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Bob's World - Running game

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Description of Bob's World - Running game

Bob's World - Super Jungle Adventure - Free Run Games gives you the chance to step back in time to your childhood with the legendary mission: Princess Rescue. The World of this Game contains well-designed levels, various enemies, super bosses, simple gameplay, excellent graphics, and soothing music and sounds.

Bob's World has been nothing but empties since the Princess got kidnapped into the jungle. But then, the adventure begins!

Your task is to help Bob run through the mysterious jungle, jump over the obstacles, and super evil monsters save the beautiful Princess at the final destination of the adventure. This Game is free, and you can play Bob offline!

[How to play] :

+ Use buttons to jump, move, and fire

+ Eat mushrooms and items to become stronger and defeat all monsters

+ Collect all coins and bonus items to get more points and buy additional items in store


+ Beautiful high-resolution graphics

+ Smooth user interface

+ Music and sound effects

+ Suitable for kids & all ages

+ Game is free; no purchase required

+ Phone and Tablet support

+ Awesome gameplay similar to the classic retro Game

+ Easy and intuitive controls with the on-screen retro controller

+ Hidden bonus bricks and blocks with strawberry, flower, and shield

+ Destroyable bricks, blocks, and moving platform

+ Hidden bonus levels with lots of classic and modern coins

+ Additional collectibles, coins, shields, and more

+ Underground and water worlds, swim, jump and run

+ Store with additional items and rewards: unlock worlds before finish other worlds

Bob's World is a challenging and exciting classic platform game style. Conquer it, and have fun!

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More Information Of Bob's World - Running game

lable: Adventure - Games Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2021-09-16 Developer:OneSoft Global PTE. LTD.

User Reviews


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Josef King 2020-12-27

Ads interrupt while jumping causing mistakes, the control buttons aren\'t big enough and some levels have an impossible layout so you have to watch an ad to get a boost just to play the level. I\'m going to uninstall this game, a 30 seconds ad appeared 3 times within 15 seconds of the last causing me to lose at the last minute.

Thanks for the response but you didnt address my main concern about unlokcing the levels from 161. Or atleast give an update when its gonna be unloked. Hi, please unlock the levels from 161. After completing 160th level, when i am clicking 161 level its displaying a \"coming in few days\" please unlocksoon. And about the game, its so intresting to play. Can spend alot of time playing this game. Such an awesome game it is. Thank you!
GD Person 2020-07-10

The game is an obvious knock-off of Super Mario. The ads have footage from Super Mario games, and you didn\'t even credit the original footage owners. Most of the sound effects are stolen from actually good games. The game is just garbage. If you wanted to make a platformer you could\'ve made it original. The game is also obviously trying to spam you with ads.
alexpzane 2020-07-03

Played 1 level. The worst mobile game I\'ve ever played. When I saw the ad I knew I had to see what was going on. The ad literally snags gameplay from a licensed nintendo game, and tries to pass it off as their own. The gameplay is very clunky, and theres so many ads mid game. Its impossible to play with wifi on. All of the positive reviews are so obviously bots or paid users reviewing. Would rate 0 stars if possible. So pathetic.
Carl Stridsberg 2020-07-29

I was not impressed with the number of ads, especially with the low quality of the game. The other reviews are right. I am confused on how this gets a 4 star rating. I guess I need to read the reviews closer before installing. Definitely removing this game. Without the ridiculous numbers of ads, I might have considered keeping it but I just started it and already it has to many. Time to remove this game.
alba gomez 2020-03-29

The \"free reward\" won\'t work and it will tell you there\'s no ads at the moment but if you lose it will immediately play an ad and it will make you watch the whole stupid ad even if you don\'t want to, the characters will sometimes not jump or they won\'t jump far enough making them die instantly because of that, it actually only gets frustrating.
Diephite 2020-09-08

Junk game it\'s super Mario but with an ad at the start of a level... a Present (ad for star ) halfway through a level... and 2 ads at the end one to 3x your gold and one to give a flat amount more.... If your looking to play a game on the toilet then you are waisting 2.30 minutes on ads per level and that\'s nothing to do with outside of levels !!!
TheLilyPadWarrior 375 2020-06-24

I watched some of the ads that made 50 million people (including me) to play this stupid game. \"Level up\'s videos \"new super mario bros bloopers 3\" and \"mario and Luigi maze mayhem are copied with distorted shades & music. The developers of this game thought that it would be OK to copy what other people have worked hard on. Update: the dev has replied to me and gave me the same response that they gave to others proving that they are not actually reading the feedback that people are giving.
Nahyan Kabir 2020-12-27

This is a very hard game but me and my sister like it a lot I mean it is actually sooooo hard 😓😓😓 I don\'t know if you are the developers of bob\'s world 2 but I like that game/app better than this one because it is a bit easier than this one.By the way good job developers!Not many ads and if you are a fan of mario I recommend you to play this game.Sooooo hard
Sabrina Roschbach 2020-11-28

I feel like when you pay to opted out of ads you shouldn\'t get ANY ADS. Not simply the ability to skip them. And then they come in at the WORST possible game play moments. It\'s not before a round or after its literally in the middle of your play.