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Description of blocos - time block & daily planner organizer

blocos is the ultimate daily planner & time blocking app built to make you productive and organized!

This app approaches time management and daily organization in an innovative way, inspired by a Wait But Why article.

It has a daily schedule planner based on the 144 blocks daily calendar that will make it much easier to time block your habits.


It's hard to plan your day as just one big block of 24 hours. You over or underestimate how productive and organized you can be.

This innovative calendar is simple: it breaks down this big 24-hour block into 10-minute pieces, so you can better visualize your time and properly timebox your habits, tasks, and activities.

144 10-minute blocks equal to 1440 minutes, or 24 hours. If you sleep 7-8 hours a day, you'll have 100 small blocks to keep track of. If you work for 8 hours, well, you'll have 52 blocks left.

Using the app you'll see how little time you have. However, you'll also be able to track it much more efficiently, building a routine with daily habits that best fit your lifestyle.

How will you use the next block? Start habit tracking and stop procrastination with some great features:

- Create as many activities as you need. You can journal everything!

- A blocks-based visualization of every single day: time block your way to your goals and end procrastination!

- Daily reminders in the day planner: after allocating an activity, you'll receive a notification 10 minutes before it starts!

- The perfect productive habit tracker: you can easily use it as a daily habit tracker to make sure you build good habits or stop bad habits

- Journal and Planner: It's a passion planner, so you can always have time for your passions, but it's also a school planner/work planner that'll help you focus on what you have to do

- Statistics and charts make this the ultimate goal tracker and activity tracker

- Ad-free: we hate ads and don’t want to bother our users

- No need for an internet connection! Wherever you are, you can see your blocks and start working or studying right away!

You can use this app in two ways:

1. A precise journal and time planner: strictly planning every day, keeping track of each block

2. A great weekly planner: pick a couple of activities to track. You can keep track of just some of them, leaving the rest blank, and visualize the weekly calendar with the blocks filled

Both ways will help you live more productive and happier days!

However, it's much more than a time-blocking app!


To build a daily routine, be productive and organized, just offering an innovative daily calendar isn't enough.

This app goes beyond being a habit tracking app or one of the best goal tracker apps: we aim to be one of the top productivity apps, no matter how good are your time management skills!

The activities are the basis of everything. Inside them, you have a bunch of power-ups and widgets that make them very powerful!

Features that make it one of the best life planner, daily planner free & organization apps:

◦ A full task manager: organize your to-do-list for each activity, create a daily checklist or daily reminders

◦ Focus timer: open the Pomodoro timer to apply the Pomodoro technique, set how long are the focus rounds, short breaks, and long breaks (the classic 25-10-30 technique or custom like 60 30 30)

◦ Keep a daily diary or save important notes: use the Notes widget inside the activity to create notes like a diary or just use it as a note block.

◦ You can keep a diary for each relevant activity or just focus on the deep work!

SOON: Very soon there'll be a Group Pomodoro feature that will allow you to track time with your team or just keep focus with other people that are working or studying! A team Pomodoro (or team time tracker, team timer) like you've never seen before!

Stop wasting your blocks without noticing! Become productive right now!


Need help? Send an email to contact@blocos.co

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lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:1.8.5 Publish Date:2022-02-10 Developer:Salebox Inc.

User Reviews


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Beshoy Atif 2020-11-28

Edit: developer\'s reply is fast and reliable, as well as professional, 5 stars for the quick fix. Absolutely stunning! Time tracking is extremely intuitive in Blocos and I honestly think that it\'s the best time tracking solution available! I would only raise the last star if we have the option to: - delete activity, or archive them for no more use. - color picker - dark theme Otherwise, absolutely perfect!
Rishi Parashar 2020-11-28

Thank you so much for fixing the bug! This app is the best option for time blocking, simple intuitive flexible. In only a week it became essential for me. Keep up the good work!
Sam Kwok 2021-02-25

(Edit: Dark Mode is here! Thanks dev.) Very simplistic but effective app for time management. Very decent UX. I wish two functions can be added: Dark mode support (with system wide toggling) which is essential for night time usage, and hyperlinks in notes so that I can link websites and videos and open them with a single tap. But nonetheless, this app is already great at it\'s current state, definitely recommended.
zachary rinehart 2021-03-14

I have been waiting for an app like this for a long time!! There are many task management apps available, but there are very few apps that allow you to block your time. This app does just that. I love how advanced it is given how young it is. The UI is also very effective. The one thing I wish were different is if there was a calendar view in addition to the 10-minute-block view. Other than that, this app is PERFECT.
Care Bear 2021-02-06

I love this app. If I could fix one thing it would be: The notifications can\'t be dismissed so by halfway through my day there\'s no room left on my shade for other notifications. This is very belligerent and I hate when any app does it. Who gives you the right to stop me from dismissing notifications on MY phone? Please knock it off.
Farhad S 2021-02-10

This app makes intimidating projects and tedious work days exponentially easier. It helps me stay present and not get ahead of myself. Also, the developer is very helpful and responsive to suggestions!
J B 2021-02-17

Great app! Only improvement I\'d like to see is the option to add a widget to my homescreen to see my blocks for the day - similar to the block line shown on the main page when opening the app.
Keno Frianeza 2020-07-30

Saw your comment on the waitbutwhy site so checked the app out. It looks great, I\'ll be using this for sure!
Leilah Robinson 2021-03-16

Yes!! This is exactly what I\'ve been looking for! This should be super effective for me! I don\'t like too much to look at, less is more and the time blocking method is genius! I will give 5 stars when the purchase error is fixed please assist!
Sabrina GD 2020-07-16

Saw your comment on Wait But Why and decided to check it out. NICE