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Description of Block Tank Wars 3 Tank Shooter

Block Tank Wars 3 – continuation of a loved by players online arcade about world of tanks with cool action battle. Rain down rockets on armada of enemy tanks in offline campaign. Make your own tank from great choice of arsenal and tanks, customize war machine with your own style with the help of great choice of camouflages.

You can play our pixel shooter offline without internet. Complete all levels and quests with labyrinths in mine and craft style. Become a super tankman of a custom warmachine and develop your own strategy of war according to current upgrades, learned skills and experience. Upgrade your metal monster and spread chaos among enemies. Diversity of levels and mazes let you try different tactics and develop the best strategy according to goals.

Shoot hordes of enemy tanks and play in campaign whenever you desire. There is no energy or other restrictions in our tank shooter. Log in as much as you can to receive more bonus resources to conduct a war.

Earn experience by completing levels and quests, to get access to the best arsenal and tanks. As well as receive skill points to improve your combat skills, essential for arcade shooter.


🎮 Long campaign

Raid your nemesis domain in more than 90 playable levels in offline campaign. Play tank combat shooter even during the travel and without internet.

🎮 Variety of quests

Diversify your path to victory with variety of quests. From kill them all to support missions.

🎮 Exciting combats

Destroy hordes of enemy tanks. Tactical and blitz battles in infinite labyrinths of areas. Pixel shooter in the best traditions of the genre.

🎮 No energy

Enjoy tank shooter without breaks and without energy. Combat shooter does not have energy at all, what let you play the game as much as you wish.

🎮 Cool variety of guns and armor

Make your own mega tank with the help of great arsenal of weapons and armor. Use foundation from armored vehicle, warmachine, combat platform, hoover and more. Great variety of weapons, from shotgun and machine gun, to rockets, railgun and missile launcher “Tornado”. Shoot nemesis from any gun.

🎮 Diversity of enemies

Disintegrate all king of enemies. From tanks with different weapons to defense towers and artillery.

🎮 Fine tuning of arsenal and tanks

Use unique modules for delicate adjustment of tanks and guns. Use the module which is the most appropriate for your play style and desired strategy. Everything is up to you – blitz through enemies in dynamic shooter or use more tactical ways of war.

🎮 Daily bonuses and rewards for completion of all quests

Get free gold, guns and armor for daily login. Complete additional quests on all levels to get all stars and bonus rewards. Receive bonus containers and gold every few hours.

🎮 Intuitively easy controls for tank shooter

Variety of tank controls. Shoot at targets by tapping the enemy tank on the combat screen. But to evolve from rookie to master sniper of tank shooter you need skills.

🎮 Customize appearance of your tank

Make your own look, with vast variety of camouflages, like modern, forest, khaki and others. Make trouble for enemy tanks with style.

🎮 Essential skills

Upgrade useful skills for easier disintegration of enemies armada. Upgrade damage, armor, speed and other skills, essential for combat shooter.

If you look for combat tank shooter, and wish to shoot enemy tanks and defense towers even offline, our arcade shooter is designed for you. Both fans of action shooter and fans of shooter with more tactical and strategic approach will love the game. Rpg elements, as upgrades of tanks and weapons, detailed customization of arsenal and choices of appearance will make your progress in the game more significant.

Try out the third part of a famous tank shooter. Download combat arcade shooter for free.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GDCompanyGames/

Support: support@gdcgames.ru

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lable: Arcade - Games Current Version:1.19 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:GDCompany

User Reviews


What's new with you? Please tell everyone.

Prakhar Yadav 2018-06-29

Very best games but the control panel is get hard to play so maintain that\'s the problem. And over all game is very good and nice . Love the game and you developer. Please release some more new and nice games
Artur Pilarczyk 2018-08-09

Not sure if its a game or an app for viewing commercials. Ive spent more time watching ads than driving the tank. Whats more, the controlls are just insanely bad. Id like someone to show me how to play this game and hold your phone/device... Mayby it was designed for a two inch phone. And what i like the most is the fact that most of the tank parts and upgrades are buyable only with premium currency or real cash. Whats the point in the normal currency than? Was a fan of BTW2, this is a huge dissapointment :/ .
Larry Ashley 2018-06-04

Your game is decent, i do like it, And heres the but,--- the ads after every level is waaaaay to much, i for one hate intrusive advertisements especially after every level, it becomes annoying at first then after awhile trying to deal with it i simply will be deleting this game and any game that does the same thing with advertisements like this one,
Talha Ovais 2018-05-22

I think part 2 was better than this......tiny tanks doesnt make me happy and secondly controls are tough
Jay Lone Wolf 2018-09-03

It\'s good enough for me but I supposed the annoying \"shooting tap\" would be changes to manual shoot would be better in the next update. And those \"bonus\" items on bottom right screen can be arranged at another location would be a great ones also👍
SpaceKelp 2018-09-16

What\'s with the difficulty? and even worst.. tons of ads!!!
Oscar Funez 2018-09-12

Here\'s a summary. Love the game. One thing I really dislike is you can\'t have everything with the in game currency. I mean seriously,for just 2 extra tickets upgrade its premium. BTW2 never had that. I accept premium for extra gold or resources or actual premium tanks and weapons not for some lousy upgrade. Controls need some work which I seen. And overall game balancing and bugs needs work. I\'ll up the rating when things improve. Keep up the good work. Also what happened to the old developers? Or is it a new company name. BTW2 is made by someone else.
Willy Rodriguez 2018-09-26

Good game but not enough weapon types and tank hulls to make it refreshing, adding more stuff would be great. Also the campaign seems really easy and looks like you can get everything in the game, longer for premium items but still affordable. Can\'t wait for matchmaking! I just hope the developer adds more weapons and tank hulls before it launches!
Joseph Ing 2018-05-27

Bugs: armor regenerator & engine booster do not work
Calvin Burton 2019-08-13

it\'s absolutely a great game! I love it and I had given it a little time to get good weapons and hulls, awesome upgrades too, I wish the impulse cannon had a few more shot added though and it could use it, and I do wish the rail gun was cheaper like 700 to 750 gold, but it\'s awesome, we do want an update and the multiplayer to be finished, it\'s said soon for a couple of years that it would come but I\'ve waited this long and won\'t give up until it\'s finished! Thank You. Your Friend: Calvin Burton