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Bluetooth Finder, Scanner Pair



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Description of Bluetooth Finder, Scanner Pair

Are you ready to discover any bluetooth devices around you?

Would you like to know everything about the connected bt devices?

Highlighted features:

- Find all bluetooth devices, including connected, paired and unknown devices.

- Keep track of your devices

- bluetooth 4.0 scanner

- Connect to bt devices

- Find Low energy and classic devices, including smart watch or band, TV, computer and others.

- Pair and unpair bt device

- Show battery level of connected bluetooth devices (only from Android 9)

- Show signal strength, codec information (aptX, LDAC, SBC and others)

- Replay any scan in history, see any bt devices in the past

- Customize device (rename, change device type)

- Useful filters based on device type, device name, time

- Order by RSSI, address, name, vendor and others

- Highlight new devices around you

- Generate charts from data (device group distribution and others)

- Export database for further processing

- Find My Device function

- switch between active bluetooth devices

- restart scan automatically


The codec info (aptX, SBC others) is only available from Android 8.0 (Oreo) and only for connected devices!!!

If your device runs Android 6 or 7, this info won't be displayed.


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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:1.3.2 Publish Date:2022-06-16 Developer:Zoltán Pallagi

User Reviews


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Jii Vasquez II 2020-03-20

To be honest it ain\'t great, but I\'ve downloaded 6+ and this is by far the best. It\'s the only one that worked. My advice is keep tapping Start/Stop and watch the signal update in the list of devices. If you use the device finder feature nothing happens for me.
N Mac 2020-06-04

Does what it says it will & more as I explore its features. I found a trackable BT device in my cupboard that I forgot that I had (didn\'t have a use for it after testing; it\'s still working). Handy to be able to see the battery level of BT headphones before using them. Thank you to the developer.
Sudha 2020-05-14

Absolutely Gem of all other high rated apps. Awesome experience...Found, lost fitbit blaze in the house. I couldn\'t find my fitbit blaze(well hidden by my toddler) for over 5 days, tried so Many apps.. Nothing works out, this is my final shot. Takes little bit more time than anticipated yet, With patience and help with my other kid, I finally found it . Bravo app developers. 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏
Soar, LLC. 2020-05-12

Can we get the open source of this to backdoor the requirement for location to be on? Other than illegal spying from a group way more powerful than the people can we get a valid explination as to the reason behind the need to now have location on. Yea theres a choice not to use location but the disclaimer basically states the app is remdered useless cause Google not only joined forces but they are power hungry and greedy as well. When is too much \"enough\"?
Veronicca Lakewood 2020-05-07

Used it to.find my Google glass....Where I found , the device would have been smashed badly had I not had an app like this to find it. The meter was essential to locating the device . Before this, I had the bed tore up and my room a mess . The other apps were not so good. .BTW I still use my Google glass as a camera and contrary to what the misleading hype was , the glass is a very useful device . It is the lightest AR device on the market. I\'d use it with mu drone if it would interface .
jwent727 2020-11-23

Today I lost a 2 week old expensive hearing aid in the woods as it was getting dark. I loaded this app on my phone and armed with a flashlight and app went back to area I was last. It was now pitch dark, but the Bluetooth pairing picked up my hearing aid and as I slowly moved about watching the graph, I was able to find location. Getting on my hands and knees crawling along slowly and filtering through the fallen dried leaves the same color as my hearing aid I was honestly flabbergasted to find the hearing aid. A free app that actually does what it says it will do. If I could give more than 5 stars, I would. Thank you for an amazing app. John W. - Rock Hill, SC
Ty Tran 2021-01-17

I lost my earbud about 3-4 inches in packed snow. The sound that the earbud app made wasn\'t cutting it so I looked for another solution. I found this app. First thing I did was use the scanner to see where the bud was. It was extremely accurate to where I was standing right over it. Then I played the sound which was at least 2x louder than the galaxy wearable app. I could hear it clearly with my ears beside the snow. I successfully managed to find my bud within 5 mins of dling this app.
Richard Gianini 2020-08-09

I\'ve been looking for one hour to find my lost Bluetooth earbuds (I only lost the right side). So I downloaded this app because the earbuds were tiny I couldn\'t find it including how I installed two similar apps that weren\'t helpful. And now I found my missing earbuds within the last 5 minutes with the loud beeping sound which helped despite difficulties finding from the distance measured. If you can\'t find any of your Bluetooth products then I\'d recommend this app.
Wrinkled Old Geezer 2019-11-21

This app works easily, I use it in my android tv box, the app that came pre-installed from the factoy didn\'t seem to work at all, only after adding this app was I able to use to listen to all my vidoes and music with a headset, make calls use a the bluetooth mouse, and keyboad THIS APP WORKS GREAT - I almost returned the tv box thinking there was no working bluetooth
Tima M 2019-05-08

Found my fit bit, the lower the bpms the closer you are to the lost item..Omg lifesaver, I use my fit bit for work and I found it in the laundry room in the dirty clothes. I found it at -50bpms