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Description of BlueSecur

Operate devices compatible with BlueSecur using the Hörmann BlueSecur app.

You can send permissions (keys) to family or friends, for example, via text message, e-mail or messenger. You don’t even have to be home to send a key, since keys are transmitted via a certified server in Germany. Manage your keys right in the app.

The BlueSecur app must be installed on your mobile phone ahead of time. If a user hasn’t installed the app, they will be forwarded to the app store.

Information on the BlueSecur app:

- Add a device by scanning the QR code.

- Setup and operation do not require an Internet connection.

- Permissions (keys) are created on the administrator’s app, can be issued either temporarily or permanently and can also be deleted.

- Sets of keys are subject to a fee. One-time keys are free of charge.

- Max. 250 users

- Optionally, you can use an external antenna should you have range issues.

Using Bluetooth in the background of your mobile phone reduces its battery life.

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lable: House & Home - Apps Current Version:21.5.4 Publish Date:2022-02-24 Developer:Hömann KG Antriebstechnik

User Reviews


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John Doe 2020-03-08

It works ok, but 254 MB is a little too big for my phone.
Carlo Bijl 2020-11-16

Terrible app not user friendly. You buy a expensive door and need to buy digital keys extra in order to open the door on more than one device. Unable to reinstall account on multiple devices after OS update/reinstalling app. UPDATE#2: One month later still no answer or help provide to sort out my problems. I strongly discourage everyone buying anything Hörmann has to offer.
Michał Róg 2020-07-07

does what it is made for.. Not really much to chose. Would be good to see drive parameters. Why there is no Button widget feature I could pin to main screen in android ? I wish it was wifi instead of BT but it is what it is. At least for free ;)
G Buck 2020-11-28

Would really like the app to be able to see if the door is open/closed and light on or off. The notifications are annoying (even after i closed it) as it keeps telling me my garage is nearby - I do know where I live and where the garage is. It would be more helpful if the notifications told me the door is opening/closing.
Javi Coto 2020-09-04

My wife installed without problem. Me i have tried several times, the phone does not sync with garage door. The seller told me that one one phone can be sync!! Amazing
martin kolew 2020-10-08

Had to share 2 times the keys to finally get them without it losing one, and after that 5/10 wont connect to the door, my phone is brand new, so definitely not a problem with the phone
David Shillito 2020-12-24

A really useful app. Had the door fitted for a month and the phone app has worked fine. Only once has there been a delay in connection. Basic, simple and it works.
VB 2021-02-10

very very difficult to scan the Datamatrix on the card or the one on the motor. Camera support is not optimized for different phones, image ratio is distorted. Tested on Huawei P30 Pro, Samasung A20s. Has lag of aproximately 3 sec after you press the button in app.
Kenneth Pettersen 2021-01-14

You buy a gate for €30k+ and you can only access it with one device? Logging in with same account logs you off other devices. Having to buy a bunch off additional keys so me and my wife can use the app is just stupid. Shame on you Hörmann!!
David Leigh 2021-03-06

It doesn\'t scan the QR code In the app. Phone scabs fine...but not in app. So..it doesn\'t work...at all.