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Description of BlueDriver OBD2 Scan Tool

BlueDriver® is a Premium Diagnostic OBD2 Scan Tool. It is used by professional mechanics, auto enthusiasts, and everyday vehicle owners who want to know more about how their vehicle is operating and how their vehicle can be fixed if the Check Engine Light comes on.


• Generate, print, and share Repair Reports (details below)

• Scan For Trouble Codes

• Clear Trouble Codes

• Enhanced Diagnostics (e.g. ABS, Airbag, Transmission, etc.) for

- GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Mercedes (2005 models and newer), Mitsubishi (2008 models and newer), Hyundai/Kia (2012 models and newer) (available worldwide)

- BMW/Mini, Honda/Acura, Volkswagen/Audi (available in North America)

- Subaru (available in United States)

• Mode 6 (On-Board Monitoring Test Results)

• Smog Readiness Check

• Freeze Frame Data

• Multi data (PID) interactive graphing and logging

• No Wires! Communicates with your vehicle wirelessly

• Metric and Imperial settings

••••••••BlueDriver Repair Report Information••••••••

The BlueDriver Repair Database contains over 30 million experienced-based Reported Fixes for Trouble Codes (DTC's). Ranked as Top Reported Fixes, Frequently Reported Fixes and Other Reported Fixes, a BlueDriver Repair Report is specific to your vehicle's year, make and model. The detailed report goes well beyond providing a cryptic code definition by giving you validated fixes for your trouble codes. Save time by using BlueDriver to prioritize how your vehicle can be repaired. Preview a sample Repair Report in App.

••••••••IMPORTANT INFO••••••••

BlueDriver is a professional diagnostic scan tool and the App is free to install but does require the purchase of the BlueDriver Bluetooth® OBD2 Sensor to communicate with your vehicle. The Sensor is sold separately under the 'More' tab in App or at www.BlueDriver.com. Repair Reports can be generated without purchasing a Sensor by tapping 'Repair Reports' > 'New Report' and entering the VIN and Trouble Code.

The BlueDriver Sensor simply connects to your data port located inside your car near the steering wheel. Every car made since 1996 has a data port. BlueDriver has global vehicle compatibility and can be used anywhere in the world.

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lable: Auto & Vehicles - Apps Current Version:7.11.2 Publish Date:2021-09-03 Developer:Lemur Vehicle Monitors

User Reviews


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Bryan Davidson 2019-05-04

Customer service is incredible. Had problems updating it when I first got it but they walked me through it very quickly and professionally with no problem and it\'s worked perfect ever since and this thing reads everything that a $3,000 Snap-on reads and even more. This is the kind of tool that everybody should own. I\'ve already saved family and friends a lot of coin because it finds the problem very quickly and saves overpriced diagnostic costs. Very highly recommended. Cheap on Amazon.
Enoch White 2019-03-08

this is a must have for all techs or garage mechanics. i have used alot of obd2 devises. there is not one out there that surpasses the bluedriver. not only is the app user friendly but once you plug into the vehicle. everything is there and ready waiting on you. i have to thank the people that made this. the best obd2 reader and app i have ever seen. i have been in the automotive field for 30+ years. you guys hit it out the park. thank you thank you thank you.. go buy one and you will be amazed.
A Google user 2019-01-06

i purchased the device and installed the app. was never abke to connect to my BMW car. i called customer service 24/7 and itbwas not helpful. ended returning the device. disappointed.
Dave Greenwell 2019-10-31

bought this cause every time I did research on the best scanner out there this was in the top 3 every time. It was the only one to do that I am still learning how to read and use some of the data. A mechanic friend of mine give it a try and was very impressed at no t only the amount of information but the ease to use.
Tim Street 2018-11-15

Nice tool for troubleshooting. Would like to know if in the future you plan or are able to add bi-directional function? To those who don\'t have enhanced codes working, verify that your VIN is entered. Sometimes the vehicle doesn\'t identify itself and doesn\'t allow all functions to work.
Jeremy Meeder 2020-05-04

Love it. Had a different sensor that made me pay annually to access info reference scans. This app makes the code easy to read and clear and gives you suggested actions to take to correct the problem in plain English. Not all issues and cars have the same amount of info, all will read basic codes, but I am sure this will continue to get better as the app in out.
mitchell france 2020-12-26

the tool and the app are amazing! The newer the car, the more information that it can give, works great for my 04\' RAM (why i got it), wider tool options for my father-in-law\'s 15\' Tundra shows live data with customizable options to show on screen. two second refresh rate, the less live data being shown, the better the respnse.
Ray Gallant 2020-05-04

The bluedriver and app are very good however it is not compatible with just about any other ODBII apps such as torque and in my case NDSIII. I really like the live data feature however for my car (2012 Nissan Altima) it won\'t give you the most basic stuff like oil temperature, transmission temperature, battery voltage and some others that as a car enthusiast I would expect from a device like this. Edit: I added another star because of AMAZING customer service!!
Kurt Hofmeister 2020-12-11

I\'ve been using the Blue Driver scan tool for a couple years now. As a professional farm and construction mechanic, I work on several types of vehicles including employee\'s, family and friends. One of the big plus\'s (besides portability) for me is the recommendations of what solved the problem coming from other professionals. Thank you Blue Driver!
Matt Hobson 2020-07-16

Amazing! I bought this after watching Scotty Kilmer on YouTube. It works GREAT! I own a 09 vw tiguan that broke down. I thought it was the throttle position body or sensor but after running a diagnostic with this it turned out to be bad coil packs an spark plugs. ( previous owner apparently never did maintenance lol ) Saved me lots of time and a small fortune. Everyone should have one of these in their glove box. Big thanks to all at Lemur!