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Description of Body Fat Calculator


The most accurate body fat percentage calculator with very interactive results which include your fitness level, your healthy weight range based on your lean body mass (LBM) and how much fat you should lose or gain in order to be in the healthy weight range.

Unlike BMI calculators which can be very inaccurate especially if you have big muscle mass, this calculator gives results based on your body fat percentage and they are not affected by your body weight.


• 5 most accurate formulas:

- 1. Jackson/Pollock 3 site skin fold caliper method.

- 2. Jackson/Pollock 4 site skinfold caliper method.

- 3. Jackson/Pollock 7 site skinfold caliper method.

- 4. Durnin/Womersley 4 site skinfold caliper method.

- 5. Tape Measure method used by the U.S. Navy.

• Progress chart for keeping track.

• Instructions.

• Settings menu where you can choose to save automatically age, height and weight.

• Body Fat Percentage Calculator.

• Lean Body Mass Calculator.

• Body Fat Weight Calculator.

• Fitness level: Underfat, Healthy, Overfat, Obese.

• Healthy / Ideal Weight Calculator.

• How much fat you should lose or gain.

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User Reviews


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Lawayne Gibson 2016-06-27

Way off It was really horrible. It told me that I am under weight, and have 11 percent body fat. I know I have a regular weight. I workout everyday eat a fair diet, and is 5\'6 and weigh as a female 117 pounds.
Art Holder 2016-08-27

Ok getting and idea. Ads bother me. Not sure how accurate the app is but I only use it to get an idea of where I am. My issue with the app is the same as some others. Why is is that an app that needs no sound blast ads to you that have blaring sound? If I\'m sitting in a quiet place like on a train and want to check body fat I don\'t want that to happen. I understand the ads pay for the app but why not quiet ads?
Sagar Pawade 2016-08-23

nice app. calculations are dependent on neck size. so despite of low fat percentage if you have smaller neck then it shows higher fat percentage. but minor errors are accepted
Louis Strydom 2020-07-28

Nice app. Unfotunatly I need to delete and re-install on a daily basis. Have issues with it lately, when I give the calc command the app closes by itself. Will be looking for an alternative.
Tara Richardson 2016-06-12

Calculator is way off and suggests a weight range that puts me in the overweight category. No thanks!
Christian Offley 2016-03-18

The only thing I hate are the advertisement, but I understand why they have them
Frank Thao 2020-08-24

This app is very useful. Would be 5 star if there is an ability to see previous inputs.
Barbora Jiřincová 2018-04-10

It counts the body fat all right. Just there is no chance to delete old entries. When you do a mistake you can at delete it and it stays in your progress chart
Jason Tokarz 2015-12-01

Good app so far but I would prefer a paid version with no ads. The adverts are a pain.
Emanuel Ellis 2016-03-30

Good for business As a personal trainer I use this app quite frequently and it saves me time and all the measurements give me decently accurate numbers and saves me time from doing everything by hand. I love it but a paid version would be nice and worth it.