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Description of Body Measurement Tracker

Do you measure your body when you are on a diet or after workout? In this case you should to know that take measurements of your body is a best way to help you monitor your success, get the ideal body measurements with perfect body measurements ratio. Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle or become more toned, taking measurements of your current stats can help to keep you motivated and achieve your goals.

Body Size Measurement Tracker is a simple app with intuitive interface, excellent visualization and detailed charts of your body progress, that will be a good additional motivation towards your goals and help you to be physically fit. Record body measurements with the help of this body size tracker day after day and you will have a lot of useful information for the analysis of your diet or workout program.

Body Measurement Tracker already contains fields for your waist, hips, belly, biceps, shoulders, neck, thigh, calf, forearm, thorax, bust and chest measurement tracking. But unlike most of the other body measurement apps the main advantage of this one is the ability to create and track your own measurement zones that you really need. Just add your feet, left and right hands, back or any other body measurements you care about.

You can use this body size tracker as your personal body measurement log or to record body measurements of your kids. Record and keep track of your own and everyone from your family body sizes with the help of the best body measurement tracker app.

Body Measurement App free features include:

- Waistline / waist measurement tracker

- Hips measurement tracker

- Thorax / chest measurement tracker

- Belly measurement tracker

- Biceps measurement tracker

- Shoulders measurement tracker

- Neck measurement tracker

- Thigh measurement tracker

- Calf measurement tracker

- Forearm measurement tracker

- Bust size tracker

- Feet size tracker

- Create your own measurements

- Add useful and informative description to each of them

- Drag and drop measurements to sort them

- Delete unused measurements or move them to archive in order to maintain history

- Analyze your body changes on graphs and via history log

- Share your body progress with your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter

- Export your body sizes as a spreadsheet (.csv) file

Premium Features:

- Weight Log

- Heart Rate and Blood Pressure Log

- Exercise Log

- Drink Water Reminder

- Pedometer

Surprise! Just now as a gift along with the downloading this Body Size Measurement Tracker app you are getting a free trial 14 days access to all of premium features to track other important health and fitness parameters. Just try to see how easy and useful it is.

Body Measurement Tracker App is perfect and very easy to use assistant to keep track of all of your body sizes from head to toe. Body inches tracker supports all the most common measurements units: meters (m), centimeters (cm), feet (ft), inches (in) and it is suitable for both adults and kids, for men and women, for athletes and ordinary people who are fond of sports, for bodybuilders and models.

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More Information Of Body Measurement Tracker

lable: Health & Fitness - Apps Current Version:3.4.1 Publish Date:2022-06-11 Developer:Andrii Kudriavtsev

User Reviews


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Natasha C 2020-06-20

Update 1 month later: The app is not free at all. It has free period of 1 month and that is it. Lucky I was using another app in parallel, so I don\'t need type in all the data again. I\'m not going to pay for something, which other apps offer free. Thanks and bye! Previous comment: After reading all the tips on how to use it, i realize this app is satisfying all my requests. It is great app😺 with ability to customise the parameters. I will keep using it and might consider the premium version.
Tatiana Ivan 2019-03-17

Beautiful app interface! Descriptions are clear, and it\'s all very easy and simple to enter your body measurements and see them on a graph. You can even delete or change the name of what you don\'t want (I don\'t care about my biceps measurements for example) and add new, custom named body measurements. Would prefer to be able to support the developer with a one time payment, rather than a subscription.
Alana MacDonald 2019-12-02

The mere fact that I didn\'t lose all of my data when I bought a new phone made me SO happy. I was able to export and import all of the history on here. THANK YOU for making that an option!!!
Priya Thevar 2020-08-29

Zero stars. This app is a scam. They say 2 day trial and can cancel anytime but there is NO option to cancel abywhere in the app or FB. They don\'t reply to messages on Facebook. They never reply to emails. They bill you 29$ for a useless app.
A Bubble 2020-05-01

It has all the features I am looking for (and lots I don\'t need/want) but I refuse to rent the premium app and pay a monthly fee of 3 bucks. Moving on.
Patience Hill-Berardi 2019-09-07

I love that I can add specific measurements (like my belly in addition to my waist). I do wish I didnt have to pay extra for my weight (which I use another app for) and that I could have more than 5 items in a graph at a time... but overall I have suggested this app to others.
mirek71830 2016-11-19

Dobra ale można coś poprawić. Nie da się schować z paska powiadomień pedometer. Można też dodać więcej opcji pomiarów ciała np. prawa i lewa noga lub ręka. Albo dać opcje wyboru i wpisania czego się chce.
izy2weird 2017-09-01

I get the why but I just cant get behind a weight/bmi app that has 1 feature to use unless you have a paid subscription. For those who can, great. As for me I prefer a pay once and be done with it deal.
Billy Maguire 2019-04-21

impossible to actually track my measurements as the app wipes my measurements once the screen locks. And it costs €2.99 if I want to track my weight.
Balaji 2018-09-22

The app is good, but I feel $3 per month is too expensive! Annually it comes up even more than LoseIt or MyFitnessPal which offers ton more features. It could have been great if this app was a one-time purchase.