is also one of the reasons I didn\'t give it 5 stars. Sometimes I feel like they don\'t give you the right blocks you need on purpose, which I guess is part of the fun. But you can\'t really plan on anything because they don\'t show the next couple of blocks. There are a couple of faults in this game, but still is super addictive fun
Denny D 2019-03-23

This game is addicting! It can be pretty challenging too. A great way to kill time or play anytime. There are ads but they go by pretty quickly so u really don\'t get too bothered by them, besides, to me, the game is worth watching a few quick ads. U always want to keep playing so u can beat ur last score. It\'s a fun game, especially if u like Tetris, although it\'s a bit different, like u can\'t flip the pieces, u need to match the colors and when u run 🏃 out of room on the board the game is over.
Gurvinder kaur 2020-07-25

It\'s a mind building game 😁 ....you can play this game whenever you are bored or want to do something interesting it\'s a good option to install this game and play it !!!! Yes it gives ads but I can\'t say anything about ads because there is no game who doesn\'t give us ads 😅😅 otherwise I love this game !! i suggest you that you should play this game it\'s really very interesting and mind building
ahsan niaz channa 2019-01-04

need help !!! error in last block of lines in the bottom it works well on my other phones but in my \"samsung galaxy s6 edge plus\" i cannot put any block in the last line of slots. can any 1 please tell me whats the problem and how can i solve it???? i will give it a 5 star as it is a very addictive game
Jar Test 2020-12-30

Right this is not a real game. Progression is slow and even when offline adds still show. So this game is made to play as many adds as possible and is why the player can\'t progress. Because the game will force the player to lose so that it can display an adds nearly all the time.
Paul Talbot-Evans 2019-06-03

Great app, catchy, and enjoyable. The ads are very annoying, and put me off playing it more and decrease the rating. If there was an option to pay for the app with no ads, I would considering buying it, depends on the price. Make it ad free for $1, and I am sure users will be more than happy to pay. Anymore and you will lose out on the competitive market. Just a thought.
Carie Bowers-Bailey 2019-06-08

This game is entertaining enough but you can\'t use your skills because the game cheats by giving you pieces that won\'t fit in the puzzle to continue on. Makes you lose with only 100 points or less. PLEASE UPDATE GAME SO I CAN KEEP ENJOYING IT BEFORE I LOOSE INTEREST!!! PLEASE!
vilas kulkarni 2019-05-22

nice game but it contains a big bunch of adds. Just a little request please lesser the advertisement. Well keep up the good work the game will be the best😊☺ . The game also rapidly sends notifications regarding app/game rating!! No issues further.
Abhishek Khandelwal 2020-06-26

it is a good game in fact it is very interesting .i think that when we are bored it is a good game for time pass😄. but why i gave this game 4 stars is because whenever we are playing,in between suddenly we do not also know when an add comes and because of it we place the block in wrong place. this makes us lose our game. this is a good game but only this thing i dont like😡. because of this we cant score more.😢