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Description of Blocks vs Blocks

Play the battle of blocks! Overcome the opponent level by level!

Blocks vs Blocks is a simple and addictive game. Break the walls and capture cells, it's that easy! The more area you have, the more chances of winning.

How clever you are? Let's go to a great victory!

- Fun gameplay

- Satisfying animations

- Lots of challenging and addictive levels

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More Information Of Blocks vs Blocks

lable: Puzzle - Games Current Version:1.23 Publish Date:2022-06-03 Developer:MOONEE PUBLISHING LTD

User Reviews


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BusyTooth 2021-01-07

I\'m giving this game a one-star, because there is more ads than game. You start the game (watch an ad), beat a level (watch an ad). The ads are not optional and even if you hit \"no thanks\" to not watch an ad it\'s still forces you to watch an ad, then gives you the rewards for watching it. This game has a very cool concept, but it\'s completely ruined by the swarm of ads. :(
Matt Mercer 2021-01-04

Puzzle gameplay is fine. Simplistic and doesn\'t really get any harder as you progress, but fine. However... so many ads. Many of these basic games are just vehicles for ads, and this is no different. Finish a level? Watch an ad for a bonus, or choose not to watch an ad and have to watch an ad anyway (at least you can skip it after like 10 seconds, I guess?). And since the levels are relatively easy/fast, you will spend more than half your time playing this game just watching ads.
Robert Henderson 2020-12-27

I don\'t mind ads, but literally after each very short level, even when it gives me the option to watch an ad for a bonus, and I decline, I end up watching an ad anyways. Then the\" watch a bonus ad\" button appears the same spot as the skip ad button. The decent simple game in the background of all this isn\'t worth it. If you really like the game and want to play it then paying for ads free is probably will pay you back hours of your life back. So... Value I guess?
laila breonna 2021-01-04

I understand that \"horrid\" is a pretty strong word but it suits this game. The levels in this game take around 5 seconds to complete, with about 4 levels before each ad. In total, that is around 20 seconds before another ad appears! This game slows my phone down a ton. Also, at the end of like two to three levels, it gives you the option to unlock boosts by watching an ad. If you press \"no thanks\", it still gives a stupid ad! I advise you fix these issues, if not, customers will be very unhappy.
Muhammad Aamir 2021-01-13

This is a very good game and I like it. There are a few problems though. It\'s way to easy because you get an extra turn so you will never have less blocks unless you want to lose I would like it to be more challenging. The AI go for the smallest ones and aren\'t really that good. There are not a lot of ads but there is sometimes a lot like I get an ad sometimes after every round. But overall this is quite a good game so I give it ☆☆☆☆ you should download it
Nathan 2021-01-17

Yeah, I normally don\'t complain about ads in a free game. Developers deserve compensation for their work. However, the ads on this game are unreasonable and intrusive. The levels take 5-10 seconds to play and the ads take 15-20 seconds, even when you skip as soon as you are able. You see an ad after every level. Most of the ads are also of the \"scammy\" type where they have fake X close buttons that take you to the app store. This is a fun game. I could have seen myself playing for a long time.
Jennifer Tittle 2021-01-31

Ads are how free games make money, I get that. But when there are more ads than gameplay, that is excessive and unreasonable. There is an an after almost EVERY SINGLE LEVEL. The level takes about 10 seconds to complete (early on anyway) followed by a 30 second ad that in unskippable. So if watching ads is what you like to do for fun, than play this game. Otherwise, dont waste your time.
Jose pro 2021-01-01

I just started playing and I think it\'s AMAZING for me in the first levels right now have no ads the ad thing might be you guys or it might be that I need to get farther to the levels. Other than that it\'s a cool and AMAZING GAME I\'m SOOOOOO thankful this creator company made this game keep the great work!!!
Jeffington Third 2021-01-03

Really enjoying the game. Most levels are easy but there\'s a few challenging ones in there that makes me not get bored. My only issue is that I\'ve paid not to have ads. And there isn\'t, unless I want to redo a level in order to get 3 stars! It\'s irritating enough to me that I didn\'t give it the soft five star I would have given it otherwise.
HearTheGiant 2020-12-23

Ok. Here\'s an analogy. You\'re watching a baseball game. The pitcher throws a pitch, then you have to watch a commercial, the pitcher throws another pitch, then you have to sit through another commercial, etc. People get fed up and turn the game off. In turn, no one is watching the commercials. The advertisers are not making any money from their commercials. So what the point in having the game. No one is watching it and no one is making any money. Uninstalled!!!!!