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Description of Blood Pressure

Control your blood pressure with multiple build-in features like measurements analysis, statistics, graphs, comprehensive reports your doctor will love and many other tools to analyse high or low blood pressure!

Thanks to this app you will discover by yourself what, when, and how different factors influence your blood pressure!

Please keep in mind that this app does NOT measure blood pressure!

Key features:

★ Very friendly and easy in use user interface

★ Save, edit or update your measurement

★ Describe your records:

● Tags - write short descriptions and use them repeatedly

● Date and time of BP measurement

● The values ​​(systolic, diastolic, pulse and weight)

● Description

● Blood oxygen saturation

★ Support for multiple users.

★ Interactive charts

★ Statistics and blood pressure factors

● MAP - Mean Arterial Pressure

● PP - Pulse Pressure

● 24h average

● Chart

● Cards with comparison of different time periods and factors

● and much more!

★ Export data:


● PDF - detailed reports

● graphs and statistics from app

★ Import CSV files, from app or OMRON connect

★ Reminders - helps to monitor blood pressure on a daily basis

★ Filters - unlimited possibilities in your hand. Decide what data the application will show, analyse or export!

★ Appearance - Customise the appearance of the application to your needs

● Light and Dark theme

● Customizable colors for values of systolic, diastolic, pulse and weight. Especially useful for color blind users

★ Categories: Choose from various blood pressure standards like JNC7, JNC8, ESH/ESC, Isolated Hypertension, Hypotension

★ Backups all your blood pressure data, so no need to worry about loosing them

Visit Support page with more detailed instructions


Remember that you still need to have a blood pressure monitor, in order to read the measurement. In addition, this application does not replace professional medical treatment and care!


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lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:Google-6.10.1 Publish Date:2022-06-11 Developer:Klimaszewski Szymon

User Reviews


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Jamil Anwar 2019-10-02

Just a misguide, plz don\'t install, no way to check BP although they claimed in their intro
Merlin Wizzard 2020-03-01

Well implemented. Loved that I COULD disable advertising for 5 days watching a 20 second video. This option is no longer available, forcing me to uninstall it and use a different app, FREE of intrusive ads and just as useful. I was planning to buy the app to support the development, but not at $6.00 for a colorful log book.
Daniel Walford 2019-12-15

Doesnt record blood pressure at all .Dont see the point if it..
Dewey Coerper 2020-04-30

I have used many different apps & this is the best. It is clear & easy to use. The data & graphs allows me to see exactly how I am doing. The ads aren\'t too annoying.
Connie Hernandez 2021-02-01

Wonderful, perfectly fits my needs withoit needing to pay. For those complaining that this app doesn\'t do the actual measuring - that is correct, this app is for data recording and statistics. Phones don\'t have the physical machinery needed to take your blood pressure, so you habe to buy or use a monitor. This does neatly sort and export my blood pressure measurements and makes it easy to remember!!
Gail Merrill 2020-01-18

This app is fantastic for tracking blood pressure. Ive used it for several years and find it extremely useful. It\'s easy to use and has useful graphs. Im also able to share the info with my cardiologist. This is the best.
A Google user 2019-02-14

I\'m not understanding?🤔 Do the device take ur B.P.? or you take it elsewhere& document?🤔
Roland Spencer 2020-08-18

For the most part, the app works fine and looks great. However, I only gave it 4 stars because of one major bug - I tried the reminders and decided I didn\'t like them. Yet after deleting the reminders, they continue appearing in my notifications. So, apparently, once you create reminders in the app, they can never be removed. After further usage, am dropping from 4 to 3 stars because inputting times is a major pain. You cannot tell whether AM or PM is selected and often have to try multiple times to get the correct time. Then after you set the time you have to reset the date because it advances it to the next day.
L W 2020-03-20

To improve this app I really think you should consider the layout of it, and possibly adding brighter colour in the background. Black all over is just very depressing. I found the app quite slow to use aswell, and not really suitable for what I was looking for.
MJ Shipley 2019-08-19

Asked for information on install more than once. I agree asking to rate app inappropriate before used.