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Description of Blocky Cars tank games, online

Tank games and shooting games are your favourite genres? Welcome to the creative pixel car & tank world of Blocky Cars!

What’s this tanks game about? Let’s find out!

Blocky Cars is a car shooter & robot war with imaginative craft of war machines and explosive tank wars! It will bring you fun and joy with dozens of tanks & robots in multiplayer. Have fun in battles on robots created by you!

Jump into your army tank, plunge into the world of robot wars . What’s your fav features in tanking games? Be sure, we have them all!

Main features of Blocky Cars - tanks game:

Cars & Tanks craft

- More than 90 blocks for craft! Wheels, turbines, tank tracks, sniper guns, turrets, walkers for robot war and more. Create a brand new type of war machines.

- Unique experience. Build anything you’ve ever dreamed to drive! Like robots? So create them! Fond of tanks games? Build a cool army tank. No limits for your imagination in robot games!

- Vast choice of cars, flying war machines, robots and more. Choose any to join tank wars!


- Worldwide online multiplayer!

- Classic deathmatch

- Capture the flag

- Team battle! What can be better than playing together in a tanks game?

Call buddies to join robot wars!

- Race. Yes, a car shooter with racing! Create a fast racing car, put the pedal to the metal!

- Heroes mode. Get out of the army tank to show your rivals who's the boss of Blocky Cars - tank games!

Special features

- Skin editor. Choose a skin or create it

- Armor & guns for your pixel hero

- Maps full of nice details

- Classic pixel style with futuristic elements

- Up to 8 players on the map: hang out in chat, play together!

Here is Blocky Cars - an imaginative tank game! Create cars, win in the tank wars.

More robot games - More tanks - More fun!

Tanking games with various modes and pixel combats are rather cool, but what else?

Yeah, Blocky Cars - robots, cars & tanks game will bring you unforgettable gaming experience! Tank games have never been this fun. Come on, fan of cars, tank games and robot wars, join the new world!

Join Blocky Cars official communities on social media:

- like us on Facebook at http://facebook.com/blockycars

- Follow our tank games page on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/blocky.cars.online/

Robot games with explosive battles are here for you! Grab friends to play together.

See you on the battlefield of Blocky Cars - tanking games! We are driving war machines on blocky roads!

Terms of Service: http://fullhpltd.com/terms-of-service/

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More Information Of Blocky Cars tank games, online

lable: Action - Games Current Version:7.7.2 Publish Date:2021-11-18 Developer:Shooting games for everyone

User Reviews


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dragon onfire 2019-08-02

love the game 7/10 would recommend more updates please there has only been 1 or 2 updates in like less than 2 years before the recent update. thumbs up for the creativity. have a good day!!!
ShadowBlot92 2019-07-30

I\'m constantly getting different errors, where the game won\'t load, my video rewards weren\'t given after watching ads, and I\'ve also finished 3 matches where I captured the flag 5 times and was immediately sent back to the main menu without pay. I love this game but it\'s really annoying, please fix this...
Jayven John San Nicolas 2019-08-17

I have played this game in the past and loved it but when I re-downloaded the game today I can\'t restore my old account from before the 7.0.0 update because it won\'t load, it loads to 18% and just stops there, I\'ve tried restarting my phone, restarting the game, and uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Please fix this so i can get back to playing.
MightyDaAwsomeGuy 2020-01-17

This is great and action packed. You have to face off others and even go outside of the car! This game gives so much opportunities to use while in combat. Modes like CTF (Capture The Flag) has a shorter timer so that teamwork will help a lot with the capturing. This game is so heart racing and makes you want to come back to it even more! I really love the way Full HP Ltd and the community shape the game and it\'s environment. It still has updates and I love them. You have a good game Full HP Ltd.
Izzahyn Xfox 2021-02-05

This game is fun to play, but after the latest update the game goes wrong. I can\'t see my friends online, sometimes the system assumes i don\' exist in battle (thats the worst) and hero\'s armor sometimes bugging. Please fix this problem, and i will give 5 stars back 😭 Fix: Thanks dev teams, the game works as always. RATE UP 5 STARS. Keep it up! 😉
Fus Ro Dah 2019-06-20

game sucks, AI is to overpowered, game modes are boring, And i got blocked for typing hello in a different language. so id recommend first of all that you please fix the game to where you are no longer automatically blocked for saying привет(hello in Russian). and it ask if you would like to too watch an add to double your reward and 50% of the time if you say no the add plays anyway, this game use to be good, let me tell you, it aint now.
Bermuda PH 2020-11-05

I love this game,cool robots or monster truck or some fightning vechiles,nice texture,and much more but only problem is now [November 5 2020].This problem you need to fix or tell me what to do to fix this because i start afternoon to play and its happening it not loading,i wait an hour but no change just still and i try to delete or exit but not work,please fix it or tell me what to do to fix this.
Ronnie Dakan 2019-07-26

paid money for coins 2 times and didnt get the coins but they charged my card... fun game but dont spend any money because you will just lose it... i would give this game a five star rating but it basically took 15 dollars from me. i spent 10 trying to get just coins and then 3.99 on a \"special combo\" didnt get the coins or the extras on either purchase.......
Jack Daniels 2020-08-24

\"NEW ANTI CHEAT SYSTEM\" yeah no. The cheat system sucks. It doesn\'t protect the game from hackers. why? Because I found a player who had SO MUCH MOVMENT SPEED. They jump so high, and worst of all, this player had a rapid fire rocket launcher! By that, I think that it had infinite amo. You also get barely anything after a mach, so if you don\'t want to pay, it will take forever. And 114 dollars for 7000 energy? No. I think it would be better if you got 9000 energy from spending that much money
Sunlight Moon Dash 2019-04-28

I LOVE THIS GAME AND I NOTICED U FINALLY FIXED THE 2 ARMOR PIECES! I GET TO PLAY WITH MY BROTHER! i got this game cuz i couldn\'t exit my brothers pixel gun 3d account and this was my 2nd favourite game so i got this game to play! my brother has the same google account and he wants to rate as well! from my brother:hello, i love this game. i love the creator of this game! i can almost get the hand launcher i just need 1 more currency! from Sunlight\'s brother!