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Description of Block Strike

Play an addictive online first person shooter action game with friends and other players online! Gather your team with your friends, create clans, and win together in dynamic battles.

Buy modern weapons, upgrade them, change the look of your weapon, as well as your character!

🕹️ MODES 🕹️

The game has more than 24 various game modes in this PvP FPS, of which we can highlight:

- Squid Game: Stop and Run

- Team Deathmatch

- Bomb

- Death Run

- Tower Battle

- Escort

- TNT Run

- Hunger Games

- Zombie Survival (Zombie Escape)

- Bunny Hop (BHop)

- Surf

⛰ MAPS ⛰

More than 70 different maps with dynamic battles every day!

From small cards for a small group of friends, to huge cards on which you have to work hard to win.

Spacial map for the squid game challenge where you need to tum and sop just in time. Keep an eye on the red light - green light. Try to win 456 times. Doll Roll is seeking for you - it’s a real Survival Game for only one winner. It's could look better than Candy Challange.


More than 40 types of guns to your liking. Try them all.


Change the look of your weapon with skins, and don't forget to stick a sticker.

All this you can get from the cases both for free and for in-game currency, which you can get for the battles fought. Create your own unique weapon skin that even your friends will envy.

Install free and play today in this one of the best Online action games!

The mobile game is in the vein of everyone's favourite CSGO, Fortnite and PUBG but with cubes graphics!

Follow us on social networks:

VK: https://vk.com/blockstrike

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/RexetStudio

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RexetStudio

Discord: https://discord.gg/u3mzqcW

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More Information Of Block Strike

lable: Action - Games Current Version:7.1.8 Publish Date:2021-10-27 Developer:Rexet Studio

User Reviews


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A Google user 2021-02-14

The game is super fun, I finally got a secret knife to show off and the guns and sound effects are cool, you can add firestats and epic skins, with many good modes
TJ 2020-06-16

Interesting game. This is one of the best Pixel FPS shooter game I found other than Pixel Gun 3D. Block Strike is suprisingly fun, challenging and thrilling as you go throughout the whole game modes and as you kill players to improve your experience at FPS games like these. Maybe adding a rank when playing Bomb mode, or should I say ranked mode, can add so there would be rankings to the players. But overall, this game is astonishing. It has the perfect features, definitely worth a try!
tempest 2019-04-19

absolutely love the game. nothing wrong with it but (i hope that the devs take this in to consideration)(I love the game but i do wish that it was playable with claw due to when i try use 4 fingers it wont swipe/move aimer, and i do wish that the sensitivity was alitile bit more stretched due to having own a samsung s8+ with a stretched FOV The sensitivity is very touchy and i do wish that it wo uild be extended or for more fine tuning cuz atm 7-9 is very fast there there is 100% Thanks.😁😁
Adam Zuhry 2020-07-23

I really enjoy this game, but there are also some stuff that I hope not to be in the game; there are advertisements that always appear after 2-3 games. There is also game modes that there is no server on, but on the positive side, they have interesting weapons and skins to buy and collect. I do encourage other gamers or people to check out this game. It is an opportunity to discover the maps and secrets. I really hope for Ya\'ll to be interested in playing this game. Bye!
Murdered Mark 2019-08-19

I love this game with its selection of guns and a great variety of different choices for making your own personal character and also having many game modes that are enjoyable with the fact you can play with friends and with other people to help you which is cool. The game is great and all except I would wish that there would be a creative mode which would allow you to create your own map one thing that I wish that happened is you would have a daily login, more you play the better prizes earned.
Minism 2019-08-14

Well I installed it but when you launch the app it won\'t let you play unless you have these \"required permissions enabled to make the game function\": Access to your files, Allow it to make/manage phone calls, Access to your phone contacts, and your location. In no game should all of these be required to run it, only as optional settings if you really want them. You don\'t even know what they\'re all used for, they don\'t state it anywhere. Instant uninstall.
Souta Arimodo 2020-03-19

The game is great. It has some of the most basic graphics, but it always has that vibe of competition and wholesomeness. Ive been playing before they renamed the map bust to dust, but uninstalled it and now i cant play it as the game stops everytime i start it. I have sufficient storage and RAM, but it keeps \"stopping\" before i get to the menu. If you could please do some debugging, it could help me play the game again and many other who might have the same problem. Thank you.
A Google user 2019-02-17

I think their has to be more game mode options because me and and other players around the world are sort of tired of having to play the same game mode over and over. for example you may add in a new mode. this is one of my ideas.You can add a battle royal mode that most players like me will love. Signed: God Of Green
_Duke 2021-01-28

Played this late 2016 on a Samsung, I was very entertained and in my opinion this game is insanely good, but with it\'s own pros and cons, I personally like the character design, the guns, the gun skins, and specially the random things that can hide you, I absolutely love this game, but now that I played again, I only saw 2 players, I fear that this game is dying, I hope this game get\'s the attention it deserves, even if this game has a lot of ads, some bugs and glitches, I can bet a buck a new player would love this.
Xplicit Baller 2020-04-12

This game used to be fun and simple to navigate through the menu, but I\'ve downloaded it after 7 months and everything\'s changed completely! I can\'t understand how to do the simplest of things. They should at least give a tutorial of what\'s new for previous or new players. Also me and my brother have tried countless times to load a Zombie survival lobby on Battleforce map, yet every time it says \"error cheat detected\", which makes no sense since I\'ve downloaded it legitimately from here!!!