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Description of BlueJeans Video Conferencing

BlueJeans delivers a premium video conferencing experience that is optimised for the mobile workforce. With amazing features, like Dolby Voice® audio, BlueJeans helps make every meeting more productive regardless of where the participants are located.


Participate in BlueJeans video meetings with up to 150 attendees

Experience HD video and Dolby Voice® audio for the highest fidelity meetings

Share & receive content for maximum productivity on-the-go.

Facilitate professional meetings with intuitive controls that make meeting moderation a breeze

Integrate your calendar to enable one-touch join and easily jump from meeting-to-meeting

Eliminate dead spots with intelligent bandwidth management that optimises network settings

Select safe driving mode while on the road for distraction-free meetings

Additional BlueJeans Mobile App Functionality:

Join BlueJeans Events as a view-only participant with the ability to respond to Q&A and polling

Leverage proximity mode to transfer your personal calendar from your mobile app to a Dolby Voice Room to transform a conference room into your personal meeting room

Learn more at: https://www.bluejeans.com/mobile

Please note:

To host meetings via the BlueJeans app, you must have an existing BlueJeans account. However, you do not need an account to attend a meeting.

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More Information Of BlueJeans Video Conferencing

lable: Business - Apps Current Version:51.0.3186 Publish Date:2022-01-25 Developer:BlueJeans Network

User Reviews


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Heath Owens 2020-07-20

Overall, the video feed quality is pretty good. It just depends on what type of connection you have. If you\'re showing a presentation video while doing a video conference it tends to get a little choppy. If showing a video presentation with your conference, you want to make sure that you have a very good high-speed connection so that way there is no lag in the presentation.
msl 2020-07-21

High quality voice. Great video streaming. I planned my daughter\'s virtual birthday party using Bluejeans. We had a blast. I also planned for virtual movie time during the party. I uploaded an animation movie in to the portal in advance and streamed it during the party. Everyone enjoyed the HD quality movie. You must experience this tool for new way of working/connecting people.
Eric Ginder 2020-03-22

Just used it for the first time with about 8 friends who were all using it via apple devices or PC. I was the only one who couldn\'t see the others. Ridiculous failing of the one thing the app was supposed to do. Yet another example of oblivious developers ignoring Android users for who knows what reasons. It\'s mind boggling.
Sunarta Wu 2020-05-15

Current version caused a bug on my phone Redmi note 5. It doesn\'t have audio. People at the other side can not hear me, and I also can not hear them. It also cause my audio on the phone broken every time I launch the apps. I need to restart the phone to recover the issue Update: even with the update, the apps still have the audio bug and still broken the audio and also cause video lag on my phone. Bad update.
Ben McGuinness 2020-04-23

My nightmare! I spent a year organizing and hosting meetings via BlueJeans. The experience is extremely inconsistent across devices. Settings and UI on one device may be completely different on another, leaving you with egg on your face many times. One time they even forced a beta edition on me, unannounced, on the morning of a really important event. Layouts for viewing screenshare and video are very inconvenient and inflexible. Sharing video is a huge chore when other apps like Zoom make it a very simple experience. On top of all this, the price is astronomical... I saw the billing for my organization and I could not believe how much money was spent on this very flawed app. I also know that my university\'s technology office unhappy with the experience and is desperately seeking to move everyone to another service.
Tankut Kalaycıoğlu 2020-02-28

After the update it doesn\'t recognize my headphones, the call dial sound goes to my headphones but as soon as I enter a call it uses only speakers and only speakers is available in the audio devices, can\'t join calls in public with my phone anymore which defeats the whole purpose. It happens on Samsung S8 +. This needs to be fixed. Edit... the new update seems to fixed the issue.
Ephraim Kisangala 2020-07-22

Good conferencing and meeting app, but 2 irritating issues. First, it always auto logs out (whenever I close or rest my phone) thus prompting me to always sign in whenever I need to use. Secondly, at each sign in, it asks me to synchronise the calendar, even when I did so at previous log ins.
Brett Findlay 2020-04-30

The screen frequently goes black for a second and then back to showing the call. The happens every few seconds. The audio also gets lower when the screen is black. This is very annoying during a call when I want to jump on or off mute or just see the screen. Battery optimization has been turned off. It happens on both WiFi and data. Android 10 on a Pixel 3. Not using my video.
Rajesh Babu Pragallapati 2020-07-09

Very nice But we being High Court Advocates are facing so much inconvenience sometimes to join the meeting when the participants are more than 75 to 80 or sometimes when 90 to 100, as it\'s saying that the meeting reached it\'s PARTICIPANTS LIMIT Sometimes unwantedly it\'s being disconnected without any reason It\'s very hard to rejoin in such cases This is the only thing to say
Nilesh Chaukade 2020-05-07

App is extremely efficient. It would be great if even in low-bandwidth mode speakers\' name is displayed, at least 2-3 names, like a stack may be. Faced some issues: if I join using \"call me\", sometimes the app and the call goes out of sync. Sometimes the app disconnects while the call is still on. Sometimes the mute button changes to \'mute mic\' instead of \'mute phone\'. Today it also lost connection with the calendar.